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Lighthouse - January, 2010.


At our recently concluded Sales Strategy Meet held in Negombo – Sri Lanka, we had an opportunity to think about the future of our planet. Ensuring a greener earth, for our future generation, is something which as responsible citizens is close to our hearts. Nation states also try to highlight concerns by holding meetings under the sea, on Everest and in rain forests in attempt to raise our awareness about the dangers of global warming. Last December, at The United Nations Copenhagen Climate Summit, world leaders called for the highest level of ambition and momentum. The complexities in attempting to realise a united climate change policy had become even more apparent. As a global community we have failed in our responsibility to future generations.

The New Year prompts us to look back and realise how we have taken earth’s resources, in many ways, for granted. The movement to “pay back our dues” to our home, our planet, has become a challenge for all of us. As parents and as a company, it is a challenge we cannot afford to fail. We have achieved many things, of which we should be proud, but we must focus on the future and build on our past experiences. The 2nd Annual Breakbulk Asia conference, Singapore mid- January, provides an excellent occasion to discuss and develop eco-friendly issues, along with discussing usual business.

My New Year resolution and expectation is for progress towards a greener environmental philosophy which will be advantageous for our families and mankind. Time is not on our side. To save our world from a global warming catastrophe we must let our hearts lead. Wish you all an eventful and promising New Year

T S Kaladharan

CSS Group Awarded THLG Membership

The Heavy Lift Group (THLG) has welcomed CSS Group to become a part of the prestigious association. The Heavy Lift Group is an international group of specialized heavy transport companies which combine their forces to offer the best expertise and service according to customer needs. The Heavy Lift Group was CSS Group awarded THLG membership founded in 1987 by a number of West European heavy lift operators in anticipation of the single European market and has since then expanded into a worldwide group having members in the United States, South America, the CIS, the Middle East and Asia. With the united know how, skills, experience and equipment of its membership THLG can cover any movement or transport requirement from a single domestic job to the largest international multimodal project. THLG members specialize in heavy lift transport by sea, air and overland, outsize cargo movements, crane operations, rigging, machinery installation, and large-scale project forwarding. The aim of THLG is to offer clients the united power of its members ensuring a world-wide service of excellent quality at realistic prices.

CSS Logistics – Experts at handling Fine Art

Handling Fine art has never been a piece of cake; it requires precision & skills to penetrate the business of handling fine art and exhibition cargo. CSS Logistics has made a commitment to the fine art community to handle the art entrusted, with appreciation, respect, and understanding of its value.

Recently concluded Abu Dhabi Art Fair, held from the 19th until 22nd November, 2009 at Al Markayah Art Gallery, Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi saw CSS Logistics handle exhibition cargo for Art Sawa Gallery based at Al Qouz, Dubai. The project was initiated & implemented by Ebie (Sales Executive) & Varuna Wirasinha (GM) without outsourcing the packaging & transportation exercise as it was handled by their sister concern CSS Homeward Bound. This enabled them to have total control of the project and responsibly execute every aspect to ensure the clients satisfaction.

As experts skilled in the unique aspects of handling fine art CSS Logistics specialize in installation, crating, shipping,and storage of all types. They have a fully trained and dedicated packing crew for rendering top quality fine art handling services, this includes an adequate skilled and technically qualified work force of packers, carpenters, packing and crating professionals.

The task here involved managing movements of 21 sculptures each weighing around 500 – 600 kg’s. Each sculpture required delicate handling and special packaging based on its structure, after packaging the sculptures were loaded onto 3 trucks, where they were secured by lashing. Hereafter the fine art was transported from Art Sawa Art Gallery to Abu Dhabi. Primarily, prior to executing the project a pre site inspection was arranged to logistically study the area in order to avoid any future hindrances at the time of operation and understand better point of pick up, access points, equipments required, delivery & timings. The movement of the sculptures to Dubai is due shortly as the same has to be brought back and placed at the Burj Al Arab hotel in Jumeirah. With successful handling of this project and many more to come CSS Logistics aim to offer comprehensive fine art handling services under one roof without sub-contracting any part of the work.


CSS Group recently concluded its Annual Sales Strategy Meet 2010 at the Jetwing Beach Resort, Negombo, Sri Lanka. The three day meeting was attended by CSS Senior Management and Head of Departments from the Middle East and the Indian sub-continent. The meet discussed the annual budget and accomplishments CSS SALES STRATEGY MEET 2010 Lighthouse6 of each team followed by a sales forecast and strategies and goals for 2010.

