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March, 2019


If you are exploring export & import opportunities, you need buyers, dealers or suppliers and you want to professionally promote your business on the Internet, then all this and more you can get on the Qoovee.com international business platform.

Qoovee.com is a meeting place of buyers and suppliers.

Tens of thousands of small, medium, large companies and entrepreneurs from more than 50 countries already have been selling and buying products in bulk and business services on Qoovee.com.

Hundreds of thousands of wholesale buyers and customers of business services discover reliable suppliers here.

12 reasons to promote your business on Qoovee.com

1. A leader on search engines
2. International audience- more than 50 countries
3. Ready online store with promotion on Google, Yandex, and Qoovee
4. Discovering the target audience and buyers
5. There are inquiries from customers – you pay. There are no inquiries – any way you promote for free.
You pay only after you get inquiries from your potential clients, for requests of your contact details, and at the same time, you set the rate for how much to pay for the clients’ inquiries.
6. Participation in commercial biddings (Access to the request for orders )
7. High-level support of the Qoovee platform from business and different government bodies
8. Direct access to suppliers of products and services for your business
9. Safe transactions. Protection and guarantee of payment
10. Logistics, Shipping worldwide.
11. Participation in the Global Online Expo – Worldwide Online Exhibition, more than 100 participant countries, 100 thousand companies and 21 million visitors
12. Joining the international Qoovee business club. Networking with the owners and top-managers of companies, getting privileges and services for your business.

It is worthy to note last accomplishments of the platform; Qoovee.com now is the first official e-trade platform in Dubai where Dubai’s companies will trade with the world. Qoovee will contribute to the foreign trade of Dubai Emirate with other markets. Official cooperation with the Government of Dubai began on February 19. The agreement was signed at the Dubai World Trade Center. The government of Dubai will actively attract the business of the Emirate to the Qoovee.com platform to enhance entering the international markets, as well as support the promotion of the platform in world markets. In turn, Qoovee will actively develop trade with the Emirate and attract international trade players to do business with Dubai companies. This cooperation will allow establishing close trade relations on the platform of Qoovee.com not only with Dubai business but with the entire Middle East market.

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