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Lighthouse - July, 2014.

CSS Group 20th Anniversary

In today’s economy, it is rare to find an organization that can proudly say that it has completed twenty years since its inception. Today CSS Group, thanks to the enormous support of all its agents, associates and partners can proudly announce that they have embarked on their 20th year of operation by June 2014. Having had a humble beginning in 1995, CSS Group has grown to become not just a regional, but a global player in the shipping fraternity. Today, CSS Group is sought out internationally by partners and customers alike for its outstanding reputation in customer service excellence, quality of execution and global experience. As part of its celebrations to mark this momentous milestone, CSS Group will be inviting all its partners and associates to an exclusive gathering in March 2015 in Dubai, UAE. “With global partners, associates  and well-wishers all around the globe, we feel that it would be fitting to invite all those whose unending support have made this possible to celebrate with us right here in Dubai, where we began from our humble roots. It will be a celebration not only of our past but also of our future, one that we can build together through your continued trust and support in the organization,” added T S Kaladharan, Chairman CSS Group.
The event will be taking place in one of the many world-renowned venues located here in Dubai. Details of the event will be circulated to all partners and clients globally.
For further information, please log onto: www.cssgroupsite.com

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