cssThe two years at CSS have been challenging yet colorful!  

 With so many ups and downs in global trade, CSS has enabled us with the freedom to make decisions as leaders. We have established CSS Colombo as a rock-solid arm of the CSS Group in the Indian Sub-continent. 

CSS Lanka – Our Capabilities

CSS Lanka started in the year 2018 with just two employees. Today, we have full-fledged operations with a very young and vibrant team of seven. Within six months of our inception, we were able to have our staff inside Colombo port to do our stuffing and de-stuffing. 

 As for consolidation, we have proved ourselves to be strong in exports to the Indian Sub-continent and imports to the Far East. From the very onset, we have been handling all kinds of freights (FCL, cross trading, projects, reefers) from and to anywhere in the world.

Backed by CSS’s capability to provide 360° degree logistics solutions covering the entire Gulf region and the Indian sub-continent, CSS Colombo can function as a transshipment hub. Being strategically aligned with the Malship group in Colombo, one of the pioneers in Sri Lankan logistics, lends us a better edge over the other players. 

Anyone Can Sell!

I have always believed in the ‘Anyone Can Sell’ concept. With a background in operations and customer service, I have worked my way up from being a salesperson as I was passionate about giving back to the place I work. I always motivate my team to have their client base, and I have implemented this concept for the Colombo branch. I believe that each of us has a salesman within us. You need to have faith in yourself and bring him out!

Vision for the Future

E-commerce will be the path-breaking frontier, and we could position ourselves as a single platform for bookings, communication, tracking, and tracing. 

Due to the current situation, things can be a tad slower than how it used to be, but from mid or end 2021, the trade will pick up speed in Colombo. Our primary intent at the moment is to maintain sustained growth. With a vision to be on the list of finest freight forwarders in Colombo, this is the season to do the necessary groundwork.  

The Sri Lankan market is still not aware of the CSS Group’s strength, which has proved to be a deterrent in increasing the volumes from Colombo. Regular engagements with clients and carriers can help us in boosting transhipments via Colombo in the future.  

Team CSS

With sound leadership at the helm that extends timely guidance and friendly counsel, CSS is driven by its people. Even though the branches are many, I believe that we are one big family and want to instill that same passion and dedication in my teammates.


The National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka (NCE), the only private sector Chamber which exclusively serves Sri Lankan exporters, conducted its 25th Annual General Meeting (AGM) for 2020 on 28th January in the Grand Ballroom at the Hotel Galadari in Colombo. As a special invitee, we introduced CSS Colombo as a new NVOCC in Sri Lanka.

The NCE represents the interests of a broad spectrum of stakeholders in the export sector and performs as a platform to address various issues and make representations to the concerned government authorities. The NCE works together with the exporter community in Sri Lanka to facilitate and achieve the national economic developments in exports for the island nation of Sri Lanka.

The chamber functions as a voice of the exporter community, serving more than 500 Sri Lankan exporters. The members vary from export-oriented enterprises across all product sectors and most services sectors, as well as service providers to exporters. From the leading export houses to small and medium-sized enterprises, the chamber promotes the interests of the exporter community, and it is today known in the exporter circles as the ‘Voice of the Exporter’ in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is the hotbed and the center of attention in the competition between China, India, and the United States to conquer the Indian Ocean. All three countries have their agendas and priorities for this region. Sri Lanka’s strategic location in the east-west corridor gains geopolitical eminence, thereby playing a vital role in the game of dominance between these three nations.

“Whoever controls the Indian Ocean will dominate Asia… the destiny of the world will be decided on its waters”, said Alfred Thayer Mahan, a United States naval officer who was known as the most famous American strategist of the nineteenth century.

The island republic of Sri Lanka stands at the cusp of being thrust into a position of global prominence. Maritime trade is at an all-time high, and Sri Lanka has all the advantages to serve as the trading nerve center facilitating maritime transactions as part of a broader Sea Lines of Communications Matrix.

