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CSS Homeward Bound

September, 2014

A Passionate Move

A similar tale to “Homeward Bound,” a remake of a 1963 film titled “Incredible Journey”, which is  the story of two dogs and a cat who undertake an incredible journey to reunite with their owners, CSS Homeward Bound recently handled the relocation of a Havenese cross (K9) and a male cat from Kathmandu to Senegal.

Weighing 5 and 6kg’s, the pets flew in from Nepal with a stopover in Dubai for two days. Given the sensitive nature of the cargo, CSS Homeward Bound was able to expedite permissions with the Ministry of Environment and DNATA as it requires an inter-terminal transit. CSS Homeward Bound also arranged for the pets to be taken care of by the Dubai Kennels and cattery, as direct flights to Dakar are only every two days from Dubai.

CSS Homeward Bound ensured that all formalities were expedited and taken care of given the sensitive nature of the cargo before they arrived at their final destination on the 27th of June.  “Here at CSS Homeward Bound we treat your personal belongings as one of our own, and this is truly evidence of the care and consideration that the team took especially for this transfer.  This has always been our differentiating factor from other relocation companies in the region and continues to be the cornerstone of our success and loyalty with our customers,” added Suku Sudhakaran, General Manger, CSS Homeward Bound.

CSS Homeward Bound would like to thank the following  organizations for their whole hearted support and cooperation in ensuring that the pets were reunited with their owners in Senegal; Qatar Airways, Emirates Sky Cargo, DNATA, Ministry of Environment and Orient International Relocations.

May, 2014

CSS Homeward Bound at ARA


The Asian Relocation Association (ARA) was formed in early 2009, and consists of a close knit like-minded relocating companies within the Asian region. The conference acts as an excellent platform for relocation specialists within the region to network, and discusses recent trends and opportunities within the industry.

“The members of the ARA are very committed when it comes to performing their committee roles, CSS Homeward Bound was able to use this opportunity to build new and strengthen relations between the different partners,” added Suku Sudhakaran, General Manager, CSS Homeward Bound who attended the conference.

The ARA Conference was held from March 7th to 9th, 2014 at the Hilton Millennium Grand Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand and included informative sessions whereby senior members of the association shared their experience and insight into the relocation industry, given their vast experience within the region. CSS Homeward Bound would like to congratulate Boonma on their 50th Anniversary and thank them for making CSS a part of the anniversary celebrations, in addition to V-Pack who hosted a dinner at the conference as well. CSS Homeward Bound would like to extend their gratitude and congratulations to the President Sudeep Shah and his committee for such a well organized event.

May, 2014

Lashing Jobs Awarded


CSS Homeward Bound, the relocation and moving arm of CSS Group, was recently awarded the lashing and securing of personal vehicles by a prestigious client within the MENA region. The scope of the project was to collect the vehicles, conduct a damage survey and prepare a report of damages, transportation of the cars by car carriers, stuffing and lashing the cars into containers and handling the export documentation, freight, clearance, door delivery with destuffing.

“The acquisition of such projects is an evidence of the trust that CSS Homeward Bound has built within partners and clients since its inception. Whether commercial or personal cargo, CSS Homeward Bound ensures that no shortcuts are taken to ensure a hassle free delivery of cargo to its clients,” said Suku Sudhakaran, General Manager, CSS Homeward Bound.

In order to ensure that the cars where handled with the utmost care and precision, CSS Homeward Bound used high quality Germanischer Certified lashing material, applications of adequate cushioning were done to protect the wheels and the dunnage that was used was heat treated prior with the assistance of the entire team.

