Introduction to CSS Group Network Partners

With a philosophy of that of nurturing business relationship and promising mutual growth, CSS has by all means one of the most enviable list of Global Network Partners within the freight forwarding & logistics industry. The success of Consolidated Shipping Group is attributed to the relentless efforts put in by each of them, to ensure unmatched quality service to our customers.

Recognising the importance of having reliable partners across the globe to manage CSS’ consolidation business within those regions, the CSS Group did not leave any stone unturned to find the perfect match. Industry leaders within their respective regions today compliment CSS’ service, of that of 1650 destinations on a weekly sailing, apart from supporting various projects and personal effects.

Currently to our credit we have one of the best networks anybody can boast off. CSS’ relationship with some of the leading players across the four corners of the globe has been established over a period of time. CSS’ partners in Europe, Far East, Middle East, Africa, Americas and the Sub Continent work with utmost professionalisms.