1995 seems to me, like only yesterday. However so much has happened and so much has been achieved that when I realised that we had reached our 15th anniversary, it seemed somewhat unbelievable. The excitement, the challenges, the opportunities, our successes, and admittedly some near misses, have spurred us all along at a pace where the years have seemed a distant concern.

As we cross this milestone our success may be attributed to our determination to identify and respond to the changing needs of our industry. As we have grown we have been humble enough to learn from our experiences so we may serve our associates and partners better. We are able to look back and gain strength – strength which will enable us to navigate any unseen stronger currents ahead. Shipping continues to be our passion. Our values of respect, honour and commitment remain steadfast. These values which have played a major role in our success will stay with us as they are at the heart of C.S.S.

Looking to the future I wish to thank all our associates and partners, on behalf of CSS Group. You may be assured that we, just as we have been in the past 15 years, are there for you now and in the future.

Congratulations to everyone at CSS on our 15th anniversary

How to Kill an Industry

I was not a born gimmick. No one is.
But nurturing is a wonderful process, it can make an animal behave like a human being and I promise it is vice versa too. It’s all in the nurturing.

My parents, teachers, family and friends together inculcated some values in my growing process which set me on a platform like never before. I knew then, how to grow – myself.
The day had arrived when I set out to make a career

The logistics industry, here in Mumbai and the world as a whole, welcomed me with open arms. I closely observed how they worked and behaved. It was strange but I still liked it. They had begun nurturing me to be one with them.

Each day, they told me:

Forget your primary, secondary and tertiary education
That life and death have a deep relation
Forget that two and two is four.
That a little less is a little more
Forget that price of purchase is less than sale
That honesty is not as good as telling a false tale

I remembered all my past years
The years when the entire education I received
Was but a gift of cheat and deceit
I cursed my teachers and parents alike
For telling me that a bike is a bike

So here I am today
Me a part of you and you a part of me
All the honing you gave
For that I bow to Thee
Oh world of logistics, salutations to you
Gimmicks are what I now know and A Gimmick is all I can be!

So then now tell me, how to kill an industry?

Rahat Talreja, CSS Mumbai

Persuasive Communication

Communication is an excellent topic to discuss, anytime and anywhere. I believe we need to have self analysis on this topic so we may adopt new technologies which can bring results more beneficial to our careers.

I enjoyed my life at the journalism school where I studied after my graduation. There have been many instances in my later years which evoked memories of my student days. One such instance reminded me of a dissertation I had to prepare, for the end of the first semester, which was about Persuasive Communication.

For those who have read the Hindu mythological text of “Mahabharata”, understanding the concept of persuasive communication is no big deal. Here the communication technique adopted by Lord Krishna, to convince the Valiant hero Arjuna, to take up arms against his relatives who were fighting the opposition can be considered as the most effective example of persuasive communication.

Regardless of your industry or profession, the chances are you regularly have to persuade others to adapt to your ideas whether in sales or service. Persuasion does not involve anything unethical. It merely involves psychological techniques to make others understand, what you have already understood.
Every successful talk requires the support of two factors, the right time and ambience. These are the two factors which need to be taken care of before you start your persuasive discussion.

Maximum information needs to be gathered from the face of the listener, before jumping in with your ideas and suggestions. You must give time for him or her to speak out their mind first. A good listener gather momentum for introducing his suggestions.

Make sure that you are taking the listener in the right direction. You need to be focused with your views. Talk about the subject directly and precisely.

Examples and Stories are an extremely effective way to persuade. You may tell the listener about a similar incident which happened and its result. This technique can easily bring the listener round to your perspective. Give space for the listener’s imagination to grow and get his suggestions at regular intervals during the talk.

You may stress your points with third party comments. But it has to be truthful in all respects. A quote may strengthen your point and avoid a negative decision, since most of us believe that things can go correctly for us, if it went well with others. This is why advertisements are usually so effective.
At this historic juncture, where we all stand, with a significant achievement of reaching 15 years of excellent service in shipping and logistics, we all need to be willing to adopt new technologies and winning strategies.

