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Lighthouse - September, 2010.

Chairman’s Message

If we think about it, whatever is happening in our lives “Time” plays a pivotal factor.  The concept of time is something we all accept but time doesn’t care about who is successful or who is not. Time gives equal opportunity to all. Our actions, decisions and as a consequence our lives all occupy only a brief space of time. Time is a very strict master. It doesn’t entertain excuses and it always keeps its urgency, with merciless progress.

I am privileged to an extend as I have taken the opportunity to explore my thoughts and beliefs about time and put them into practice. As practicing professionals we need to keep to the fore knowledge of time management. Many times I have heard others complaining about their busy schedule whereas in fact there is nothing actually defined as a busy schedule. One size does not fit all as it is ourselves who decide who or what makes our lives busy or idle. Time management may help you to improve your quality of life, reduce frustration and increase your energy levels.

Our CSS team has always achieved ascendancy by putting into practice definitive time management skills. The upcoming Breakbulk exhibition, to be held in Houston USA during October, will provide an ideal opportunity to demonstrate our expertise in time management. This will be at the forefront, when we are interacting with clients and associates, as it will accentuate our ongoing achievements. It will also ensure that our participation in Breakbulk will be a success and we are looking forward to this.

CSS At Breakbulk Americas Transportation Conference & Exhibition

CSS Group will be showcasing its products and services offered at the 21st Breakbulk Americas Transportation Conference & Exhibition to be held in Houston, Texas from October 12th until October 14th, 2010 at the George R Brown Convention Center.

CSS has previously participated in Breakbulk and Heavy Lift exhibitions in Europe, and Asia. Breakbulk Americas is a great opportunity for CSS to introduce its products and services to the North American market. During the long global recession, there are indications that the breakbulk and project cargo sectors are gathering steam as new contracts are awarded in most infrastructure developments around the world, North America being one of the major markets.

Breakbulk Americas Transportation Conference & Exhibition aims at providing shippers with the opportunity to meet and develop relationships with the leading specialized carriers, forwarders, ports, terminals and packers who have the expertise and resources to handle oversized cargoes with unique handling requirements. The conference includes an agenda in which industry leaders will review emerging markets as well as logistical challenges for breakbulk and heavy-lift shippers, their transportation and supply chain providers.Visit CSS at booth # 120. If you wish to set up an appointment at a specific time and date, kindly contact us by email: infoprojects@cssdubai.com

We look forward to meeting you in Houston!

For further information, please visit: www.cssgroupsite.com

Lucky winner

The CSS Thank-you incentive scheme towards our fellow-forwarders and customers, conceived two years back, has been nothing short of successful. The scheme allows one lucky name out of the scores of business cards that are dropped into the bowls placed at the D/O counter in the Corporate Office and CSLC-1, to be picked up and rewarded with a gift.

The winner picked out and rewarded for the months of July- August 2010 was Abdul Khader – Messenger from First Gulf Shipping L.L.C., Dubai, UAE who walked away with Gift vouchers sponsored by Lulu, presented by Amith Surya Horra, Marketing Manager, CSS Group.

Creating New Ideas And Initiatives

Business Development is among the foremost concerns of any organization; it typically involves nurturing a business and its elements through change. As change is constant, Business Development expertise is required to adapt to the changing market scenarios, expand existing business and its mode of operations or venture in an untapped market.

Rakesh Menon, Senior General Manager – Business Development has recently taken over operations at CSS Logistics as Senior General Manager. Affirmative to take the business forward, Rakesh says, he has always been upbeat about creating new ideas and initiatives by adopting a team approach in pursuing common organizational goals. He sternly believes that Business Development is an on-going process and an organization aiming to withstand competitors never stops engaging in business development.

For any business to grow there is a continuous need to formulate strategies based on business performance and goals, and to achieve the desired goals a proper planning process is required. Planning mainly involves market intelligence and making use of the readily available resource to seize every given opportunity. Moving further, once the plan is in place an organization needs to ensure the managed implementation of the plan and be flexible to incorporate changes in the process.

