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Lighthouse - June, 2011.

As Fresh As Ever CSS Airfreight

The Air Freight division of CSS Group was started over 15 years ago, after recognizing a gap in the Air Freight industry. Since then the division has experienced immense growth and success year after year while maintaining and strengthening its position as an important player in the market.

Consolidated Shipping Services is well known for its capability of handling any type of Cargo regardless of size or shape, weight or volume.  Given any time constraint CSS can execute any job, using our expertise and experience that we have obtained over a decade.

Consolidated Shipping Services in the Middle East and India operates out of dedicated modern facilities, which therefore ensures that the best service is given to our clients and to the entire Air Freight industry. Due to our constantly evolving nature, the Air Freight division has invested time and energy in researching and developing our existing facilities, through modernization and implementation of new services. In addition, given the recent change in the economic landscape, CSS endears to offer not just the best service but also the most cost effective solutions for our clients. One of the key ways in which we have done this, is by ensuring that our team consists of people from different nationalities and different levels of expertise which allow for us to come up with out-of-the box solutions to delivering our clients needs without increased costs

Recently, the Air Freight division has moved its premises to the Cargo Mega terminal at the Dubai International Cargo Gateway (Dubai Cargo Village), which overlooks Dubai International Airport Terminal 1 & 3. The new location is ideal not only because of the view that visitors and the team gets to enjoy, but is also a constant reminder of our vision to not just succeed, but also evolve and transform, in order to ensure that the best service is provided to all our clients and customers alike.

Keeping in mind the core values of CSS Group, the Air Freight division, thrives on challenges and overcoming obstacles to attain the highest levels of customer. One of the vital reasons for our success is our ability to provide any shipping related service to our client due to the in-house support of our own multi modal transport division from air to sea transport, projects, relocation requirements etc.  The client does not need to look elsewhere, and therefore is rest assured that the cost he receives is by far the most competitive in the market.

Jacob Isaac, General Manager, CSS Air Freight Division feels that, ‘it is the periodic enhancement of service levels and the expertise of Air Freight forwarders that encourage clients to remain loyal and therefore ensure a constant flow of business for key players in this market during economic downturns.’

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