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Lighthouse - July, 2013.

Chairman’s Message

Budget meetings invariably provide a welcome opportunity to stimulate invigorating discussions and ideas. The recent budget meeting in Kerala was no exception. Everyone was happy to recognise that the Indian team were doing a commendable job which reflected positively in the budget figures. I join with others in wishing them more success in the future. However; I was a little bemused by the latest news about the Indian economic and trade scenario. On one hand, all the major Indian newspapers were frequently mentioning the infrastructure shortcomings, especially in relation to the shipping and logistic sectors. Whereas on the other hand, Indian exports are showing optimistic trends. But this apparent disparity highlights the need for immediate attention being given to sustaining and developing infrastructure within India’s dynamic democracy. Whilst the fall in the value of the rupee has brought challenges, there have still been creditable export volumes in items such as foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals. However; far reaching measures are called for in order to improve the country’s infrastructure including ports, roads and supply chain facilities. This will enable continuing growth within our industry. I am confident that India will, “cruise the adverse currents,” and very soon shine brighter than before. I also have great confidence in CSS India, safe in the knowledge that they will achieve even more flourishing accomplishments in the years ahead. My best wishes to them.

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