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Lighthouse - July, 2009.


“Today is going to be a great day” is a typical rousing sentiment encouraged by many motivational experts. It is easy to say but, in difficult times, hard to attain the desired result. However everyone needs a comfort zone on which to ground ones thoughts. Never is this truer than when navigating difficult situations. This is one of the main reasons companies have “mission and vision” statements. Any mission and vision must not just be something which looks good as window dressing. They should represent a summary of a company’s principles and objectives. Globally we hear about companies struggling to protect their resources and in these efforts staff plays a pivotal role. We all know that very few of us keep up a habit of reading our company’s “mission and vision” statements but as the saying goes “by all singing from the same hymn sheet” – we help to collectively motivate and boost our morale. The highest level of customer satisfaction, a healthy professional environment, a positive approach and an undertaking to nurture relationships, form part of our mission and vision statements. When I read ours they lift my spirit and make me smile, as I know it is these sentiments and beliefs that motivate us. There are favourable opportunities ahead. Monumental growth in Abu Dhabi should stimulate the power in our bellies, light in our eyes and an impetus to thrust forward. C.S.S. recognises that our infrastructure, resources and the ability will ensure we will become a front runner in this growth, not only in Abu Dhabi, but in the entire Middle East and the Sub Continent. We are all re-enforced and unified by using our mission and vision statements as comfort zones that focus potential to achieve growth through collective enthusiasm and innovation. Wish you all success.

T S Kaladharan

CSS Abu Dhabi Recharged- Embarking a journey to success

With the whole world bearing the brunt of recession, Abu Dhabi has been able to shun the crunch and emerge as a winner. Needless to say despite economic downturn, it is witnessing economic boom and attracting huge investments in every possible sector.

CSS AUH has been in operations for the last 7 years to capitalize on Abu Dhabi’s growth CSS Group has now acquired a new, better and bigger office to serve its customers, clients and partners.

The new office will act as the focal point for all Abu Dhabi related operations. It is strategically located in the plush capital of U.A.E on an extensive area covering more than 5000 sq. feet; easily accessible from anywhere in Abu Dhabi and conveniently located behind the prestigious Zayed University, close to the Airport as well as the Seaport. Housed in the traditional Arabic villa with the state of the art facilities, it is within walking distance from main Abu Dhabi Transport Terminal & Al Wahda Mall.

As a trading economy Abu Dhabi has a long and proud tradition. Given its primary location, this is a tradition that Abu Dhabi will expand, becoming a logistics hub for businesses and industries in the region. The Emirate lies at the heart of the Middle East, with South Asia and Africa close by and well-developed links to the Far East and Europe.

Over the past 40 years, Abu Dhabi has developed its port infrastructure, its road network, and more recently its airports to ensure it is well-connected to trading partners in the region and beyond. Abu Dhabi will continue to capitalize on its strategic geographical position and excellent transport infrastructure. Abu Dhabi’s economy is thriving with an advanced new port under construction, expansion of the airport under way, and development of the extensive road and rail network moving ahead.

With Abu Dhabi’s massive expansion plans and transportation being a niche sector for CSS, growth of already well established CSS Projects Management division is inevitable as it is entirely sustainable and does not rely on any finite resource. Considering the fact that Abu Dhabi is one of the world’s most significant hydrocarbon suppliers and ranked among the top five exporters of crude oil will only contribute to the success of this division. CSS is well equipped with advanced capabilities in maintaining an efficient transport system and connections with global markets, which gives the company a strong base to provide its customers with hassle-free and absolute logistics solution.

Along with world class transport and Project Management system, CSS Group’s interest in Abu Dhabi also covers NVOCC Management, Ocean Freight Management, Air Freight Management / Air Charter Services, Multimodal Operations (Sea/Air, Sea/Land Management) and CFS Management to name a few.

Supported by CSS Group’s firm Global network base and renowned reputation in the Middle East Market and Indian sub continent together with the goodwill of the existing branch in Abu Dhabi, the new office will indisputably cater quality service to its clients in a way that will lead to increasing its competitiveness over other logistic providers.