“Focus on the Future” was the theme adopted this year. Strategy Meet plays a vital role in evaluating team performances and highlighting strengths and weaknesses of the team. This provides a focus on the latest developments in areas ranging from sales strategy fundamentals to emerging IT technologies to prevailing competition.

Strategy Meet for CSS Group is more than presentations made by managers, analyzing previous year’s figures and forecasting budget. It also includes dissecting operational processes to review the excellence level attained. Although strategy takes account of the future, it takes place in the present. It is about making choices in the present with an eye to consequences these choices may have.

CSS Strategy Meet was organized by Marketing & Corporate Communications department of CSS Group headed by Amith Surya Horra, Unnikrishnan, Neyha Nurie and Cheryl Annes. CSS Strategy Meet is a well designed meeting structure that fosters opportunities for participation so people can be heard, questions can be asked and answered, discussion can take place, decisions are arrived at, and the most important items are attended to. It helps to collectively put together information from various sources to measure the impact and direction of strategies laid down and shape up new tactics based on imminent factors as per the current scenario and future analysis.

Sri Lanka was the chosen destination, for this meet by the Management and the Jetwing hospitality that catered to the group’s needs proved that the preferences were correct. Imran Naufal, the Resort Manager at The Beach Hotel, who needs a special mention, and his vibrant team, played a vital role in making this conference a success. The Sales Strategy meet was attended by Oliver Hahn from IFS Doha by special invitation.

Project Specialists in the Middle East

CSS Projects Management team has been handling crucial Oil & Energy projects for over a decade now. CSS has been successful in managing every aspect of logistics during the projects life span with its highly skilled & dedicated team. The team carefully studies the project by the complexity of cargo and technically plans for all heavy lifts and over dimensional loads via special trucks, barges, ocean vessels and aircrafts. As project management requires carefully planned and organized effort to accomplish a specific task, the process begins with developing a project plan, which includes defining and confirming the project goals and objectives, identifying tasks and how goals will be achieved, quantifying the re- Project Specialists in the Middle East sources needed, and determining budgets and timelines for completion. With its dedicated hands on projects and close relationship and understanding with the most qualified vendors in the industry CSS has been able to execute global projects that have build nations across the globe. With the projects commercial office in JAFZA, one of the fastest growing free zone in Dubai, CSS has not only been concentrating in the United Arab Emirates but the whole of Middle East with its offices in Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Kuwait and Indian Sub continent and supported by world wide network of vendors and agents. Some of the projects handled by CSS outside UAE include Ranhill project in Sudan, Al Hidd Desalination Plant in Bahrain, Al Jahra Power Station & KOTC LPG Gas Plant in Kuwait, Ummbab Cement Plant in Qatar, JWAP MARAFIQ project in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and recently awarded Doha North Pumping Station project in Doha.

Being one of the world’s finest projects specialists, both locally and regionally has also helped CSS to become a proud member of The Global Project Logistics Network (GPLN). GPLN is the premier non-exclusive professional projects logistics network of independent companies specializing in international projects movements by air, sea and land as well as specialized lifts and the special handling of oversized, out-of- gauge and heavy lift cargo.

CSS Group Portal Launched

CSS Group launched its Portal, designed and developed by Twin Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd, an India based BPO Company specialized in IT & ITES. This portal aims at meeting the customer service requirements of the group company with more ease. The entire system is divided primarily into three different sections or modules. The first module is exclusively created to satisfy the requirements of customers/agents and shippers and is named the customer portal. The second section is exclusively for the CSS Group staff and is called the employee portal, while the third module is crafted for the system administrators and it’s called the admin portal. The CSS portal carries innumerable features at launch level itself and is aiming at enhancing its features and incorporating new ones shortly. The portal can be accessed using the link http://www.cssgrouponline.com

Features of Customer Portal

Freight Forwarding

  • Job view: To list the jobs in a specific period (max 90 days), or a specific job. Can be navigated to sub jobs from this if applicable.


  • Invoice view: To view the invoices in a specific period or specific invoices.
  • Credit note view: To view credit notes in a specific period or specific credit notes.
  • Cargo arrival notice view: To view cargo arrival notice in a specific period or job number or BL number must be specified.
  • Manifest view: To view manifest in a specific period or job number or BL number must be specified.
  • BL view: To view HBL/HAWB in a specific period or job number or BL number must be specified.
  • EDI in CSS specific format: Job number must be specified or BL details.
  • Outturn report: To generate outturn report for a job number or BL number must be specified.


  • Stock register: Warehouse item stock for a particular item or a group of items or in a specific period.
  • Goods receipt note (GRN): Specific GRN or GRNs in a specific period can be listed.

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