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Lighthouse - November, 2009.


The mention of focus groups, task forces, group seminars and working parties often send shivers down the spines of some management and staff. It is sometimes difficult to realise the objective and need for such proposals. However, as the era of traditional industrialisation draws to an end, to remain pro-active, companies must stay ahead of the game. This is achieved by identifying the changing demands of our clients and the logistics involved.
The age where territorial boundaries coincide with cultural and religious boundaries is fading. Worldwide, harder economic frontiers and projections are being superimposed. In business terms the world is growing smaller and smaller. These changes have to be supported, within a progressive company, by the creation of resource projects which ensure the backing of a highly educated and internationally competent labour force.
Specialised training, awareness development and orientation have become forefront in ensuring that companies have new opportunities to win. These projects act as catalysts, which compel industries and corporate entities, to implement new methodologies.
At CSS we give much importance to in-house training and seminars as we believe the experiences gained from these stimulate knowledge, new experiences and exposures, which are the driving force to our success. Focus, task, seminar or working party, whatever the project is called, the objective is the same to provide and stimulate new ideas so we all win.

T S Kaladharan


Console Shipping Services India Pvt. Ltd Tirupur and Tuticorin have successfully completed its 5th year of operations in October 2009. Hearty congratulations to the dedicated team who drive these offices forward. It is always encouraging to see success coming not by fortune, but by effort, and CSS’ South India operations are an obvious example for that.

CSS, today with its array of offices in the peninsular India has shown its prowess and might to become one of the fastest growing NVOs in the region. South India has always been contributing generously to the cause and growth of Logistics industry with its major ports of Chennai & Tuticorin. Confusions regarding the administrative domains are also quite often due to the overlapping geographical boundaries of states and due to the lack of hinder land in this region. Console Shipping, who entered the Indian market of shipping and logistics through Tirupur, popularly known as the cotton city of India, soon accelerated it’s momentum of growth by establishing its strong presence in Tuticorin, Coimbatore, Bangalore and Chennai, the gate way port to the South.

The facilities and the infrastructural advantages in the two major ports have attributed the Containerised cargo movement growth of Console Shipping to multi fold. Chennai port works 24X7 with many user friendly characteristics attached to its activities. Situated at the Coromandel Coast, this port connects South India to all the major ports of the world. The Port serves the geographical regions of Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, South Andhra Pradesh and parts of Karnataka and has now emerged as hub on the east coast of India. Major commodities being handled at the Port are Containers, Automobiles Exports, Iron Ore, Coal, Fertilizers and general cargo items. CSS Tirupur and Tuticorin offices, with its most efficient and enthusiastic team is exploring the advantages of the infrastructural facilities offered by their port and the market. They enjoy round the clock operations of the port and moreover the last minute loading for time sensitive commodities like garments are possible here.

From handling a meagre volume of cargo in the early years, consisting chiefly of imports of oil and motors and the export of groundnuts, granite and ores, the port is moved towards handling 57.15 million tonnes surpassing the Ministry’s target of 55.86 million tonnes of cargo this year. Undoubtedly, the port of Chennai has contributed a lot in the developmental process of Tamil Nadu particularly and South India as a whole.

Recession blockades are a major hindrance to the industry as a whole, but the CSS Team in South India headed by Eugene in Chennai & Sunil in Tirupur are optimistic about the resurgence of the scenario, of which traces are being noticed. The sales team is being strengthened to tap the hinterland markets of Coimbatore, Karur, Bangalore and other parts of the South, where ever attention is needed. Console Shipping is already present in Coimbatore and Bangalore to service its clients. The presence of the group in North India and the Middle East is a supportive factor to its South India operations.

Services Offered:

  • LCL Consolidation & FCL
  • Ocean Freight
  • Sea-Air/ Sea- Land Transportation
  • Buyer’s Consolidation
  • Air Freight
  • Customs Clearance
  • Projects Handling
  • Warehousing
  • Supply Chain Management & Logistics

CSS Sales Strategy Meet 2010

CSS Group will be conducting its Annual Sales Strategy Meet 2010 in Colombo, Sri Lanka from the 19th until 21st November, 2009.

During this meet the annual budget and accomplishments will be reviewed by Senior Management followed by a sales forecast along with outlining strategies and goals for 2010.

Like every year there is a theme associated to this event and the theme picked for this year is ‘Focus On The Future’. The ability to foresee, anticipate and organize for future potential represents one of the most outstanding traits of individuals. CSS is all geared up to take this event as an opportunity to highlight achievements and formulate vital strategies to attain significant growth in the coming year.

Project Management

The constant research and development from the IT department of CSS has brought in constant updates in its in-house software FINS. The latest of which is the new project management module under its freight forwarding application with countless capabilities such as contact management, packing list, quotation management, resource allocation and management, bookings managements, projects job management and project related finance details.

The purpose of this module is to provide sufficient information related to a project to the customers which in-turn could help amalgamate many individual operational modules under one roof. Project managers and Financial managers will get sufficient insight about the project operations and the distributed jobs done under each project. Further more, this module has the capability to manage project initiation till closing of a project.

Main Features

  1. Integrated project management module
  2. Project initiation and planning management activities can be recorded
  3. Project contact management or stakeholder management
  4. Project packing list management and item management
  5. Quotation management
  6. Project scope management
  7. Project resource management
  8. Project cost management

Main reports

  1. Total number of project jobs
  2. Total number of completed project jobs
  3. Total number of incomplete project jobs
  4. Total number of yet to start project jobs
  5. Total number of jobs in each project jobs and its type wise classification.
  6. Industry specific project details on the above 1,2,3,4 options
  7. Project cost details (Expense)
  8. Project sale details (Income)
  9. Each phase cost details and operation details
  10. Each resource cost details and operation details
  11. Personnel involved in the project execution
  12. Various project quality assurance reports
  13. Total Weight, Volume, Packings of each project jobs
  14. Total containers involved in the project job
  15. Various shipping lines involved in the project jobs
  16. Project/Phase budget and actual comparison report

BreakBulk Announcement

CSS Group will be participating in the 2nd Annual Breakbulk Asia Transportation Conference & Exhibition to be held in Singapore on 26th & 27th, January 2010. The event aims to serve as a vital forum where the BreakBulk industry’s issues will be expressed and potential solutions will be determined. It is forecasted to attract over 150 exhibitors from around the world and over 3000 trade visitors.

Stars in Dubai

Pakistan Hockey
Recently, UAE witnessed top Pakistani Hockey players like Rehan Butt and Salman Akbar battle it out in an exhibition match that was held in Dubai at the IAT Hockey ground in Al Ghusais. Consolidated Shipping Services was the official sponsor of the event that brought together veteran hockey player Jaffer Hussain and Qadeer Hussain (also an organizer) for an exciting evening that delighted all the hockey lovers in the UAE.

The exhibition match was officiated by top notch Umpires: Abid Naqvi and Lukas. As the game set in motion Salman Akbar (the International Pakistan goalie) made many excellent saves to deny Rehan Butt of any lead in the 1st half. But tables turned during the second half when veteran world cup star player of Pakistan Jaffar Hussain along with Rehan Butt planned some really exceptional moves to score on Salman Akbar. All the leading Pakistani National players, ex players, organizers and hockey spectators were present to view this extravaganza and were grateful to the visiting players and organizers for giving them the opportunity to meet their favorite stars.

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