Unnikrishnan G.
Head – Corporate Communications, CSS Group

Helping Hand Corporate Social Responsibility

Helping Hand Corporate Social  ResponsibilityCSS has always been sensitive to social issues right from its inception. The Group actively demonstrates its involvement by supporting social issues on a regular basis. AMHA is the recent event that CSS Group sponsored as a part of its CSR program. Hosted by the “Sree Kerala Varma College Old Students Association” (SKVCOSA), the charity project AMHA (Association of Mentally Handicapped Adults) was initiated by Dr. P.Bhanumathi to create a loving and caring home for mentally handicapped adults in South India. AMHA aims to provide a home to adults with special needs, where they can live a comfortable life; it also provides counseling for parents and conducts medical inspections to support mentally handicapped adults.

AMHA started in the year 1997 in Thrissur, Kerala, India. It was established for a humanitarian cause to create social awareness and raise funds for the less fortunate. With its sincere endeavors to raise funds and create a better living environment for its people, AMHA had organized a charitable cultural show called “SNEHAM” which means “LOVE” in support and appreciation of the mentally handicapped adults. The event was held on 15th January, 2010 at Sheikh Rashid Auditorium, The Indian High School, Dubai, UAE. The show was filled with cultural activities ranging from classical dance to musical instruments and singing. The stars who performed included Bala Bhaskar, Sree Ram, Bala Murali, Swarna Malya, Roshni Suresh & Vinod Kumar. As expected it was an overwhelming and a warm gathering with a record crowd of over 2000 attendees. CSS Marketing Manager, Amith Surya Horra received a warm welcome at the stage where he highlighted the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility for Consolidated Shipping Group.

CSS Group is honored to be a part of this auspicious occasion and wishes AMHA and all its participants’ success in all its future endeavors.


OUTSTANDING SUPPORTER OF THE YEAR 2008CSS Bahrain was awarded the Outstanding Supporter of the year 2008 at an event hosted by the Martinair regional head office in Sharjah, UAE. The function was held in Dubai, UAE on a Dhow Cruise. CSS Bahrain has been the Cargo General Sales Agent for Martinair since 2004. The award function was attended by Narayan R T, GM – CSS Bahrain, Harm Winkeler, Vice President – Asia Pacific, Keku Bomi Gazder, Director Cargo Sales -Middle East and South Asia, along with the Martinair team and other distinguished guests and clients.


TEAM DELHI CELEBRATES CHAIRMAN’S VISITThe staff of CSS Delhi had an entertaining and interactive evening with the Group Chairman, T. S. Kaladharan & Directors of CSS India, during a chilly evening of January. The gathering was organized on the 14th January in a large farm house called Anandvan in Faridabad, in the outskirts of Delhi. The programme was aimed at creating a more relaxed atmosphere, whereby the staff could interact and discuss their ideas with the Senior Management. In addition the evening included a bonfire and a DJ to add flavour to the ambience. Team Delhi was appreciated for its commitment and growth achieved, by the Chairman and the Management during this informal session.



CSS Delhi participated in the Aero marine cricket tournament for the first time and reached Semi Finals. Aero Marine Cricket Tournament is played amongst shipping fraternity between shipping lines and prominent forwarders, kicked off on January 02, 2010.With the Delhi temperature dropping and the sun playing hide & seek it was eye pleasing to watch cricket enthusiasts from young to old on the field. Console Shipping played with Maersk in the quarter finals. Batting first, Console scored a big total of 174 for 5 in the limited 20 overs. Maersk, in reply gave a tough fight back before succumbing.


CSS recently played a friendly 20 – 20 match with Panasonic on 30th January, 2010 at the DP World Cricket Ground. While Panasonic elected to bat first, CSS was very comfortable to bowl first. A flamboyant start from Panasonic helped them score a challenging 151 after the full 20 overs. Hareesh M. and Sajesh initiated the innings for CSS and achieved victory with 40 balls to spare and all the wickets in tact.
The match was an opportunity for CSS and Panasonic to interact on a personal level, strengthen business relations and mutual growth prospects while maintaining healthy competition at the cricket ground.


