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Lighthouse - September, 2014.

Direct Console Services to Abu Dhabi

The Direct console service will be handled through the port of Southampton in the UK, which will allow CSS to target the entire UK sector with reduced transit time. Hence CSS Abu Dhabi partnered with Locker Freight which is a limited company registered and operated from the UK with nearly 42 years trading experience in worldwide logistics. “With the number of UK citizens now residing in the UAE, and the level of trade that takes place between the UK and UAE this new service is set to grow from strength to strength in the comming months, and we look forward to further strengthening our partnership with CSS Abu Dhabi,” added Chris Goodfellow, Director, Locker Freight.

Locker Freight Limited.
Haleview Road, Huyton,
Liverpool.L36 6DD.
Tel: +44 (0) 151 4808922
Fax: +44 (0) 151 4803744
Known as the luxury capital of Europe, CSS hopes to target the luxury segment of the Italian economy such as designer Jewelry, clothes, accessories, ceramics, marbles, tiles, home appliances and household items like luxuries furnitures with the direct console offering. In order to make this successful CSS Abu Dhabi has partnered with COMBI LINE, a leading Console Service provider. “This will be a unique offering to both customers in the United Arab Emirates and Italy, it will allow faster transit times, and even faster processing, we look forward to working with the team at CSS Abu Dhabi in making this a success,” added Massimo da Vero, LCL Export Manager, Combi Line International S.p.A

Combi Line International S.p.A
Via Fanin, 2-20090 Segrate,
Milan (Italy)
Tel: (+39) 02.213087.1
Fax: (+39) 02.3919.5177
Rotterdam was chosen as one of the origin as it allows CSS Abu Dhabi to target inbound volume from many of the European and Scandinavian sectors  like Austria, Belgium, Czech, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, France, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden and Swiss.  For this unique initiative CSS Abu Dhabi has chosen to partner with FPS Rotterdam. For over a decade, FPS Rotterdam and CSS Group have been working with each other because of FPS Rotterdam’s specialization in consolidation services worldwide, weekly and directly to and from Rotterdam. “We are truly looking forward to working closely with CSS Group on this new endeavor, which we believe is an untapped opportunity for our business in this region,” added Saskia de Jong, Director, FPS Rotterdam.

FPS Famous Pacific Shipping B.V.
Tel:  + 31 10 2831919
Fax:  + 31 10 2831910
For further information, Please contact :  
Arun Kuriakose, Sales Executive – NVOCC       Tel: +971 26431717, Fax: +971 26431919, Ext:410      arunk@cssabudhabi.com

CSS Abu Dhabi Provides a Single Window on Pharma Transport Solutions

Pharmaceutical companies around the world rely on us for customized, swift and safe delivery of their high-priority shipments. Due to the delicate nature of the cargo, pharmaceutical companies often look for a single window of operation to handle their requirement from end to end, thus ensuring single accountability and attention to detail from its logistics providers. We ensure the integrity and quality of sensitive, high-value pharmaceutical goods, offer distribution and controlled supply chain management programs.

Individualized Services offered by CSS Abu Dhabi:

  • Consultation with customers to review global transport requirements for their materials, as well as import and export requirements for customs clearance
  • Sourcing and provision of packaging supplies such as insulated shippers, UN certified shippers for all ambient refrigerated and frozen shipments, gel-packs, dry ice and temperature controlled shipping containers and temperature monitors
  • Pre-customs clearance in selected cities.
  • Transfer of Medicine to the cold room upon arrival in Abu Dhabi Airport.
  • Quick delivery order process at Abu Dhabi Airport.
  • All Transport Temperature Controlled – Chilled (+2°C to +8°C) and ambient (+15°C to +25°C) pharmaceuticals.
  • We handle time bound medical equipments.
  • Our own temperature controlled warehouse in Abu Dhabi