January, 2014

CSS Homeward Bound on the Move in Canada

CSS Homeward Bound recently attended the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM) Annual Conference, International Association of Movers (IAM) 51st Annual meeting and the Asian Relocation Association (ARA) Gala Dinner in Vancouver, Canada.
CSS Homeward Bound is a member of each association whereby its accreditation is shown in the personal effects/relocations industry.
Canadian Association of Movers (CAM) Annual Conference was held on October 4th-6th, 2013 at the River Rock Casino Hotel and Convention Centre in Richmond, British Columbia. It was the first time in almost 20 years that the conference was held outside of the Toronto area. It was the first interactive conference ever held and the first time the conference was held in partnership with another Association, the International Association of Movers. The conference consisted of the Annual General Meeting, Trade Shows, Award Dinners and Annual Committee Conference. The conference was highlighted by four panel discussions with participants from Canada’s van lines, insurance companies, CAM’s marketing committee and international moving associations.
“As there is strong expatriate community residing in the United Arab Emirates catering to the ever demanding needs of the customers is vital within our industry.  As the bi-lateral relations between Canada and the UAE have steadily strengthened over the years having a presence at CAM was truly beneficial for CSS Homeward Bound as this was an opportunity for the members of the Canadian Association of Movers based in Canada to see their international colleagues and for networking and growing business relationships mutually.  The hospitality and guidance extended to us by Mr. John Levi, President CAM and his entire team was exceptional. It was a well organized and executed annual conference,” added Suku Sudhakaran, General Manager, CSS Homeward Bound.
International Association of Movers (IAM) 51st Annual Meeting was held from October 7-10, 2013 in the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  As this was the first time the (International Association of Movers) IAM held an Annual Meeting outside of the United States in over 20 years, the theme “IAM- A Network Expanding” underscores the Association’s efforts to expand its offerings to members and its outreach to and inclusion of other organizations and associations in the global moving and relocation arena. The chosen theme also recognized those member companies who continually meet the changes and challenges in the industry by expanding their businesses both geographically and in the services lines they offer through the reciprocal relationships they initiate with IAM colleagues at the Annual Meeting.
“CSS Homeward Bound would like to extend our special thanks to Mr. Terry Head, the President of IAM for taking the time to guide us and introducing us to key personnel at the conference and making us feeling welcome.  The IAM Networking event was a chance to meet new members, greet old friends, and schedule meetings while continuing to build upon the brand awareness for CSS Homeward Bound and the services it offers on a global platform, said, Suku Sudhakaran, General Manager, CSS Homeward Bound.
The Asian Relocation Association, held in Vancouver, as part of its annual meeting extended an invitation to all ARA members attending the IAM to join them at their exhibition booth during the trade show. CSS Homeward Bound has been an ARA member since the association’s inauguration in 2008/2009 and was able to utilize the booth during the IAM exhibition to conduct meetings and networking gatherings.  “Mr. Sudeep Shah and his team were extremely welcoming and helpful in introducing CSS Homeward Bound to other members especially during the ARA Gala Dinner; which was a networking session where we were able to put a face to the names that we had been communicating and doing business with for some time now. A special thanks to Mr. Sudeep and the entire ARA members for their valuable time and cooperation extended to CSS Homeward Bound. On the whole it was a good decision on part of the CSS Homeward Bound to participate in the conference and not only did it help establish new partnerships but also rekindle old partnerships,” added Suku Sudhakaran, General Manager, CSS Homeward Bound.

July, 2013

An Array Of Services From CSS Homeward Bound

CSS Homeward Bound was set up by Consolidated Shipping Group to meet the ever-growing demand for relocations among the expatriate community. Over the years it has evolved into an experienced and professional team capable to deliver substantial services in dismantling, packing, loading, moving, custom clearing and unloading. Shipments can commence from anywhere within the UAE or globally, and be delivered to any doorstep locally or internationally.
“Providing relocation services to individuals and organizations in the UAE is quite exciting and rewarding as the CSS Homeward Bound team is able to interact with the diverse nationalities and expatriate community here in the UAE.  We learn new customs and cultures by working closely with our clients ensuring their precious sensitive belongings are handled in an error free manner. Our dedicated team of professionals offers different packing methods based on the job requirements,” says Suku Sudhakaran, General Manager, CSS Homeward Bound.

