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Lighthouse - April, 2011.

The Kalikkalam – CSS UAE Open Badminton Tournament

CSS has been proactive in promoting sports and cultural activities with the Keralite society in the UAE.  The 2nd edition of CSS Kalikkalam UAE Badminton Tournament was proudly sponsored by CSS as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility. The Kalikkalam family club was initiated by a group of Badminton enthusiasts with the objective of playing badminton and to identify and develop sports and cultural talents of its members and community. From its humble beginnings with 24 families the club today has got a membership of over 130 families. The club has got two indoor courts which can be converted as an auditorium to seat up to 1500 guests apart from the Conference hall, Gymnasium, Library, kids play area and meeting rooms. The Kalikkalam CSS UAE Open Badminton Tournament was held from 10th March, 2011 to 25th March, 2011. It witnessed all the top class badminton players from around the UAE and there were a total of 180 players from more than 10 countries- India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Philippines, China, Korea, Syria, Denmark, Nepal, France participating in various sections.

FOOTBALL Tournament

On March 11th, 2011 the Etisalat Academy hosted the Nellara 7’s Football tournament. The event showcased 36 teams from the UAE representing different colleges and clubs in India.  The team representing SD College, Alappuzha, Kerala was sponsored by CSS Abu Dhabi, and it was with much joy that we watched it defeat the strongest teams in the tournament. Unfortunately, the final match which had all in attendance on the edges of their seats, ended in a penalty shoot out with the sponsored team losing. Dressed in CSS colors they were a true representative of CSS, its core values and its employees through the hard work and camaraderie that they showcased throughout the duration of the match.

Are You Green At Heart?

Words often take on different meanings depending on how, when and where they are used. I am reminded of the adjective “good”. Since my youth, “wicked”, and “bad” have all been used to mean good. Recently, on YouTube, I saw an international old time pop hit by Irish singer Feargal Sharkey entitled “A good heart these days is hard to find” and I wondered how I would update this song title. “Bad” or “Wicked” did not seem to fit the bill. However my answer soon sprung to mind. No longer should it be “a good heart” it should be “a green heart”.

All of us have been prompted to think and discuss green but do we do anything about it or do we just pay lip-service to it?

We take green for granted in the same way it is easy to take the good gestures of others for granted. But we ignore them at our peril because once we stop seeing good and green we have ceased to grow.

Green quotations are uplifting. For example ponder on these: –

“As long as you are green you are growing, as soon as you are ripe you are past your prime”. (Ray Kroc).

“For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver”. (Martin Luther).

Green obviously symbolizes, fertility, richness, cool and clear surroundings, where we are at one with nature. But where should we start this Green revolution drive?

If somebody asks me this question my answer would be… from the heart itself.

Our true good green hearts will have a beneficial impact both at work and at home. “Green fingers are an extension of a verdant heart”. (Russell Page).

In this positive sense, within our workplace environment, it means that you have brought in with you an aura of buoyant and cheerful energy. This is happening because you are glowing with the green shoots of life in your core – your heart. If you do not have this “green joy of life” in you then you will have a negative impact on all your colleagues. This is why, if we all think green, we will help motivate each other when we have occasional down days. This approach, even in hard times, gives us steadfast courage to look forward to the spring.

“The forest pine stays green in winter displaying wisdom in hardship”. (Norman Douglas).

In middle management a green heart mentality will bring stability, balance and optimism.
Transparency, openness, care, compassion and emotional control are all qualities which are focused within a green culture.

Interestingly the next line of Feargal Sharkey’s song underscores our need, even with green hearts, to understand we have to cherish our abilities in order to achieve success. Each of us is special. Each of us is unique. No two green buds on any plant are identical. This is why even with my new song title, I would still finish as the original was sung.

“A green heart these days is hard to find, so please be gentle with this heart of mine”.

I am sure if we are green, good and gentle we will be so much the better for it. Remember, “Nature’s first green is worth more than gold as it is the beginning of life”.

Cloud Computing

In ancient days one server or hardware is utilized for a single activity with a single operating system running on it; in most cases companies used to invest huge amount of money and utilize up to 50% or less of the total capacity of the hardware for that single process. The network administrators were forced to buy much such hardware for various activities. They were forced to buy minimal capacity hardware and later face the difficulty of upgrading to a higher version. Those days are gone with the introduction of cloud computing  which is simple and easy and enables you to utilize your hardware to its maximum with the use of virtualization.

What is Virtualization: Virtualization means creating logical systems inside a single hardware, for example you may have one windows operating system and one Linux operating system in a single hardware.

Cloud computing is an internet based computing which shares application, resource, infrastructure or data with the help of virtualization. The main advantage of cloud computing is its minimal cost and hassle free maintenance, availability of world class technological software in very low cost. There are many companies now support cloud computing like the NEC. Recently SAP and NEC had come up with a comprehensive solution on SAP ERP for its customers. Oracle also gives powerful cloud services in many forms such as platform, software, infrastructure etc. Microsoft’s Cloud Power is another platform for cloud computing which invites enterprises to avail their awesome services. Others in this stream are Google, Amazon, Salesforce.com, RightScale, Cisco, Rackspace and Dell

From this technological advancement its evident that in the future cloud computing will lead the businesses; regardless of the business size and can be availed and standardized its operations with leading ERP systems from Oracle, Microsoft, SAP etc.

CSS Clothing Drive 2011

On March 1st 2011, CSS initiated the first ever Clothing drive as part of the CSR activities within the organization. Homeless people and low income families need all types of gently used clothing, particularly warm clothes and coats for cold weather, formal clothes (to attend job interviews), and shoes (which frequently wear out). It’s helpful if donated clothing is clean and reasonably wrinkle-free. A clothes drive is a fun way to make it easier for would-be donors to make a difference, particularly if you live in a multi-resident building, work at a large office, or belong to a civic club, church, temple or mosque. Our employees brought those clothes that they don’t wear anymore and we plan to donate to them to the Dubai Charity Center a non-profit organization and to the Japan Consulate Dubai- Relief Efforts for the recent tragedy, which occurred in Japan. Remember, one person’s used clothing is another person’s treasure

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