“My aim is to reach out into the niche market audience with our new product “Pharma Logistics”, having identified this as a unique sector which has a potential growth opportunity for its business since the healthcare industry is experiencing  a boost in the UAE over the past few years. By having the first mover advantage in this untapped sector, has meant that CSS Abu Dhabi has closely monitored and researched all aspects of Pharma logistics and, given their global expertise in the field of logistics, will be an invaluable asset to the pharmaceutical industry in this field.  With a keen focus on hospitals, medical supplies providers, medical equipment trading and pharmaceutical companies, CSS Pharma Logistics has set the stage to grow exponentially within this existing sector, which will further diverse its vast service portfolio and help to secure the future growth,” said Midhun George who is in charge of  Pharma Logistics.

Touching Life, Beyond Borders

Palliative care is a multidisciplinary approach that focuses on relieving and preventing the suffering of patients. This holistic approach allows the palliative care team to address physical, emotional, spiritual and social concerns that arise with advanced illnesses.

Palliative care also improves quality of life for both the patient and the family. Alpha Palliative Care is the biggest of such charitable chains in India. Since 2005, Alpha has been providing palliative care to tens of thousands of patients in the four districts of central Kerala in South India.

Dubai-based Rashid Centre for the Disabled that provides high-quality, integrated education services and therapies for children with special needs, has grown to become the most successful humanitarian organization in the region. It strives to bring children with special needs to the main stream of society by developing them as much independent as possible. Under the slogan “Touching Life, Beyond Borders”, Alpha Palliative Care joined hands with Rashid Centre for the Disabled to provide patients with relief from the symptoms, pain and stress of serious illnesses.

The two centers jointly organized a meeting of minds at the Dubai World Trade Centre on June 20, 2014 to share the suffering of the sick. Renowned Indian classical dancer and world-famous choreographer Mallika Sarabhai, who is also a social activist and director of the Darpana Academy of Performing Arts, presented a mesmerizing show to make the evening a memorable event.

The enthusiasm and the spirit, with which the children performed, overwhelmed the audience and was evidence of the amazing work of the teams at Rashid Centre for the Disabled and Alpha. It was indeed a proud moment for CSS Group as one of the table sponsors of the event to continually build upon its CSR initiatives within the community and to contribute to support the under privileged that benefit from this organization.

Beware and Be Aware of Packing of Flexible Tank

“Flexible tanks” or “Flexitanks” are a kind of storage equipment for liquids such as water, oil, wines etc. Compared to steel tanks or drums, flexible tanks have many advantages, including lighter weight and being rustproof, foldable, and quicker and easier to set up. With the same capacity, a flexible tank may have just 10% of a steel tank’s weight. The disadvantages of flexible tanks include lower durability and shorter longevity.

In this article we shall focus on Flexitanks being used in the Shipping Industry and the potential issues and claims faced in relation to the same.

Initially Flexitanks were designed on the basis that they would be for multi-trip use but these were soon replaced by single trip Flexitank. Though Flexitanks have been in vogue for over 20 years, their popularity have grown by leaps and bound in the recent past. A Flexitank is a bladder that is designed to fit inside a 20ft general freight container, known to carry products from portable water, and liquids like wine and fruit juices or concentrates to paints, oils, non – hazardous chemicals, latex, etc.

The main issue currently faced is the increase in number of incidents and claims regarding the use of these flexible tanks, which are usually much higher than normal cargo carried by containers.

There are presently no prescribed standards regarding design or construction or packaging requirements or rules for carriage pertaining to use of flexitanks. However, the Container Owners Association (COA) set up a flexitank working group with the inaugural meeting held in Paris on 28 June 2007. The said working group has been instrumental in formulating The Code of Practice for Flexitanks, which has being periodically revised. However, these are only guidelines to be followed and there is no authority to enforce or implement the code.

Discussions by various organisations dealing with the use of Felxitanks reveal that some of the main reasons for claims are due to the excess of the load bearing capacity, unsuitable container, failure to comply with the Transport Safety, improper installation, human factor and manufacturing defects.