Furthermore, Rakesh explains business development techniques and strategies as quintessential when it comes to attracting new customers and penetrating existing markets. Particularly to generate sales, business development expertise may focus on developing strategic-channel relationships with clients and partners to foster mutual trust and growth.

“As a Senior General Manager, much of my attention is devoted to developing and utilizing the business opportunities that are presented to me and my company”, says Rakesh. Rakesh believes in guiding a business through tasks by giving advice and acting as a mentor to provide direction. He adds that CSS is always on a look out for people who can create new concepts, people who can acquire new concepts and take them forward by good management. Market challenges always count on Business Development strategies to outgrow the monotonous and routine jobs and reach new heights by proper planning and efficient execution of the strategic plans along with effective management and financial plans, concludes Rakesh.

An optimistic CSS Kolkata

If you ask about recession or economic crack down to a common man, roaming through the streets of Kolkata, he may ask you back, “What is that?” The entire world has been talking about recession, but many are reluctant to admit that it has hit India. Console Shipping Services, Kolkata may unfold some facts and figures to convince you that business has not become stagnant. CSS Kolkata management and staff takes pride for being considered as one amongst the first three players, in terms of business by the shipping fraternity in their region. A result they achieved only because of hard work and commitment.

Arup Ray, Director- CSS India says that they give priority to start their own warehousing facility in the near future to bring in total solution for servicing their clients. Kolkata is a region where the CSS Management eagerly looks at in this regard. Presently CSS India from its operational base in Kolkata caters to the need of the entire West Bengal region, Orissa, Tripura and Assam. They extend their servicing to the neighboring countries of Nepal and Bhutan as well. “The only way to penetrate the interiors and some remote locations in the North Eastern region is to have a strong and efficient transportation network. Concur service is available in some parts but it only depends upon the load factor and it cannot guarantee timely service” Arup Ray adds. There is a rise of 5 to 7 % in the cargo movement in Kolkata. The timely intervention by the government authorities and the port ensures a steady growth of cargo movement.

For the Kolkata Port management, tariff flexibility was not the only strategy. It worked towards attracting new types of cargo that would also give a boost to the economy of its hinterland. For instance, it found out that West Bengal had an annual surplus of 2.5 million tons of vegetables and flowers, and they were routed for export to Singapore, Far East, Middle East and European markets which would otherwise had gone to waste or be sold in the domestic market at a negligible price. Another such move was to create special linkages with ports in Chittagong and Narayanganj in Bangladesh. Those were all aggressive measures to attract more cargo for the Kolkata port system and are certain to improve its performance. CSS Kolkata is optimistic and has taken a strong measure to tackle the greater opportunities lying ahead. They have well trained professionals to fulfill this. Hence there is nothing called looking back for Arup and his team in Kolkata.

Oh! Spectacular, Amazing, Unbelievable

Those were the words that came out from one of the British ladies who were one amongst the innumerable tourists who have boarded the banks of Lake Punnamada to witness the mesmerizing boat race for the prestigious Nehru trophy. It was truly amazing, the world’s biggest team event, the snake boat race. A real feast for the thousands gathered around the venue. Nehru trophy 2010 was inaugurated by the first lady of India, H.E. Smt. Prathibha Devisingh Patil on the 14th of August at Punnamada Back waters in Alleppy. “Devas” Snake boat, made its debut and finished first in the Second Finalists. The performance of Devas paddled by the St. George boat club team was well noted.

The boat captain Swan Chacko of CSS Group and the team captain Karthikeyan were amongst the oarsmen encouraging and guiding them at the race. A 40 meter long snake boat can carry up to 111 people including the oarsmen, cheerleaders and the direction controllers. Devas Snake boat is one of the very few boats, who made an impressive performance in its first appearance. In the women’s category, “Devas thekkan odi” retained its title, defeating its challengers. Cheerleaders for Devas consisted of the CSS Group staff members, their friends, well wishers and the Group Chairman, T S Kaladharan himself.