In a competitive business environment, the global recession had a little impact on the recently concluded 2nd Annual Breakbulk Asia Transportation Conference and Exhibition. The exhibition was held at Suntec Convention Exposition Centre in Singapore. A total of 1,939 attendees traveled from all over the world to network with some 120 exhibitors and attend two days of panel discussions featuring industry leaders addressing the specialized challenges and transportation trends facing the breakbulk and heavylift sector.


As stated by Peter Tirschwell, senior vice president at UBM Global Trade, which owns The Journal of Commerce and JoC Events, the organizer of the event “The record attendance outpaces last year’s crowd by 21 percent, a figure that we believe indicates the heavylift sector in Asia is definitely in a recovery mode.”

The Breakbulk Asia show provided CSS with a great opportunity to highlight products offered, services to attendees and network with key market players, shippers, forwarders, carriers, and other transportation provider’s in the Asia-pacific region.

CSS Group delegation was led by The Group Chairman, T.S. Kaladharan and the team included Raj George (Senior VP – Ocean Freight), Jairam K. R. (Director – CSS India), Rakesh Menon (Senior General Manager – Business Development), Sreenath V. (General Manager – Projects, Oil & Energy), Narayan R. T. (General Manager – CSS Bahrain), Siby C. Kurian (Dy. General Manager – Sales & Marketing), Suku Sudhakaran (Asst. General Manager – CSS Abu Dhabi), Amith Surya Horra (Marketing Manager), Anita Baker (Manager – CRM ) and Neyha Nurie (Marketing Coordinator).

CSS Booth # C21 & C22 was strategically located to highlight CSS’s strong presence in the Middle East and India with corporate headquarters in Dubai and offices in Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Doha, Kuwait, Muscat and Saudi Arabia and 12 offices in India. Moreover, it was a perfect platform to showcase its strength and competencies in the areas of expertise for Projects, Oil & Energy and indulge in key networking sessions promoting interaction among its clients, associates and visitors.

As a token of appreciation, CSS had made arrangements to raffle a Crystal Dhow ship, for which the lucky winner was picked by a raffle draw at the CSS booth.

Luck is when opportunity meets preparation. Exhibitions and trade shows prepare us to be lucky in our business Raj George

In a competitive business environment exhibitions are vital to raise market awareness and develop new markets; they have become crucial across the globe as they are an important promotional tool for your business Rakesh Menon

It was a great opportunity to promote the presence and expertise of CSS group to a wider audience within the vast expanse of our industry. The show has also helped us to develop further contacts and also help boost our ties with our existing vendors and operators Sreenath V

Exhibitions are indeed a great platform to meet with a multitude of other operators and clients to develop a range of business possibilities. These global events will give CSS Group an opportunity which allows face-to-face contact with clients, where CSS will be able to efficiently build professional relationships in the most lasting and effective manner Narayan R T

Exhibitions are an opportunity to market ourselves, and it is not just targeting customer but also suppliers and other partners as well. It was a great opportunity for us to market CSS Abu Dhabi and we did draw a lot of attention amongst the exhibitors and visitors for having a strong presence in Abu Dhabi, UAE Suku Sudhakaran

Trade Exhibitions helps us to better understand our industry, in order to advance our selling ideas Siby C Kurian

Maintaining a presence in corporate marketing and trade shows is critical to a company’s growth and success as it is the most efficient & effective way to make multiple customer contacts in a short period of time- Amith Surya Horra

10 Years with the Company

Anil Kumar S.
Manager – Finance, Twin Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Being with CSS for a decade has been an honour both professionally and personally. We have been successful in the past and will be so in the future as well.

Mohd. Rowmahs
Team Leader – Customs & Documentation
It has been a very successful and worthwhile journey with CSS for the last 10 years. During this period I’ve gained a lot in terms of knowledge, growth, field exposure and organizational culture.

