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Lighthouse - July, 2015.

10000 + Likes

Social media revolution within the Face book page of CSS Group is the latest IT update from Consolidated Shipping Group. Recently the face book page of CSS Group has received 10,000 likes and is still going. Widely accepted by the entire shipping fraternity, the Face book page of CSS is a constantly updated platform connecting the company members with the Social media community. You can find the latest updates from within the company as well as interesting, must know facts happening in the logistics and freight forwarding fraternity from CSS Group Page.

Log on to https://www.facebook.com/cssgroupsite?fref=ts to know more about CSS Activities.

CSS Kingston Website Launched

CSS Kingston Logistics FZC has launched its new website recently. The website features all activities of CSS Kingston Logistics from its flagship facility at the SAIF Zone, Sharjah. The new website was designed and powered by Twin Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd, a Kerala based BPO Company. The site has been neatly decorated with the images from their warehouse and other services CSS Kingston is offering. The company is planning to add more interactive links to the website to make it more users friendly and productive, in the due course.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars


As part of a CSS – CSR initiative, School kits which included new bags, books and pencil boxes were distributed amongst pre-primary and primary school children in and around Thrikkunnappuzha, Alleppey Dist. Kerala. Five lower primary schools which are running under the Government of Kerala aid were benefitted by this regular CSR programme of school aid distribution by CSS under the guidance of T S Kaladharan, Group Chairman. The schools were Govt. LP School Valiyaparambu, Govt. LP School Thrikkunnappuzha, Govt. LP School Panoor, Govt. LP School Pallana & Govt. LP School Atmavidya Sangham.

New bags and books brought beaming smiles on the faces of more than 900 little faces. The programme commenced with local authority members from the Panchayat wards welcoming the gathering. All the children, their parents and the school authorities were present for the occasion. The school kits were distributed by Mr. Babu Prasad, former Member of the Kerala Legislative Assembly and the present member of the Kerala State Electricity Board. People’s representatives and the school authorities thanked CSS and Kala for this noble activity. Lunch was also served to more than 500 people that included the children and parents on this auspicious occasion.

G Unnikrishnan, Head of Marketing & Corporate communications, CSS Group and Hareendran, Manager, Devas Farm house were present on behalf of CSS for the function.

Pedaling to a Better Future


The world environment day was welcomed by the CSS Mumbai in a unique manner. Under the guidance of CSS India Director, Jairam K R, “The smart commute” promotion was launched during the world environment day. This was an ambitious effort to promote the concept of “Cycle to work”, which was well received by many young and enthusiastic nature lovers of Mumbai. The concept of Cycle to work was a humble effort to reduce the everyday commuting problems, the people of Mumbai faces during the heavy traffic of the rush hours.

By embracing this concept you can easily beat the traffic congestion, Improve air quality, reduce carbon foot print, smart way to remain healthy and obviously make this environment a better place for the future generations. A seasoned marathoner by nature, Jairam’s new concept and effort was well appreciated launched especially on the World environment day. Many working professionals keen in becoming a smart commuter, participated in this initiative.

Jairam himself is keen in improving his long distance cycling skills with his friends and team mates during this season. Let us wish him and his team all success!!!

Build Your Business


Basically, a yard management system (YMS) is a software system designed to oversee the movement of trucks and trailers in the yard of a manufacturing facility, warehouse, or distribution center. YMS provides real-time information on the location of trailers in the yard and allows yard employees to move trailers from staging to docks to fill orders in an efficient manner. The terms YMS is at times used concurrently with Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) or Transportation Management Systems (TMS).

Opposed to traditional methods of managing loads/containers at the yards, today with the assistance of latest technology, there is not only effective time management but a lot of double guessing can also be eliminated. For instance the elaborate procedure of filling and filing in paper work has been drastically reduced by adopting online procedures. This not only avoids time lags but also speeds up the process, as all essential information with regard to the load are available in the system and hence when the trailer arrives, the details not only pop up, but from the gate in time itself, the warehouse is alerted that the load has arrived. Still further with the use of modern technology it is easier to track the location of the container, the kind of container, ie refer or normal etc, its contents and to also monitor the priority for loading etc.

For instance the latest technology that is being adopted to assist YMS is the use of drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) flying around a yard, either autonomously or controlled by a remote. The drones enable to survey large areas of densely-packed assets for the purposes of inventory reconciliation or pinpointing where certain inventory is located, producing such information with accuracy and in a matter of minutes. Some drones are also equipped with real-time location system capabilities which facilitate the uploading of real time video data via wi-fi upon return to their ground stations.

