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Lighthouse - March, 2009.


“Too much” are two words that, when applied to any issue, appear to make it unacceptable. Too much sport is bad for you! Too much money can cause you problems! Too much sun will damage your skin! However what is certain in the current global economic crisis “Too much bad news” only breeds mistrust and leads to even more industries being adversely hit. It is easy to play the “blame game”. Blame another country! Blame the banks! Blame real estate investors! Blame the greedy capitalists! In fact blame everyone else for the problems. There is no doubt that spending too much time trying blame others is bad for our economy because this “too much” ideology can easily cloud ones ability to identify challenging opportunities. A hapless driver on a busy Mumbai Street was struggling beneath the bonnet of his broken car, trying to get it started. The queue of traffic being held up had become enormous and all their occupants were shouting and blaring their horns. Too much noise! Eventually the driver of the broken car walked back to the driver of the vehicle immediately behind him in the queue and asked, “Why don’t you let me sit with you and help blast your horn, maybe it will get my car fixed more quickly?” Whilst we will no doubt face problems during these difficult times it is important to appreciate that, by helping others face their challenges, we may also help our own progress. If the drivers of the cars blaring their horns had all come to the broken driver’s assistance, not only would the car have been fixed quicker, but everyone would have also been able to move sooner rather than later. Challenges and problems provide opportunities to enable us to move forward, develop and make friends. It is a similar distinctive culture within CSS which will ensure we recognise and seize on the challenges and opportunities. “Too much”, may provide an excuse for others but, if analysed and viewed with a positive attitude it will produce a favourable outcome. Affirmation of this positive attitude, within CSS, will ensure we greet challenges in the knowledge that they provide opportunities to help our clients, friends and colleagues as well as giving us confidence to rise high above the “too much” debilitating mentality.


It is recession the medias, economics gurus, politicians, journalists everybody has to talk about. Even though it is difficult to quantify the intensity or predict the impact period, the effect of recession influence on differently to different people. A retailer see fall in sales, a stock broker a fall in stock prices and for a manufacturer its impact will be on production side. But how do you overcome it has no authoritative theories or definitions.

Recession is a reality of business life. Managing to navigate and come out of the economic downturn is a critical business capability. In the past companies who have managed to emerge as winners must have had an approach which made it possible for them to do so. Trying to improve the business performance during these times may not take you all the way long , but companies who built financial strength during the good times acquired liquid assets , limited debt and focused on cash flow to remain flexible and unscathed.

It would be wise to narrow rather than broaden business portfolios focusing in areas on which a clear lead can be established. These acts can be described as a very conservative financial management, but there are other factors as well. Investing on Information systems to manage and gain insight about their key value drivers, to have more enhanced outputs and responsive systems.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at CSS

At CSS Group, CSR is first demonstrated within the organization from confirming to all legalities to high quality services and to promote high standards of ethics all over the company. According to CSS Group Chairman T.S. Kaladharan, “From the inception stage itself we are continuously pursuing the initiatives related to quality management, environmental preservation and humanity. The CSR activities towards the employees will be based on working towards a diversified workforce, a fulfilling workplace environment to achieve improved working conditions. To ensure safety and healthy working environment we constantly revise the measures within the organization.”

No smoking Please
One of the recent health care courses of action issued by the Group was Non Smoking Policy for CSS across its offices. This was introduced in Jan ’09 for prohibiting smoking within the working premises for all the employees in CSS Group offices world wide. This was well acknowledged by everyone.

A Magic Show with Cricket Bat

The day will be long remembered, by those who were lucky enough to watch, when balls were fired like bullets from the magical bat of Shaiman Anwer, of Team CSS. With his superlative skills, that day Shaiman scored an unbeaten 104 runs from just 38 balls stuffed with 12 sixes and 4 fours. Shaiman Anwar, the hard-hitting batsman who has taken do- mestic cricket by storm, was once again in full flow in the Sharjah Cricket Council’s Sharjah Invitation Tournament semifinal at the Al Dhaid cricket ground. Shaiman recollects, that eventful innings with pride and says that he was so happy for the achievement and being a CSS fam- ily member. He thanks the company management for providing such an op- portunity to him and wants to contribute more to his team in the future. He played with teams like Sialkot Cricket Association in the beginning and achieved a first class batting average of 40.14 in 5 Matches and 7 innings. His strike rate of 103.40 in the List A matches is an exemplar of his extraordinary performance with his bat. A champion performer with both ball and bat, Shaiman has always been an asset to the Cricket team of CSS. Born in Sialkot, in Pakistan, Shaiman had nurtured in him the value of humanity and love to help the needy. Even though Cricket is his passion, Shaiman loves reading and watching TV as well.