Asghar Ali
Sr. Tally Clerk

It’s an honor to work for such a big company like CSS and I am fortunate to have been associated with the company for the past 10 years

11 Years with the Company

Suku Sudhakaran
AGM – CSS Abu Dhabi

I take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been involved in getting us to where we are now and for all the support for many more successful years to come.

Fida Asghar
Team Manager – NVOCC

Working with CSS has been a great experience, in the past 11 years I have learnt a lot from my seniors, made good friends and got myself settled both personally and professionally.

Sharon Cunningham
Sr. Sales Coordinator

As CSS celebrates its 15th Anniversary, I take this opportunity to congratulate and wish CSS many more years of continued success and achievements and I am privileged to be a part of this success story of great achievements against all odds with great team spirit since 1999.

Angela Fernandez

CSS has countered difficult times with persistence and has shown higher revenue, better productivity while keeping costs under control during the inconsistent economic situations that dominate business environments in general. It’s an honour to be a part of the CSS Family since 1999.

Ajo Andrews
Documentation Clerk

I am glad to be a part of CSS since 1999, it’s been an incredible journey where I have met so many good people and made friends for life.

Sreevalsan Kumar
Transport Incharge

It is a pleasure working with a group of energetic and dedicated professionals. I wish CSS a successful future.

Pramod Maniyappan
I enjoy working for CSS as it has made me love my job.

Rajan Yohannan
Sr. Forklift Operator

CSS has been a perfect platform for me to learn, grow, and earn a living so I could support my family.

I am very thankful to the Management for giving me an opportunity to serve CSS.

Kesavan Prahaladan
Sr. Forklift Operator
Happy 15th Anniversary, CSS! Best wishes for continued success.

12 Years with the Company

Ahmed Al Rais
Sr. Vice President – Air Freight

My journey with CSS has been very rewarding and it brings me pride to be an integral part of such a vibrant company. CSS Group’s success can be attributed to shared goals, clear vision and a mission to succeed. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all at CSS for their continuous support and wish them all the very best for their future endeavors.

Rakesh Menon
Senior GM – Business Development

CSS is truly an organization that is highly structured and disciplined yet full of passion for Quality as well as compassion for its people and stakeholders. I really feel proud to be a part of this prestigious Group.

Sr. General Manager – Finance

Achievement, Success and Growth have been the Hallmark of CSS in the last 15 years. I cherish every moment of my association with the CSS family.

Narayan R T
General Manager – Bahrain

It has been a great journey with CSS all these years and I am very proud to be associated with such a wonderful team. I wish CSS Group great success in the coming years.

Raufa Shaikh
Manager – Pricing

It is indeed a great pleasure to be a part of this incredibly energetic and inspiring group. Hope to see CSS prosper to greater heights.

Angeli Sudheer
Team Manager – Sales (Dubai)

The phenomenal growth that I have experienced with the CSS team is a testimony and encouragement to continue in the direction towards quest of excellence. It is great to be a part of the CSS family since 1997.

Baiju Sadanand
Assistant Manager – Operations

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Chairman who introduced me to the CSS family, our Sr. VP – Airfreight and my colleagues who have extended their trust and support to me in the past years.

Swan Chacko
Operations Supervisor

It is hard to believe that I have completed my 12th year of service with CSS, while the company celebrates its 15th anniversary. Looking back, I have much pride in seeing myself elevated from the position of Customs Documentation Assistant to Operations Supervisor- Projects.

13 Years with the Company

Raj George
Sr. Vice President – Ocean Freight

I am proud to be associated with CSS; I thank all the staff and clients for their continuous support.

Paul D’Souza
Sr. Vice President – Sales & Marketing

My experience with the Group has been quite pleasant and I have seen the company grow heaps and bound through the able leadership and vision of the Group Chairman. The success of CSS Group has been mainly due to team work, dedication and hard work put in by each and every member working in the company and also because of the support and loyalty of our overseas partners and clients.