Besides the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative and America’s established maritime presence in South Asia, Sri Lanka’s littoral position holds immense potential. India, USA, and China are actively seeking a Sri Lankan alliance to strengthen their position in the Indian Ocean. With the political unrest in the Middle East and new security commitments, countries have been seeking alternative sea lanes near Sri Lanka.

USA: With China exerting control over Chabahar in the Gulf of Oman, Gawadar in Pakistan, Colombo, and Hambantota in Sri Lanka, USA is wary of China’s growing dominance and control over global trade. The US is strengthening its maritime arrangement in Diego Garcia to incentivize Sri Lanka to a mutually agreeable position.

India: Both India and China have constructed maritime outposts to secure their economic interests. With the increasing Chinese dominance over the Indian Ocean, India’s position is being challenged. To safeguard its SLOCs to the Middle East, which is used to supply oil and energy, India has several development projects in Sri Lanka to counter the Chinese bid for power. The Trincomalee port can be seen as a counteraction against the China-funded Hambantota port.

China: China is fully aware of the strategic position that Sri Lanka enjoys, being a natural corridor between the East and the West. Security of sea lines of communication (SLOC) is also directly linked to Sri Lanka, which is very important for China to establish its roots in the Indian Ocean.

The busiest East-West shipping route is just ten nautical miles south of Lanka. This nautical corridor accounts for almost half of the world’s container traffic, one-third of bulk cargo movements, and 80% of the global petroleum supply. International maritime trade can be hugely affected even if there is a slight disturbance at the southern tip of Sri Lanka.

For the island republic of Sri Lanka, this position lends immense opportunity as well dilemma. Whether Sri Lanka will play it neutral or align with any of these countries will determine who will emerge the winner in this battle for dominance.


CSS’s top management team met with Etisalat for the initial discussions to implement the Etisalat Video Surveillance as a Solution (VSAAS) along with a Smart Messaging Platform. Etisalat Video Surveillance as a Solution provides business enterprises with value-added services that address their security and regulatory compliance requirements.

Enabled by the state-of-the-art onsite video surveillance technology that will be deployed at CSS, Etisalat can proactively use, manage, troubleshoot, and support this solution. Hamad Mohammed Al Marzooqi, VP of Etisalat Managed SMB, Khalid M Yateem, Director of Etisalat Managed SMB and Jithesh Vijakumar, Sales Manager, Etisalat attended the meeting, along with the CSS team, which included Chandrakala, Krishna Kaladharan, Susanth Shekar, Pothen Thomas, and Arun Snehajan. A visit to the Innovation Center has also been scheduled for the near future.

The first-of-its-kind video surveillance solution in the UAE, this one-stop solution, is for all our video surveillance needs. From end-to-end managed services, security surveillance with analytics, web and mobile access, business intelligence and upgradable cloud storage, other features include end to end managed services, heat maps, people counting, a security system, and a queuing management solution.

Enabling this solution at the CSS office premises will help us manage our business more efficiently while increasing our business productivity. This partnership resounds with Etisalat’s tagline, which says, ‘Your business grows with us.’ Enabling this solution will increase the safety and security of our premises, resources, and assets and allow us to optimize our operations.


CSS Lanka commenced its inside port operations recently.

Import Cargo console from Dubai was destuffed and export console to Male was stuffed by CSS Lanka port operations staff. Consolidated Shipping Services, Sri Lanka – started operations from Colombo, in December 2018.

“The inside port operations proved to be exciting for us, at the same time the weather posed a big challenge. But we were able to complete the process earlier than expected and the support from the port authorities helped us in completing the processes successfully” mentioned Menusha, General Manager, CSS Lanka.

Strategically located in a key East-West trade route and set close to India, Sri Lanka has the essential locational advantage needed for it to develop into a key logistics hub in South Asia. The island state is an important transshipment hub in the region. Colombo port has remained one of the busiest port in South Asia for many years as of now.