Empowered with E- Recruitment

As an ongoing research & development process with the IT department of CSS Group, many new innovative findings have been formulated with in the existing group site as well as the upcoming portal of the company. Recently, the CSS IT department had announced the implementation of the e- recruitment solutions with in its system. ERecruitment is a part of FINS Portal application to give scalable solution for HR recruitment. It is an integrated version of HR module available in FINS platform, which are responsible in supporting the applicational part of the Group’s software solutions. This process gives managers and recruiters full flexibility in vacancy posting, identifying & recruiting. On the other hand, an applicant will have transparency in the application status and tracking new employees. This e-Recruitment process is developed with the vision of providing self service recruitment capabilities to companies and to attain complete hassle free recruitment management. Users can view vacancy position by logging into the portal with their email address and a unique password. Email alerts are equipped for timely notifications. Online test can also be conducted successfully using this application.

Promenade into Paradise- CSS Kolkata family Pic-Trip

CSS KOLKATA family had their get together at the nature blessed Dooars, an exotic tourist destination at the foothills of the mighty Himalayas. It was a joining filled with energy & understanding. Taking care of each & individual member, Arup Ray, Director CSS India led the group’s family get-to-gather in the month of January 2009. The entire team enjoyed the scenic beauty with the Murty river where the wild elephants come in the very early morning for drinking and bathing. Later in the evening having the Bon Fire and watching the Adivasi (Tribal) dance with their beats & rhythms along with the sumptuous wild cuisines CSS KOLKATA team has experienced a new smell of Unity with nature.

Pongal Celebrations at CSS Chennai

CSS Chennai office celebrated Pongal this year in a grand manner with traditional customs and all the festive joys. Pongal is one of the most popular harvest festivals of South India, mainly Tamil Nadu. Pongal falls in the mid-January every year and marks the auspicious beginning of Uttarayan – Sun’s journey northwards. Pongal festival lasts for four days. Celebrations include drawing of Kolam, swinging & cooking of delicious Pongal (A delicacy prepared with Rice, Daal & Ghee as the main ingredients)

Aiming to achieve


How different are you from other freight providers in the region?

CSS with its presence in the Middle East and Indian Subcontinent are having an array of services like Ocean, Air, land Transportation, Projects, Air Charter Services, GSA to major carriers and Supply chain management. This makes us unique in offering an integrated service that is unmatched in this region.

Does the price competition really affect the business?
Price is a perceived competition. Value addition and service levels are the factors which always keep our customers with us. However we should always be mindful that overpricing can make us loose our edge in any market situation. Especially during this trying time it is always advisable to keep our cost low and offer the best product, service and the best price to our customers. This will ensure loyalty and growth even in a challenging price market.

What are the new challenges that you look forward for the air freight in the Middle East?
During this period of Global recession and financial turmoil we see numerous challenges posed in the market place and such situations not only affect the financial and property market, it will also have some adverse affect on our offering as some of these sectors have been the catalyst for our growth in the recent past. In light of this during this downturn as an organization we need to look at new ideas and ways to stimulate the market place with our service offerings. This can especially be leveraged by seeking the feedback of our customer and looking at ways for us to be a part of their supply chain and meet the challenges faced together to sustain growth. If we are able to further contribute to our customers requirements in this manner we can come out of this situation together and build up a partnership that will go beyond this trying times securing a stable and trustworthy relationship in the future.

As you are aware the business landscape in UAE is taking a different turn all together .What are the plans for CSS Airfreight to tap this development?
CSS has to look at its strengths and find new ways of working with our customers, providing guidance and assistance to ensure a win-win situation during this period. This will eventually secure our future growth.

What about the changing face of the industry?

The freight and logistics business has been the same for centuries and continue to be a catalyst in growth for all works around. Most of the time this business is the last to be affected by any recession or turmoil as it is required in the best and worst of time. We have also seen this sector evolving into an integrated service offering, providing movement of goods, information and finance and that is exactly what we need to continue to do. We need to understand the challenges the industry faces and together work towards a way to resolve and take it forward to enhance commerce. As many economists say, during recession we need to spend more money and during good time we need to save, unless we put our minds to resolving and helping promote commerce we will not be able to build a strong organization and sustain growth. We always need to remember it is during the great recessions and challenges that corporates like Microsoft and many other organizations have become what they are today.

