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LCL (Less than Container Load) is the term used when the cargo that has to be shipped is small and will not fill up an ocean freight container. In LCL export, a consignee can ship his cargo along with one or more other consignees opting for LCL shipping. All the cargo is consolidated in one container, thus enabling businesses to save on freight transportation costs.

In Dubai, LCL export is mainly done by small business and manufacturers for shipments that are less time sensitive. With two major ports and an international airport, Dubai is home to numerous LCL consolidators specializing in LCL export. By employing the services of an LCL export service provider, businesses need to only pay for the space that is used resulting in economical transportation of shipments.

Services offered by LCL export service providers

With the rise in global trade, small businesses wanting to have an edge over their competitors are looking for smart logistics solutions. LCL export for freight transportation is one such option that enhances business competitiveness. Since LCL shipping is a complex process, this needs to be managed by an efficient and reputable LCL service provider. The services offered by LCL export service providers in Dubai vary. A good LCL export service provider provides the following services:

  • Coverage to most worldwide destinations
  • Greater shipment visibility through sophisticated tracking systems
  • Frequent sailings with fast transit times
  • Customs clearance brokerage
  • Proper packing, handling of goods while loading, unloading, deconsolidation, etc.
  • Flexible shipping options
  • Safe and secure deliveries at the intended destination
  • Insurance coverage for goods in transit
  • Timely pickups and deliveries
  • Bonded storage facilities
  • Door to door delivery services

Only a competent LCL export service provider can provide reliable LCL export cargo services. Having almost two decades of experience, the Consolidated Shipping Group would be the right company for managing the whole process of LCL export efficiently. The end-to-end solutions offered by CSS group enable consignees to not worry about their shipments and concentrate on their core business activities. In addition to this, the tracking systems set up by the company can help consignees to know the exact location of their shipment.

Based in Dubai, the CSS group offers LCL export services from Dubai to 1650 worldwide locations on a weekly basis. Personalized and efficient services at competitive rates are what makes the Consolidated Shipping Services Group a cut above the rest. If you are looking for a professional shipping company to export your LCL cargo in Dubai, the CSS group will be the right choice for you. Please click the below “Request Quote” button to get a free quote.