Moreover, CSS Abu Dhabi’s strength lies in well qualified and experienced professionals, dedicated to customer service and satisfaction. Helmed by Suku Sudhakaran, Asst. General Manager, CSS Abu Dhabi has a team of experienced bilingual workforce speaking more than 5 different languages.

With a value added chain of strong relationships with local authorities, be it ports or customs, documentations and on-line accessibility, CSS Abu Dhabi promises its patrons commitment and satisfaction that will foster strong and long term relationships benefiting mutual growth.

Focusing on Abu Dhabi

Suku Sudhakaran, The AGM for CSS Abu Dhabi, is optimistic about the recent trends in the industry. He mentioned his views and ideas about the prospective market and the larger opportunities waiting beyond what we actually see in the current scenario in his article to Light House. Suku has been with the group company for more than a decade now.

About the New office of CSS Abu Dhabi

The decision for a second office in the capital was taken not looking into the economic meltdown and the present downward trend of business in Dubai and the exodus of people moving to grab opportunities in the still stable Abu Dhabi market. Plans of expanding CSS’s presence in Abu Dhabi was put into motion during the latter half of 2008 when the branch was showing record growth. CSS’s Abu Dhabi branch established in 2002 which was accommodating 7 staff has been witnessing a steady growth until 2008 when the graphs shot up.

While the expansion plans were midway the economic crisis hit out, while most of the market became pessimistic CSS went ahead with the plans of expansion and now have a new bigger and better office at the heart of Abu Dhabi City. In order to fully capitalize on the positive trend in the Abu Dhabi economy a decision was taken to intensify the sales efforts in this market and that meant expanding staff strength in all departments including the Sales & Marketing team which invariably meant a larger office to accommodate the expected future staff strength of 25.

Being close to the Zayed University and Central Taxi Depot the location is quite strategic as it being in the central area makes access easy for all (both our clients and suppliers from the city and the industrial areas) and also there is ample parking space which is a very rare commodity in the city.

The booming Abu Dhabi economy

Abu Dhabi hold more than 90 percent of the oil reserves in the UAE and a strong backing from the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority which injects funds to balance budgets especially during times of crisis ensure that the economy stays stable. But this is where the capital is changing its policies. Abu Dhabi has plans to develop the non oil sectors and is projecting a growth of 6 to 7 percentage until 2015. They are already in the process of developing the metal industry with projects like Emal, and other industries that are going to be promoted are aviation (Etihad Airlines), tourism and entertainment, pharmaceuticals, education, telecommunication and many more. Abu Dhabi has got long term planning like the 2030 plan which is projecting a strong economy. They also are having plans to improvise their monetary policies. With all these aspects and the well planned policies we are sure that Abu Dhabi is going to grow as per forecasts and projections and we at CSS are all geared up and ready to be part of this growth.

The competitive edge of CSS
With over 6 years of freight forwarding service to the oil & trading industries CSS has built a name for itself in the Freight Forwarding industry offering un paralleled service to its clients by boasting a team of highly skilled multi-lingual and motivated professionals who all share in the company’s vision to be leaders in the industry. With the establishment of our new office we reiterate our commitment to our clients to continue our high standards of service and open up new avenues to service our clients better and move forward with them hand in hand into what we believe will be a brighter future. Also the new state of the art logistics facility in Mussafah will also help us by being able to cater to the logistics requirement of the market.

Growth Plans

At present CSS Abu Dhabi has a strong team engaged with jobs in the oil industry but there are plans to appoint more professionals to look into other sectors as well, like developing the consolidation sector. Focus will be directed on formulating and implementing expansion strategies to provide complete storage and logistics solutions to the Abu Dhabi market (The logistics facility taken up in Mussaffah is the first move in that direction). More attention will also be given in improving the company’s presence in the Local and International Land Transportation sector.

Opportunities in the Freight forwarding industry

The feeling at the moment is that the freight forwarding industry, in this part of the world should be looking at capitalizing in the alternative energy sector. This will definitely be rated as the number one opportunity with more and more corporate companies and governments setting regulations to counter the silent environmental crisis. This is not just an opportunity but also a requirement that is quite delayed as it is true that the effects of global warming and pollution are taking it’s toll on the environment and unlike portrayed earlier are effecting our generation rather that the generations to come. It is an obligation towards our own conscience.