CSS Group Strategy Meet 2018


The CSS Group’s annual Strategy Meet 2018 was held at the Cinnamon Lakeside Resort, Colombo, Sri Lanka from the 15th to 17th November. Time to evolve continued to be the theme this year for the meet, which invariably declares the need for strategically design new plans and programmes to enhance the business performance in this most challenging time. The meeting was inaugurated by Sasikala (SK), Manager- Corporate communications, CSS Group.

As a usual practice, budgets, achievements and strategies were presented by all divisions and departments. Delegates representing various offices of CSS Group and associates, participated the two days meeting in Colombo. Discussions and debates were seen all through the presentation on topics which needed extra thrust and focus.

The Sri Lanka operations of CSS Group was kick-started alongside the strategy meet in Colombo. The CSS Group operations in Colombo received a soft launch during the event. Full-fledged operations will soon commence from the region. The meet was concluded with a vote of thanks by T S Kaladharan, the Chairman and Founder of CSS Group, wherein he re-iterated the need for more focused strategies and personalized services in all segments.

The last day was dedicated to one-to-one meeting amongst various departments and associates. CSS has always strived to excel in all the ventures, year on year and today has reached a respectable position amongst the renowned names in the field of Shipping and Logistics in the Middle East and the Indian Sub-continent.

Day one dinner for the delegates were organized at the Rustic and Lovely Buba beach club and seafood restaurant, in Mount Lavinia, Colombo. The restaurant on the beach served some exquisite seafood cuisine within a stress release ambience for the delegates after a hectic meeting day. The group travelled in a coach together to this seaside venue and partied till mid-night.

Prestigious Access towers II within the Colombo city was the chosen dinner venue for the group on the second evening. The renowned roof top bar and restaurant here was ready to receive the cheerful gathering by sun down. The venue opened up a panoramic view of the Colombo city with all its lights and glitters. The new office bearers from CSS Colombo and associates from Maldives also attended the socializing session.

CSS Group Commences Its Activities From Sri Lanka

As part of its global expansion CSS Group is proud to announce the opening of its Sri Lanka enterprise. Consolidated Shipping Services, Sri Lanka – commenced operations from Colombo, on the 1st of December 2018

“We are delighted to have our presence in the city of Colombo. Sri Lanka has always had a significant position in the global logistics map. Like at all our other locations, CSS will strive to deliver the best of services across all verticals to our clients in Sri Lanka,”commented Chandrakala (CK), COO, NVOCC CSS Group.

Strategically located in a key East-West trade route and set close to India, Sri Lanka has the essential locational advantage needed for it to develop into a key logistics hub in South Asia. The island state is an important transhipment hub in the region.

Sri Lanka, as a local economy, has been on the rise. Infrastructure development has been a focus, the results on the ground are testament to this. The forecast for long term growth in the Public and Private infrastructure space is strong. The CSS Group network strength combined with the experience, onboarded, at CSS Sri Lanka will allow for our new enterprise to leverage the expected uptake in the economy.

The team in Colombo will be led by Menusha Srilankeshwara, who carries with her years of experience in the freight forwarding & Logistics industry. “Colombo port has remained the busiest port in South Asia for the last many years. The total trade volume is increasing every year. This is the right time for CSS to be in Sri Lanka, and as a professional team, we can contribute a lot to the logistics business and gain much more from it,” mentioned Menusha, General Manager, CSS Sri Lanka.

CSS Group wishes good luck to the team at CSS Sri Lanka.

Address Details:
Consolidated Shipping Services Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.
20, 1/2 (1st Floor), Lauris Road
Bambalapitiya, Colombo 04
Sri Lanka

Key Contacts:
Menusha Srilankeshwara General Manager

Hansi Rajakaruna
Customer Relations Officer

For more information:
Tel : +94 11 2555 442
Email :

Chairman’s Message

As usual October is a vibrant month for the CSS Sales because it is when they specifically focus on their internal preparations, for the forthcoming Strategy Meet. The last 22 years have seen similar processes and preparations but, as always, our people display an enthusiastic spirit in their planning and actions. Consequently, the time of the year has arrived for all of us, at CSS, to sit together and review what we have achieved through our previous strategy and formulate new key plans to move ahead.

