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January, 2019

NVOCC- The Flagship Service of CSS Group

Consolidated Shipping Services Group, has attained a reputable position in the industry with specialized operations in cargo consolidation (LCL), both in Ocean export and import. The reliability of world class transcontinental partnerships qualifies CSS Group to be amongst the leading NVOCC service providers from the GCC and the South Asia. Personalized client handling and global standards in cargo management has made CSS the most trusted partner in consolidation activities in the region where they operate, that too made possible with an enviable global network of partners.

Past two decades we have been aggressively selling our NVOCC activities along with our overseas agents across the globe. We provide our clients with coherent and reliable LCL solutions through our trusted counterparts in Far East, Europe and the Americas. Our relationship with our agents has extended beyond business over the years and CSS Group is grateful for that. From this edition onwards, Lighthouse will be walking alongside, our network partners discussing and debating issues interesting to our readers

January, 2019

Walking The Extra Mile with CSS


Commencing in 2003, the combined efforts of both CSS Group and FPS Rotterdam has made them the market leaders today in the NVOCC industry. Mr. Jean-Paul van Munster, the CEO of FPS Rotterdam, spoke with Lighthouse on more about the mutual relationship. “It started when Mr. Kala and I visited Mr. Alvin Tan that time director of FPS Singapore at the same time. It was Mr. Alvin Tan who knew me since 1995 and figured that CSS and FPS Rotterdam had a lot to offer to each other, and he was absolutely right!”

Not only in business that Jean- Paul shared the same momentum with Kala, it flourished so well into the family matters as well gradually. “We both never missed the opportunity to be in each other’s family functions and over the period of time, we shared the joy of being like a single family and we continue the relationship which has grown in the past 15 years to become not only business partners, but something more valuable in this world; “United Friends”.

While discussing about the industry and business, Jean-Paul mentioned about the beginning and growth of FPS Rotterdam. He was full of excitement when he narrated the story. “FPS, Famous Pacific Shipping B.V. originated from the 1992 founded forwarder TOP Trans Ocean Pacific forwarding. With the growing consolidation activities within TOP it was in 2001 when we decided to separate the consolidation activities from TOP and continue fully independently as a neutral consolidator under the name of FPS Famous Pacific Shipping Rotterdam, successfully led by its present director Ms. Saskia de Jong. During the past 17 years FPS Rotterdam has grown from its humble start to one of the leading consolidators in Rotterdam”.

Jean-Paul paused for a moment and continued to say that he is obliged for the accomplishments, whatever achieved so far, to the support of their strong world-wide partners like the CSS Group. Besides its strong worldwide network, the keynote of the growth and quality of FPS Rotterdam is a professional and reliable team and the ongoing IT investments.

“Rotterdam, the centre from where we make cargo movement more efficient than ever, is the ideal gateway to and from the hinterland of Europe. Connecting the world with our direct services. The movement of cargo is closely monitored every step of the way. Track and trace, online booking and EDI systems make it easy to keep an eye on every shipment. Our state-of-the-art warehouse offers an IMO and non-IMO separated area. Last but not least our friendly service makes us gladly walk the extra mile. We believe in a friendly long-term relationship with our customers and worldwide partners like CSS!”

July, 2018


DUBAI – The Consolidated Shipping Group’s NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier) division has been active in the Middle East for 23 years, going on 24. It will not be considered presumptuous if this particular LCL and FCL facility was to be regarded as the flagship service offered by the Group, locally and internationally.
The CSS Group’s NVOCC – whether it be inbound or outbound Middle East – based – all have one port in common; JAFZA, where the headquarters is located. CSS began offering inbound direct services wherever possible in the Middle East, an import market at the end of the day. The company wanted to ensure quick cargo turnarounds, connecting their final destination to Jebel Ali, the hub for all cargo Middle East. Opening up operations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, KSA, India and Pakistan have cemented this directive in the industry.
When it comes to the Group’s employee loyalties, there are those that have been with the company – or dare we say division – for 19 years, and counting. CSS prides itself with seeing the right opportunity and potential, taking it forward to no end.
CSS Group’s NVOCC division is penned to keep growing, be it through LCL, FCL, Air Freight or any other method of transport and logistics. Advancement in technology will play a key role in ensuring the Group stays on point with their competition, introducing online platforms for our clients to reduce process time.
Being a freight forwarding company – undertaking movement of goods from point A to Z on behalf of the cargo owner – NVOCC services would never be possible without its dedicated staff members and reputation it carves out for the company in the market. With services extending to six continents, as well as partnerships with renowned companies such as C.H.Robinson and more, the CSS Group intends to hold on to its reputation as a one-stop solution provider.

July, 2017

Take A Break

Team NVOCC took a break from its busy schedules and joined together for some fun activities recently. A get together was organized at the residence of CSS Group Director for Operations and Ocean freight, Chandrakala (CK). The party saw some interesting team building activities, music and games which were followed by a dinner.

Even though the event was hosted in a simple way, the team members had an invaluable time sharing and discussing various matters and thereby cementing a solid bond amongst themselves. “Celebrations are recognitions for the staff and we believe that it is more important than anything to keep the life at work moving. Such get together provides room for personal interaction as well which is necessary for people to work as team” commented CK about the function.

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