Could you brief about CSS Group’s association with service providers?

CSS works closely with a host of affiliates & agents in the U.S, U.K, Europe, Far East and Africa who are leaders and experts within their region and share a very good business relationship. They understand our commitment to the customers and fulfill every requirement in the same manner as CSS does. This is our strength and we need to capitalise the relations we have with our agents and affiliates and work with them to promote trade and commerce collectively.

Opportunities that you foresee in the air freight industry in the Middle East?

As you are aware the business landscape in UAE is taking a different turn all together .What are the plans for CSS Airfreight to tap this development? CSS has to look at its strengths and find new ways of working As mentioned above capitalise on emerging markets and promote dialogues and partnership with customers and grow together during this period. On the other hand we could also target African region during this period. Although various agents and carriers are already supporting this market, a very large area of this region is still being untapped. Dubai is well known for trade and the facilities offered by the government to the traders. If focused and serviced better, this route could be further developed and prove to be potential for the entire Middle East region.

Cochin Port – India’s first e-Port

Cochin Port Trust crosses a major milestone, as it becomes the first e-Port in India. Christened as ‘e thuramukha’ (e-Port) the project integrates the port’s operational, financials, real estate and human resources system on an integrated port information system. Once, fully functional, it will provide a real time interface with customs, port users, banks and the port community system of the Indian Ports Association (IPA). The system will provide a single window facility to the trade for filing applications, receiving service bills, payments and enquiries. According to the CoPT press release the project covers computerization of all its customer facing and internal back office processes to improve its all round efficiency. The motto of the project is accuracy, speed, efficiency and transparency.

Consolidated Shipping Logistics Centre2- SCM completes 5 years

The Supply Chain Management facility CSLC- 2, of CSS Group, completes its fifth year of operations at Jebel Ali, successfully. Supply chain management (SCM) is a necessity in today’s business. It is a dynamic issue. It is the focus of key issues such as the global marketplace for sourcing and sales and with outsourcing. Consolidated Shipping Group, being a front runner in the field of freight forwarding in the Middle East and Indian Sub continent, their customer base and the requirements have to be successfully harmonised with the state-of –the art infrastructure and service qualities. CSLC-2 is a towering example of CSS Group’s commitment towards its clients. CSLC-2 has an operational space of 100,000 sq ft with 21,000 CBM capacity. The 12,200 pallet positions, comfortable racking, storage areas, and the designated space for handling the value added services, makes CSLC-2 distinct. The entire warehouse comes under special security surveillance with the most modern equipments. For the hi-tech industry, dedicated storage area and special handling equipments are also available here. The SCM facility has wireless handheld and truck mounted technology to support both barcode and RFID methodologies. The value added services offered at the CSLC-2 are:

Re working & Modifications
Promo pack
Palletizing & Shrink-wrapping
Transportation & door delivery

Hareesh M Haridas, Asst. Manager, CSLC- 2 states that now the clients of CSS can take the full advantage of a standardized business, evenly supported by the Information technology solutions, affirming its motto of being the one stop solution for logistics. “We have become a significant SCM provider in the region, giving emphasis to innovation. CSS Group has always been keen in professional wokers and quality service. Company’s global network and image has always been a catalyst for CSLC-2 in its growth process. The global presence of CSS Group has brought in a handful of reputed names as clients to CSLC-2,” says Hareesh. Supply chain management seeks to reduce inefficiencies as to time, inventories and cost. Today the clients need best quality services at justifiable rates without compromising on the supplies. and RFID methodologies.

CSS Group, with a firm determination, started CSLC-2 with in the most competitive segment of UAE, with a vision to innovate and improve the quality. Today, the success story of this establishment re-affirms the far sightedness of the company and its management. From an average of 12,000 CBM per month in the first year, CSLC-2, is handling 20,000 CBM per month on an average basis today. According to Hareesh, “Eventhough the changing economic scenario and the globalization is inviting more challenges and stringent competition in the industry, CSLC-2, with its uncompromised service quality, is gearing up to conquer more heights in the future.” The advantages of an association with the Supply Chain Management facility of CSS could be cited in a few simple terms like enhanced customer satisfaction, cost conciousness, information sensitivity and quality. At CSS Group, Supply chain management is a process that crosses the organization.

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