By carefully analysing the current business climate there is reason to be optimistic because there are some welcome upbeat indicators. The world business scenario is progressing in a way that justifies our confidence for the months ahead. To take advantage of these positive changes, we need to better equip ourselves with invigorated stratagems and programmes. It’s almost needless to say, that our annual Strategy Meet has always played a pivotal role in formulating novel and ingenious ideas for action. Once again, I encourage, and anticipate, innovative concepts and proposals being originated within our discussion at the Strategy meet.

Looking more immediately to the future, it’s indeed a pleasure to be able to announce that CSS operations will be commencing soon from Colombo in Sri Lanka. Expanding our services, and as a consequence our horizons, are events which make aspirations come true. By sailing forward, in such a manner, we are expanding our horizons in a way which will turn our corporate dreams into reality. Our future is looking bright.

CSS Sales Strategy Meet 2016

planningEach year, CSS Group gathers for its annual CSS Sales Strategy Meet whereby the management teams from all of its global offices get together for two days for divisional meetings, presentations, case studies, team building activities and an overall review of the current and next year’s strategies. The Sales strategy meet will be held in Dubai this year

The theme for this year’s strategy meet is “Planning, Precision & Performance” which was chosen as it reflects the need of the hour when the entire logistics industry is facing hard challenges in its path of growth. The theme was decided by an in-house competition, whereby all staff was requested to provide theme’s for this year’s strategy meet. “Planning, Precision & Performance” was suggested by Ms. Steffin John who works as the Sales Executive in Dubai.

Over the years, the management has been fortunate enough to organize the Strategy Meets in various countries across continents. From the sandy beaches of Goa, India, to the picturesque Arabian Sea and gulf countries on a cruise liner, to the serene and tranquil environment of Sri Lanka, and obviously in the God’s own country, Kerala. After many years, the Strategy Meet is being conducted in Dubai itself on the 18th and 19th of November 2016. The logo for this year’s Strategy Meet has been selected and released by the Senior Management.

Guiding Kingston Holdings


Kingston Holdings the single largest investor in Sharjah Airport International Freezone is spear headed by Mr Lalu Samuel one of the leading Industrialists based in the UAE. Being in the UAE for more than three decades, he owns Kingston Management consultants as well. Mr Samuel is also the CEO and Managing Director for four major multinational companies namely Pierlite Middle East, an Australian Multinational, GP Middle East an Asian Multinational Public listed in Hong Kong, Rexton Technologies of UK, and now Xpelair Middle East of UK for the Middle East, Africa and subcontinent Region.

Rexton Technologies

Originally a British company started in the 1950s is currently worldwide owned by Kingston Holdings FZC. Rexton a worldwide registered brand with a portfolio of more than 12000 products, is currently the flagship brand of Kingston Holdings.


Kingston’s JV partner Pierlite Australia is the largest lighting manufacturer in Australia and Asia Pacific. Pierlite is known for its quality, technical performance, support and service. The Manufacturing Joint venture operations covers entire Middle East and Africa.

Gold Peak

Founded in 1964 Headquartered in Hong Kong, Gold Peak is an Asian Multi National. The company is listed in Hong Kong and Singapore stock exchange. Gold Peak is the owner of GP batteries and a manufacturer of primary and rechargeable batteries. GP Batteries is the third largest battery company in the world. GP has 60% world market share of 9 volt batteries.

Glen Dimplex & Xpelair

Xpelair Middle East is a JV between Glen Dimplex the parent company of Xpelair UK and Kingston Holdings FZC. The JV covers, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, GCC, Middle East and African and Central Asian countries. Glen Dimplex founded in 1973 is a leading international group with annual revenues in excess of two billion euro and over ten thousand employees across four continents. Glen Dimplex comes with a portfolio of 25 brands in various categories all of them world leaders in their category (Xpelair, Stoves, Belling, Morphy Richards, New World, Creda, Galaxy, Faber).


