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Lighthouse - February, 2021.


Having started my logistics career with CSS in Dubai, today I am placed in Qatar. CSS has provided a platform for me to learn and dabble in all aspects of the logistics spectrum over the last decade. 

CSS Qatar – Surmounting the Odds of the Blockade

CSS Qatar started in 2016 with a limited number of employees. A crisis was just around the corner with the diplomatic crisis in the year 2017. Initially, the aftermath of this crisis was felt by the entire market. Although the market slowed down in the early days of the diplomatic crisis, Qatar soon rolled out ventures with various production units. It further strengthened the market and reached a status of independence. The major strength behind these operations was starting of Hamad Seaport.

Having started CSS Qatar with minimal staff strength, we realized the market changes and moved step by step. In the years that followed, we built a stronger team, increased the sales team strength, and built up our entire team. Every employee of CSS QATAR helped in taking CSS Qatar to what it is today.

FIFA 2022 – A Driving Force

CSS Qatar has been growing along with the growth and development of the nation of Qatar. The government of Qatar has taken several steps for the country’s development by investing in its economy. The prime focus is the 2022 FIFA World Cup and advancements in medicine, electricity, oil and gas, tourism, construction, maintenance, food, and other industry verticals. The government has also announced Vision Qatar 2030. There might arise the opportunity to host Asian Games in 2030. CSS Qatar envisions the strategic role that the company can play during these massive events. 

CSS has made a name for itself in the Qatar market during this period. In the years to come, the team will continue to strengthen itself, devise new strategies, find more business opportunities by understanding each sector’s business potential and setting up separate teams for each of them and will strive to achieve our goals.

Conquering the Credit Challenge 

Timely payments from creditors have been a deterrent for our growth in the past year. Some of our competitors and other new players have been offering credit facilities to their customers with open credit options, without too many formalities. But this can pose a threat to their business growth if they do not realize their payments on time. 

 At CSS, we have decided to effectively tackle this situation by filtering the clients and conducting detailed research into clients’ financial health and track record. If the client clears our benchmarks, we will request them to submit a guarantee cheque as security or PDC against the cargo release. 

2021 – The Year Ahead

The year ahead can be rife with challenges. With the diplomatic blockades having been withdrawn, invariably, there will be a boom in trade, increasing demand for logistics support. This also means a mushrooming of competitor companies in this small market. We are confident that CSS Qatar will score much better results than the year that went by, especially with the opening up of trade linked to the GCC region.

Working Together for Victory

CSS Qatar is glad to be part of the larger CSS family. As we align ourselves to the CSS Group’s vision, we are confident that we will reciprocate the management’s trust. We work together as a team to become one of the major shipping and Forwarding companies in Qatar and spread our footprint across other trade lines. 

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