With technological assistance, the planning, execution and movement in the yard is made simple and easy.

Another plus point with the use of drones is that long standing containers can be identified and dealt with in a timely manner. This also simplifies the task of updating demurrage and detention charges which is critical for efficient management and operation of any yard.

When a yard maximizes on the use of technology to assist its growth, it can capitalize on utilizing its space to the fullest. The most difficult task for any yard manager is to keep a tab on the number of daily ins and outs it’s the yard. This is especially crucial when yards are in prime locations and their operational cost is relatively much higher. Hence the combination of improved dock door scheduling, and visibility of empty trailers sitting idle in the yard, enables yard output to increase drastically.

Hence smart logistics operators, by using generation – Z technology, to bridge their supply chain gaps, can also attain better control over yard equipment, track assets in real-time, locate perishable loads, effectively manage waiting time and schedule their operations better, which is a win-win situation.

Shoes That Fit !

Invariably many things, in our day to day lives, change in a way that we just do not seem to notice. It was not that long ago that, in many countries, the small corner shop ruled. It not only provided personal service, it was also the centre of local gossip and news. The compulsive attraction of the shopping experience seems to rob most customers of good sense and reason. Impulse buying, influenced by the way store displays are arranged, often mean we return home with things we never really intended to purchase.

An internationally famous cut-price store group regularly has offers on totally unexpected items. Customers are known for going in to buy vegetables and come out having bought, unexpectedly, a new microwave! So strong is our desire to shop that the Internet has become the driving force. Unlike the corner shop, with which we tend to have a personal relationship, the big stores never get to know us in the same personal way. The Internet moves us even further away from meaningful individualised customer service because online vendors can only provide impersonal web suggestions. As online buyers we usually try to do all the research ourselves. The helpful comments and advice we use to receive from our corner shop have effectively vanished from the process.

I recently found, online, a wonderful pair of sports shoes at what was a great bargain price. However when they were delivered, even though I had ordered my usual size, they did not fit. Perhaps this represents an online equivalent of impulse buying but, there again, how could I check out if that style of shoe fitted me?

Unfortunately I had not read the website’s small print and only when I tried to return them did I discover that I was liable for the postage charges etc. The hassle and cost, in time and money, of doing this meant I ended-up giving the shoes away to a friend. But my friend’s gain was the online stores loss, because I never shopped with them again. What I had thought was an e-bargain turned out not to be the case. I learnt to only use online retailers who have a favourable returns policy.

So can you imagine a supermarket with no customers, no aisles to walk along, no checkout tills and certainly no shop assistants? In doing this you have just created a “dark store”, the name for something which exists to cater for the needs of the public’s demand for online shopping. Technology is rapidly reshaping the way we shop and also changing the way our town’s and city’s high streets look. Stores accept that many of us now spend our time ‘showrooming’ instead of doing real shops. We stroll through the stores whilst at the same time using our mobiles to check whether what we want to buy is cheaper somewhere else, maybe online. Probably most worrying for the supermarkets and shopping centres is that some 40% of the under-40s “showroom” and this proportion is set to grown.

Just like other changes, it has been almost unnoticed, that consumerism has become a principal pastime for the greater majority of us. We have become a generation of shopaholics believing that the more we consume the better our lives and social status will be. Some may think that we are destined to be slaves of online buying, where we don’t have any tangible confirmation of what we are going to get.

However we still value the opportunity to inspect what we want to buy, so it maybe that “showrooming” and online buying might be able to combine to provide more openness in the online shopping experience. This has already started in some areas, with “buy online – collect and inspect in store” and “book your holiday – pay balance at travel agent”. So maybe I should look forward to buying shoes that fit but there again perhaps it won’t be long before we have 3D virtual shoe fittings online!

Lucky Winner

As part of our continuous commitment to the freight forwarding fraternity, CSS initiated a thank you scheme over 6 years ago, whereby one lucky name out of the scores of business cards that are dropped into the raffle bowls placed at the Delivery Order Counter will be rewarded with a gift.

The winner picked selected and rewarded for the months of March- April 2015 was Yeshwent from TAD Logistics who walked away with gift vouchers worth AED 200 from Carrefour, presented by Fida Asghar, Team Manager NVOCC, CSS Dubai.

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