Console Shipping Services India Pvt. Ltd. – Tirupur & Tuticorin

Console shipping services was present at Tuticorin, shortly after its Indian operations started from Tirupur

Tuticorin, the port which connects modern India with the Independence period, has been a centre for maritime trade and pearl fishery for more than a century

The export and Import of cargo comprised up to 180 lakh tonnes through Tuticorin port during 2006-07 period & expecting a growth of 12 to 15 % in 2007-08 period

CSS with its dedicated presence at this gateway port easily manages to provide service to its international clients and the Industry Giants at Tirupur, Karur & Madurai.

Advantages of Tirupur & Tuticorin:

  • Tirupur is better known as Knit City and is one of the largest producers of knitted garments in Asia.
  • Tirupur is one of the largest foreign exchange earning towns in India.
  • Tuticorin port is one of the efficient and customer friendly ports in India.

Our Infrastructure Include:

  • State of the art facilities
  • Centrally located office easily accessible from any part of the city
  • Integrated software solution developed in house
  • Highly trained and qualified personnel

The Services Offered

  • Direct consoles to Europe, Mediterranean ports & Middle East.
  • FCL forwards to all major ports world wide.
  • Single window service.
  • Fastest Transit
  • Document uploading to agents through website.
  • Issuance of computerized House B/L.