CSR at CSS AKCAF Onakkazhcha 2010

CSS has always been committed towards social welfare and empowerment of the Indian community residing in the UAE. AKCAF Onakkazhcha 2010 is the recent CSR event sponsored by Devas Holidays & Travel Services India Private Limited, a division of CSS Group. Hosted by the All Kerala Colleges Alumni Forum, UAE (AKCAF), Onakkazhcha 2010 is a celebration of the harvest festival: Onam, for Keralites worldwide. Onam is the biggest festival in the South Indian state of Kerala; it unites people from various walks of lives, irrespective of creed, caste, religion and political ideology. This harvest festival crossed borders and entered into the social life of the non-resident Indian community in the Gulf, especially in UAE. Several cultural events like traditional Onam feast, design of decorated flower carpets and wearing of traditional attire make the Onam season very special.

Affiliated to the Indian Community Welfare Committee (ICWC), AKCAF UAE was established in the year 1998, under the patronage of the Consulate General of India, Dubai. It is an integrated apex body of about 50 active alumni associations of Kerala colleges, possibly the largest socio-professional organization functioning in the UAE.

AKCAF Onakkazhcha 2010 will feature Athapookkalam (Flower Carpet) Competition on Friday, 17th September at Millineium School, Al Ghusais and Onam Grand Finale will be held on the following Friday, 24th September, 2010 at Al Nasr LeisureLand, Dubai. The Grand Finale will comprise vivid cultural events, traditional Ona-sadhya, procession, public function in the presence of celebrity guests like Padmashri O.N.V.Kurup, Padmashri Mattannur Sankarankutty Marar, Stephen Devassy, Balabhaskar, Karunamoorthy, Ajeesh, Rejiya, Thari from Kerala and Consul General of India for Dubai, H.E. Sanjay Verma.

CSS Group is delighted to be a part of this auspicious celebration and wishes AKCAF Onakkazhcha 2010 great success.

Know me better

This section of the CSS Portal awareness initiative shows how to use the Sailing Schedule module.

Sailing Schedule

The sailing schedule module lists the inbound as well as the outbound cargo schedules, this is mainly for the sea cargo operations. The sailing schedule module can also be used to book cargo in the listed schedules.

From the top ‘Select’ area you may choose the ‘Inbound’ or ‘Outbound’. Select the ‘ORIGIN’ port as well as the ‘DESTINATION’ port from the list and click on the ‘Search’ button to get the desired schedule.

The above listed schedule is a routed schedule via ‘KUWAIT’. You can even book cargo to this particular schedule by clicking on the ‘Book Now’ button’ which will take you to the ‘online booking’ screen with the selected schedule.

Go Green – Save Mother Earth Care for the environment

There was once a very wealthy man – he had all the money but all the wrong money habits too – so he ensured that he eroded all his wealth – step by step – slowly but surely – till the day he knew that there is no recourse and that a financial disaster awaited him with a garland of orchids. So as his neck came closer and closer to this garland – he started to jabber even more and more about money – you know the oratory storm before the eternal lull of poverty

But why am I talking about this man – stupid me – slap myself – the IN thing to talk about today is going green – caring for the environment and all the jabber on the subject. So let me sound a little IN before you throw me OUT

Primitive man roamed naked – I mean free of inhibition. Then inhibition prevailed and he covered himself – with a little of greed lust fear anger and other clothing. Then many years passed. He got a second layer of clothes by Armani and Gucci. Now he is a doubly clothed superman playing with machines and moving fast ahead

At the same time as the above hierarchy, Nature was fully clothed with her own beauty. Then she was forced to shed her inhibition for feeding her children (we idiots) and started to get off these clothes – we helped strip her – slowly of all her minerals, forests, snow mountains, rivers, flaura and fauna. Once we saw her sensuous beauty, we abused her, 24*7*365 – for centuries. Today she is somebody who has nothing remaining – but for us and our concrete exhibits