Emotional Flying Club

It’s jokingly said some airlines have become so focused on getting more money from passengers, using add-ons to the basic fare that soon we’ll be charged for emotional baggage. This idea might make you chuckle but the chances are your flying routine follows an excitable pattern. The somewhat unbelievable concept of being enclosed in a pressurised metal tube, flying 40,000ft above the earth, hurtling along at 500 miles an hour triggers all sorts of emotions. This usually means that our flying routine, that others make look so easy-going, triggers lots of emotion. But we are not as alone as we think. If your friends do any of the following, they are with you in: – “The Emotional Flying Club”. They are just better at hiding their membership card!

Before you even arrive at the airport you start worrying about how long it takes to get there. Do you doubly make sure you get up in time, for that early morning departure, and don’t oversleep? Go on, admit it, we’ve all set more than one alarm clock and also booked an alarm call. You have done the airport journey many times before. It only takes 30mins or is it 50mins? Well, let’s say an hour to be sure eh? On the way, and at the first of hint of any hold-ups we start thinking, “Will you get out of the way?” wondering why all the worse drivers are on the road at once. Arriving at the airport we are amazed at how the journey took such a short time. We have arrived with hours to spare. However it is an “airport travel” memory block, because next time we will have completely forgotten this and go through all the emotional panic again.

Of course, we now start double-checking if we have got all our passports and tickets. No chance of remembering where the passports were hidden for safety. Everyone in our party starts looking and things become more confused. Eventually the passports appear, as if by magic. We were so sure that the luggage was underweight but, as we get nearer the baggage drop, we become convinced that it must weigh at least 25kg and will be rejected for being overweight. Suddenly the security questions take on a new meaning. “Yes, no one could have interfered with my bags”. “No, I am not carrying anything for anyone else”. Easy answers, but why is it we try to avoid feeling and looking guilty? When it comes to security clearance, even though we are so organised, we worry if all liquids and gels are in the plastic see-through bag. On heck, I’ve not left that spray in the carry-on case have I? It goes without saying, that whichever security queue you join, the others will be quicker. Naturally we get annoyed at passengers who leave it, until the very last moment, to start removing belts, watches, mobiles and laptops. Admit it you look-on, with anticipation, as your case travels through X-Ray. Will it make it OK? As for walking through the security arch yourself – whoops, breathe again as no alarm sounded. If you have ever become annoyed with the others repacking their belongings so slowly, whilst you are ready to move on, then your emotions are certainly rising in the emotional baggage count. Now all you have to do is to make sure you don’t miss your flight and never leave your baggage unattended. Sounds easy – forget it!

Even if you are in a lounge, no flight ever seems to be shown on the screen when you are checking. No matter how many times you look, the boarding gate seems to appear just when you weren’t looking. If you find yourself late, your flight will be departing from the farthest gate possible from where you are. Have you ever boarded a flight that leaves from Gate 1? No, neither as anyone else! As to you having some luck, if you are allocated a middle seat, you can easily spot which passengers will be sitting either side of you. The two largest! If you are travelling on business, no matter what cabin class, the crying baby will be seated nearest to you. Another emotional moment, just as you are about to sit down, consider this conundrum. Why is it that, when there is less carry-on luggage space available, the more carry-on luggage the passengers will bring aboard? You end up having to stow your bags nowhere near your seat! By now, you’ll have realised that this article only touches on some emotional triggers. There are so many more, that it’s no wonder we all have enough experience to join the Emotional Flying Club.

So come on, admit and apply for membership. As a nervous elderly lady said to a pilot, “I’ve never flown before; you will land me safely down, won’t you?” “Well ma’am,” said the pilot, “I’ve never left anyone up there yet!” I bet this senior first-time flyer was already a bona fide Emotional Flying Club member! Happy travels………

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