When it comes to moving one’s home or office, the enormity of the task is sure to set in. The hassle attached with packing precious belongings safely and moving them without damage to the new location is best to be left to the professionals. CSS Homeward Bound has made it their motto to ensure that your precious cargo is treated just as their own. CSS Homeward Bound also provides a professional logistics solution for all your exhibition and events business requirements. The comprehensive and optimal logistics package of CSS Homeward Bound is well handled with its in-house resources and trained personnel.
CSS Homeward Bound takes pride in having a fully fledged logistics handling team for events. Their expertise and skill has brought in demand for their service from industries like automotive, aeronautic, power, Oil & Gas, medical, tourism, fashion & lifestyle, architecture & interiors and many more as their trusted clients.
The Services Offered

    • Worldwide packing and moving of personal effects
    • Local and International removals (Homes and Offices)
    • Customs clearance and door to door service
    • Warehousing
    • Transportation
    • Industrial packing, crating & lashing
    • Comprehensive insurance
    • Exhibitions & Events


The Facilities / Strengths

  • Own warehouse facility of over 10,000 sq. ft.
  • Operating a fleet of own trucks
  • Multilingual experienced professionals


  • A member of the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM)
  • A member of International Association of Movers (IAM)
  • A member of Asian Relocation Association (ARA)
  • A Member of World Cargo Alliance Relocations (WCA)


May, 2013

CSS Homeward Bound Attends Inauguaral WCA Relocations Conference

The WCA Relocations is the newest and fastest growing specialty network within the WCA. The group was started in mid-2012 and has already grown to over 75 member offices in 50 countries and 62 cities worldwide. The aim of the group is to provide a platform for household goods and personal effects movers to meet, build business and efficiently find partners globally. With expert partners around the world just a click away, members of the group can deal with peace of mind knowing that each member is qualified.
The WCA relocations hosted its inaugural conference on March 6-7, 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand. The event began with a networking cocktail reception with over 100 delegates and attendants. Victor Gomez, General Manager for the network said: “I am delighted with the support the membership has given this new concept. We have lots of exciting plans and benefits soon to come and the progress we have made in six months is hugely encouraging.”
CSS Homeward Bound and CSS India participated in the inaugural WCA Relocations meeting and were able to meet other members and network with them.
It is always an advantage to be part of any inaugural networking meeting of an association and especially an association as big as the WCA. “The Conference was very well organized and the highlight was the perfection in which the one to one meetings were scheduled and how the participants made a point to be present on time and get to know each other and exchange information,” added Suku Sudhakaran, General Manager, CSS Homeward Bound.
“The Conference was productive for CSS Homeward Bound firstly because of the relationships that were built with many of the members and secondly we have already been able to exchange very interesting enquiries and business strategies”, he added.
With relocations on the rise and the high demand for a strong network of specialized movers, WCA Relocations is looking to innovate and create more value and benefits for all members. An example would be the new mobile application designed to attract more business from companies relocating employees by targeting their HR managers and offering them a unique way to identify items to be shipped.  It can also be used to directly contact members for quotations and onsite surveys. The application offers multiple features for relocations companies as well giving them a means to calculate dimensions, weight and take photos of items at the click of a button. This gives users a more efficient and professional means to complete a survey.

September, 2012

1st IELA Partnering Event A Choice of Values (June 27-29-2012)

CSS Homeward Bound attended it’s first IELA (International Exhibition Logistics Associates) Partnering Event which took place from June 27-29, 2012 in Barcelona at the world-renowned Hotel Arts, Port Olympic.

This year’s IELA gathering was one of renewal and changes. Having been in discussion for many years , the gathering in Barcelona was indeed a milestone as it was their 1st open-networking event in IELA history.

For two days, attendees focused on structured and informal networking with agents from 50 countries, including IELA-members and non-members. The results were overwhelming; over 2000 meetings took place between 252 delegates from 50 countries. This confirmed the IELA Partnering Event to be the most important business platform of the industry.

The event kicked-off on Wednesday, June 27th, with a cocktail reception at the beautiful outdoor venue of the Hotel Arts. Here, IELA members and non-members had the opportunity to exchange contacts and also meet old friends.

The day after a busy atmosphere filled the meetings roomsof the Hotel Arts as on-site, people still arranged meetings to increase the effectiveness of their stay.

The partnering event continued at the BOO Beach Club where the crowd could not only enjoy the beautiful weather at the beach, but also gave this event the conclusion it deserved.

About IELA:

A worldwide trade association dedicated to enhancing the professionalism of the transport logistics and freight handling segments of the exhibition industry. It has been in existence for 27 years and has more than 120 members in 47 countries.


The first IELA Partnering Event from June 27 -29, 2012 was the biggest industry event ever where members and non-members from over 50 countries and explore mutual business opportunities.

250 decision makers representing 185 companies from over 50 countries were on-site.

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