CSS attracts significant attention at Breakbulk Conference

CSS recently participated in the 4th Annual Breakbulk Europe Conference & Exhibition 2009, which was held by the Journal of Commerce Conferences in Antwerp, Belgium.
The Breakbulk Europe conference featured a line up of key breakbulk industry executives and leaders who examined the challenges faced by the industry and how the industry is working towards recovery.
A total of 109 companies participated as exhibitors, including the likes of Scan Trans, Big Lift Shipping B.V., Nordex Energy GmbH, Beluga Shipping, Rickmers Lines, SDV, Cord Strap, and DP World Antwerp. In addition, it attracted more than 3000 attendees, giving CSS the perfect platform to interact with key market players, shippers, forwarders, carriers, and other transportation provider’s world wide.
CSS Group delegation was led by The Group Chairman, T.S. Kaladharan and the team included Anil Kumar (Director, Finance & Admin), Raj George (Senior VP – Ocean Freight), Jairam K. R. (Director – CSS India), Rakesh Menon (Senior General Manager – Sales & Marketing), Sreenath V. (General Manager – Projects, Oil & Energy), Narayan R.T. (General Manager – CSS Bahrain), , Suku Sudhakaran (Asst. General Manager – CSS Abu Dhabi) Amith Surya Horra (Marketing Manager), and Cheryl D’cunha (Asst. Manager – Oil & Energy Division). CSS Booth # 228 was strategically located to showcase its strength and competencies in the areas of expertise for Projects, Oil & Energy. With a wider audience visiting the exhibition, it was the perfect platform for CSS to highlight the presence it has as an Integrated Forwarder in the Middle East and Indian Sub Continent. Furthermore, key networking sessions took place at CSS booth for interaction among its clients, associates & visitors.
CSS had made arrangements to raffle a traditional Dhow ship out of the business cards that were dropped into the bowl at the CSS booth. The Dhow ship also called traditional Arab ship rightly reflects the UAE culture and ethnicity; it played an integral part in showing the values we carry.
The response received in Antwerp was so overwhelming that CSS Group has already registered for the next Breakbulk conference to be held in Singapore and this time the booth will be double the size of the one in Antwerp.

Team NVOCC at CSS Dubai

As one of the most active players in the Middle East Logistics industry, today CSS Middle East NVOCC department is a consistent success story despite the fiercely competitive business environment. The NVOCC department of any successful logistics company should have a global reach through a network of offices and representatives worldwide. It should be well equipped with efficient warehousing and Container Freight Station (CFS) facilities to handle transhipment cargo and provide cost effective solutions both at origin and destination. This has been the forte for the success of CSS Groups NVOCC department.

Fida Asghar, NVOCC Team Manager for CSS ME said, “We have built our strong client base on personalized and tailor made services with end to end solution to all our clients. NVOCC department offers secured and scheduled services to connect with all main overseas markets through its international partners. Our prime objective is to provide cost effective consolidated ocean freight services to all our clients around the globe. We have console services to 40 plus direct destination worldwide along with more than 2000 destinations globally through our dedicated hubs. Services offered include door to door service, customs clearance, documentation, high speed track & trace facility etc”.

NVOCC department is backed by a young and dynamic team with wide experience in providing international freight services, the team is always willing to extend a helping hand, offer personalized and accurate services to achieve total customer satisfaction and loyalty.

NVOCC department will continue to excel in providing cost effective containerization solutions, customer commitment, professionalism and dedication complementing the foundation of CSS Group.

Budget Meet 2009 – CSS India

Console Shipping Services India Pvt. Ltd. conducted its budget meet for the year 2009-10, on the 24th and 25th of April at Devas Farm House, Thrikkunnappuzha, Alleppy District, Kerala. As a usual practice, the meeting was a perfect blend of serious discussions over figures and entertainment to an intense level. The meet was inaugurated by The Group Chairman, T S Kaladharan. In his key note address, he mentioned about the exemplary growth achieved by CSS Dubai, even in the turbulent times of recession and expected to see more achievements on an overall performance level by the group company. Jairam K R, Director- CSS India welcomed the delegates from all offices who were present for the meeting, especially Fida Asghar, Team Manager- NVOCC, and Amith Surya Horra, Marketing Manager, who came all the way from Dubai and the Audit team, who came to attend the meeting.

