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Lighthouse - November, 2010.

A day in a life or a life in a day

Cock a doodle doo – no sorry, we live in Mumbai and the wake up call is the milkman or the newspaper vendor – with a “ting tong” bell at 6 am and there goes our sleep out of the window and enter the saga that is about to begin. Depending on your age and disease – you start the day – with the most ancient to the most modern form of exercises. Ya ok I know you are a rich man so please do not show off by telling you have a heart disease and that you do not eat sweets after your meals because you made a few millions in the last few years and developed blood sugar in the bargain. And if you are still healthy and have nothing of the above, I am sorry I do not speak to paupers – move on …

Like all good men, you hopefully bathe after your exercise and are ready to take the next step forward. For a moment you feel like you are watching Boss’s day out on NDTV, covering your days schedule but its ok please relax – we will crack jokes later. Some do and some do not – eat breakfast – but all are for sure in a morning rush – the battle to reach office has begun – the cars are out , the buses are packed , the trains overflowing and autos and taxis on full throttle

Time starts –^*( *%^%S***^&%(^&*&**^^#@$*&F^^^^*())MC8776%&( %$^&* – about 2 hours – Time ends – office arrived. Look at the mirror – ouch – who is it? Touch myself – it’s me – thank god!

Welcome to Windows XP – welcome to desktop (oh the exciting picture of the sultry actress) – start Microsoft outlook – send receive – downloading 1 of 176 – “tapak tapak” – issue 1 in inbox – tapak tapak – issue 2 in inbox – tapak tapak tapak – download completes – 37 issues in inbox – 18 spam emails making my nights longer – 111 emails (one ex cricket umpire can be seen jumping) which make some sense and rest can be ignored coz they are from your boss – like the diaper – full of shit and always on your ass.

Time starts – @$%66F**%%&*(BC%^^%^**(S**^%())*&$#@^&* – 8 – 9 – 10 hours – Time ends – pack up – no option – no energy – no reasoning – just take me back – start travel back home – F$^*&^&*()*^&$S^&(*&*(*)(0MCBC %&^*(&(*)*_)* – 2 hours –  reached home.

Parents, wife, children, chores – sleep. And then the dream – that you and me all had – the Alice in wonderland world – the oxygen in the air, the colour of the flowers, the scent of the grass , the touch of the cool wind, the sight of the rainbow, the echoing sound of the waterfall, the flow of energy in your spine – the high of life.

Good night, sweet dreams –
you have a few hours remaining before it is again 6!

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