We know of the above, so what. But we also know that our pit is dug, our garland is ready. And now our necks are nearing it with each passing day of DEVELOPMENT. So check your jabber, on Mother Earth – hahaha – on going Green – hahaha

I will attend your funeral and shed a tear too – don’t worry

Rahat Talreja –
Extreme writings & behaviour services

Hills and Houseboats Revive Kerala’s Tourism

Tourism is not new to Kerala, thanks to the state’s booming economy, world-class infrastructure, warm hospitality, cultural heritage and breath-taking natural beauty. Renowned international hotel chains have set up facilities here, offering top-of-the-world services at relatively inexpensive rates. Humongous banquet halls, multipurpose halls, convention centers and a series of entertainment clubs are available under one roof at Kerala’s top-rated hotels and luxury resorts.

As per the latest statistics, backwater cruise and mountain trekking are the most popular activities a regular tourist looks forward to while holidaying in Kerala. Panoramic sights worth a thousand photographs, is what allures travelers to the breath-taking backwaters and misty hills found only in India’s greenest destination – Kerala.

Kumarakom, Alappuzha (Alleppey), Cochin (Kochi), Kottayam and Kollam are the main backwater destinations for any tourist looking for a house boat cruise in Kerala.  Kerala’s tranquilizing charm is best enjoyed from aboard a fully-furnished “Kettuvallam” (houseboat). It is not an uncommon sight to see a Kettuvallom glide across the vast expanse of serene backwaters, taking care not to disturb the sanctity of the path with as much as a ripple. What’s more enchanting is spending a full day or two inside a fully-furnished, air-conditioned houseboat. These kettuvallams are made in the traditional Kerala style architecture and journeying aboard one will guarantee a memorable experience worth cherishing. A cozy, intimate ambiance is created inside the houseboat with flamboyant sunsets and whispering lake music waiting to be explored outside. Couples can cruise in comfort, grace and style as the houseboat glides past the main attractions around Alleppey, Kuttanad and Kumarakom. A tantalizing platter of local beverages and gourmet Kerala meal will be freshly prepared on board by a specially-assigned culinary expert and served piping hot. Stopovers can also be arranged at the local villages to enjoy a friendly chat with the local community and taste the authentic local cuisine at their humble abode.

For those who are looking for the ultimate hill-station indulgence, Vagamon and Ponmudi offers more than just a holiday. While the first promises an exhilarating experience amidst deep valleys and magnificent hues, the latter abounds in natural beauty, refreshingly cool climate, rich tropical vegetation and mountain streams. Ponmudi is one of the best locations for trekking, hiking and exotic wildlife safari. Golden Valley, Kallar river, Agasthyarkoodam and the mesmerizing tea gardens are among the other wonders this heavenly place has to offer. Talking of tea gardens, nothing beats the gorgeous plantations one gets to see at Munnar. Enveloped by dense jungles and gorgeous blue-mountain peaks, the mere mention of Munnar is enough to make one’s soul dance in ecstasy.

Of late, the supremacy of Kerala in the MICE market is also being explored due to the distinctly different conference possibilities the land is able to offer at a single destination point. A board meeting on a houseboat, product launch atop the highest hill or convention amidst exotic fauna can be easily conjured up in Kerala, by blending the purpose of a meeting with the requirements of the participants. With the Commonwealth Games in the horizon, Kerala will be playing the perfect hostess for several large-scale business tours from all over the world.

Devas Holidays and Travel Services India (P) Ltd is one of the fastest growing and trusted tour operators in India. The company offers a bouquet of experiential tour packages covering exotic destinations, beaches, backwaters, wildlife, monuments, hill stations, houseboats, ayurveda and so forth that suit every budget. Backed by an excellent team of tour planners and organizers, Devas Holidays offers holidays that are memorable and hassle-free. Right from air-ticket reservation, transportation and vehicle bookings to the choice of accommodation and fascinating itineraries, Devas ensures a comfortable travel experience without compromising on quality.

Call +91 484 4131000 to book holidays with Devas Holidays.

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