I consider myself truly privileged to be a member of the CSS family. Thanks to the Management for all the support

14 Years with the Company

K. Manish Kumar
Manager – CFS & Operations

It was a wonderful journey of 14 years with CSS wherein my career too has grown along with it. I have enjoyed every moment here and I feel proud to be a part of the achievements CSS has attained over the years.

15 Years with the Company

Anil Kumar
Director – Finance & Admin

CSS started as a small organization with limited personnel, infrastructure and resources. What kept us all focused was good leadership within a professional environment. I dedicate our growth over the past 15 years to our team spirit and healthy human relations. The main thing that attributed to our growth is our relationship with our partners, agents, customers and suppliers. We are a part of esteemed associations like NAFL, FIATA, GPLN, and THLG to keep us abreast with latest developments. Back in 1995 all our jobs were outsourced due to lack of staff and resources but over the time we have established our own in-house IT department and back office in India. Now, we have over 700 plus people working for CSS worldwide and we have surely grown from strength to strength in the past years and will continue to grow as there is no looking back.

U. B. Prince
COO- Twin Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

There are many factors which attributed to our growth. One major step was the implementation of technological infrastructure. The vision of our Chairman to invest on these infrastructures leveled the tolerance to meet the fast growth of volume seen in the later years. Today our software is regarded as the backbone of our operations at CSS, which brings in pride. Diversification was yet another remarkable achievement over the years. Now we are not only into Shipping and logistics, we are into IT & ITES, BPO services and many more.

Radhakrishnan (Babu)
Senior Manager – Air Freight

Integrity and fruitful reputation is very important to hold a company through good and bad times. The management has always taken good care of its employees and I believe that having smiling faces in the organization for about 15 years now is a big achievement for any company. The 21st century bought in glory for the Air Freight department when we acquired our own bonded warehouse facility at the Dubai Cargo Village, being close to the terminal 1 and 2 helped us develop close relations with Airlines and evade any restriction on size of cargo. Another achievement that we are proud of is the ability to handle dangerous goods cargo owing to our years of experience and well trained experienced professionals.

Santhosh Kumar
Team Leader

I began my journey by learning about shipping industry background, terms, import and export operations and moved on to handling B/L and D/O. To me, CSS means family and I truly cherish the times spent with my colleagues and management.

Celebrating 15 Years Of Excellence

Celebrating 15 Years Of  ExcellenceConsolidated Shipping Group is honoured to commemorate 15 years of excellence with a mission to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and a vision to continually innovate and adapt to the latest trends within the industry. Providing cost effective and professional solutions has made CSS the most preferred service provider globally. Over the past 15 years, CSS has grown to be recognized as a complete logistics solutions provider and a trusted partner within the Shipping and Logistics fraternity. The Group’s strong conviction, drive to succeed and the ability to foresee the needs of its patrons has secured it an undisputed place in the market. CSS would like to take this opportunity to thank all its Customers, Global Network Partners, Shipping Lines, Airlines, Land Transport Operators, Business Associates / Institutions and Employees and the Government of the United Arab Emirates for their continuous support and commitment as it has been instrumental for our success. To extend our gratitude and mark the glorious occasion, CSS has planned a gala event for all its top agents and associates from across the world. The event is scheduled for the 16th, 17th & 18th of April, 2010. The guests will be welcomed by the hospitality of the Movenpick Hotel, Bur Dubai during the three day celebration. The conference is scheduled for the 17th April and will begin with a welcome note followed by CSS Presentations and open discussion opportunities with CSS Management and Senior Management. The festivities will continue through the evening with gathering of senior officials from the shipping fraternity followed by a grand gala dinner and entertainment night. A tour of Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower is reserved for the 18th morning followed by a warm reception at the Arabian Desert resort Bab Al Shams. The spectacular sunset, Arabian night themed dinner, traditional Shisha, Belly dancing, Falcon show and Camel riding will make the CSS 15th anniversary celebration memorable