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Lighthouse - March, 2014.

Chairman’s Message

The proof of a worthwhile publication is measured by the amount of positive and interactive feedback from its readers. Your overwhelming response to “Lighthouse” has been amazing and has provided an added fillip to the creative team. I express my thanks to you, our readers, for keeping our morale high with your continued patronage.

Morale is an important consideration within any company because all of us are brand ambassadors for our organizations. We all appreciate that strong brands are built, over time, through our employees’ actions. An “in touch” management never forgets this fact, which is why investment in employee engagement programmes is essential. At CSS we value interactive feedback, as a two-way process, where we all may help each other to further our achievements.

I have always believed that relationships cannot be built in a day. It is only personal effort and a commitment to our principles that ensures good relationships are developed. Without associations and connections that are built on mutual respect and understanding, especially in difficult times, companies and organisations will struggle to survive. CSS has always taken a notably firm stand in our efforts to engender trust both inside and outside our industry. By keeping this attitude at the forefront of our minds I am confident that our endeavours will reap greater rewards.

Happy reading….

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