Day one saw the presentations from South India. Chennai budget was presented by Eugene, Branch Manager and was supported by Jackson. Next was Bangalore. The Bangalore and Tirupur budgets were presented by Sunil, who takes care of the operations from these stations. Cochin budget figures were presented by Latha Asokan. Delhi was the next station who presented the budget. A special applause was offered to the Delhi team for their remarkable achievement during the last year. Surajeet, General Manager- North India presented the Delhi budget and the plan of action for the future. Nitin Bajpai, the new face for the Exports in Delhi was present with the team Delhi.

Discussions were made over the figures and the projections made by each station which summed up the days brain storming sessions. The musical performance by the young and talented singer Anand, was the main attraction for the day’s evening.

The exquisitely chosen and imaginatively crafted dishes for the menu for all the three days by Chef Riaz and supported by an ever enthusiastic culinary team of Devas, was grand enough to provide eternal memories for the taste buds of each and every person assembled for the meet.

Day two started with the presentation of Pune and then Ahmedabad took over the show. The presentation for Kolkata, which came next, was done by Arup Ray, Director- CSS India, due to the absence of the Managers from Kolkata. CSS Mumbai budget was presented by Rampal and was supported by the team comprised of Rahat and Hemant. Discussions were made upon the figures and the plan of action presented on the day by each station.

Dr. S V Nair, who joined the CSS India bandwagon as the HR head, presented his plan of action for the group HR policies. New review policies were adopted, as per the suggestions from the Group Chairman, to closely monitor the fulfillment of the new budgets. Arup Ray extended the vote of thanks to all those who have attended the budget meet 2009-10, and cited that despite of the economic slowdown, CSS India is all set to accomplish a significant growth in the years to come.

Joy in the workplace

You may have not realised that the average person, from starting their first job until they retire, spends nearly 25% of their time at work. This means, if you do not enjoy your work, you are spending 25% of your life being unhappy. Doctors, film stars, lawyers, nurses and teachers are united by one common motivational theme. In their chosen profession, they are not in it for the money alone; they are in it because they love their work. They thrive on the joy it brings.
It is often overlooked that similarly every worker needs to experience joy at work. Sometimes we need a pat on the back, a simple smile from a colleague. However these cannot replace our own inner enjoyment from achieving goals. It is easy for an actor to respond to the adulation of fans but they have to call on inner emotions when performing in front of a camera. It is only their inner joy which confirms their success. What is it in our work environment which brings us inner joy? Building on our joy will stimulate job satisfaction and achievements. This will benefit not only ourselves but also bring a smile to those around us.
Here are some points which may help you enjoy your work and work place.
Understand where you are and what you are
Consciousness about your profile and the surroundings can reduce mistakes of your job. Think about the job only, when you are into it.
Work comfortably
Do your work in a comfortable pace, keeping the deadlines in mind. Be practical when you take up an assignment. Avoid unnecessary haste meant only to satisfy your bosses. You will not be able to complete your job in a perfect manner.
Give priorities to your work
List out the jobs in hand and do the necessary one first. Prioritising the jobs can make them easier to complete.
Be involved
Involvement is a major factor for a successful job completion. You can never expect to see wonders, unless and until you are not involved in your job.
Develop routines
Creating routines can help you work resourcefully. You may have clear thoughts in the morning. Keep aside this time for reports and planning. Then move on to letters and mails which require lesser creativity.
Interact during breaks
Discuss about general matters with your colleagues. Avoid discussing official things during your breaks. Talk about your favourite sport, film or music and make the surroundings lively.
Appreciate your colleagues
Appreciate your colleagues for their accomplishments. Ignoring the success of your fellowmen for the sake of own glory can weaken the team effort.

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