• Member of the Board of Trustees of the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry
• Chairman of Industries Business Group under the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry (2200 manufacturing units)
• Board Member of the Indian Business Leaders Forum
• Board of Directors of the Indian Business & Professional Council
• Board of Directors of the India Trade & Exhibition Centre


• Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Business Award (The Vice President award) for Manufacturing Category in the UAE – March 2008
• Economic Excellence Award in 2006 from the Sharjah Government for the Best Industry in the Major Industries Category
• Excellence 2000 from Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry in year 2001, an acknowledgement of the high standards and excellence achieved by his company and its exemplary performance and contribution to the economic development of the emirate of Sharjah
• ‘Best Company in Sharjah Free Zone’ in the year 2000
• Clipsal Corporate award for three years consecutively –in 2001, 2002 and 2003– for his company’s outstanding revenue growth and contribution


• Selected as one of the top 100 Most Influential Indian Business Leaders in the UAE by Forbes Middle East
• Excellence Award (SEA) Business Man of the Year (2013) – Sharjah Airport International Freezone – 24th April 2013
• Global Industrial Leadership award at the House of Lords in London – 27th September 2010
• ACHIEVER EXCELLENCE AWARD from NRI Institute – 26th June 2010
• Golden Honour Award from the King of Travancore in Kerala – 12th December 2010


CSS Attends FPS AGM – Colombo


Over 101 delegates, including 2 new members and 5 candidates, attended the 4 day event held at the Cinnamon Lakeside Hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The programme included the Annual General Meeting, workshops on IT, network development and marketing, and two days of intensive one to one meetings between members.

At the gala dinner, 28 founder members who had attended every past Annual Conference were publicly recognized with awards. Commenting on the event, Chairman Gihan Nanayakkara said: “This was one of the best annual conferences in our history, demonstrating the strong commitment of our members to support FPS and take it forward. We discussed new products, shared ideas and went away with many new initiatives to work on. I am delighted to be continuing in my role, and look forward to helping steer FPS Group through an exciting period over the next two years. We have achieved a great deal in the past 15 years, but much greater potential still lies ahead of us.”

During the AGM, conference host and outgoing Chairman of the FPS Group Advisory Board, Gihan Nanayakkara, was re-elected for a further two year term. Sam Aparo of Famous Pacific Shipping in Melbourne was appointed to the Board, replacing Michele Dougal (Brisbane, Australia), and Iskandar Zulkarnain of FPS Indonesia replaced his colleague Hendratmoko Walujo. Kettivit Sittisoontornwong (Thailand) was also re-elected.

“The FPS AGM is a platform for its members around the world to participate in networking sessions with other freight forwarders from across the globe whilst discussing new trends and opportunities amongst the freight forwarding fraternity,” added Siby C. Kurian, Senior General Manager, Sales & Marketing  – CSS Dubai.

CSS Group was well represented during the FPS AGM 2013 with active participation from its network offices; in attendance was Dean Landers, General Manager CSS Kuwait, Narayan R T, General Manager – CSS Bahrain, Jairam KR, Director – CSS India, Rahat Talreja, Vice President – CSS India, Rajesh Arora, Vice President, North India – CSS India, Eugene A. Raj, Branch Manager – CSS Chennai, Tariq M. Chaudhry and Siby C. Kurian, Senior General Manager, Sales & Marketing  – CSS Dubai.

CSS Sales Strategy Meet 2013-14

Every year, CSS Group gathers for its annual Sales Strategy Meet whereby the management and sales teams from all of its global offices get together for a number of days for divisional meetings, presentations, case studies, team building activities and an overall review of the current and succeeding year’s strategies.

The theme for this year’s strategy meet is “LIMITLESS” which was chosen as it represented the unprecedented growth so far achieved by CSS Group and stands for the vision of the CSS Group management for the organization going forward.  The theme was chosen from an in-house competition, wherein all staff globally were requested to provide suggestive themes for this year’s strategy meet. Limitless, suggested by Hinna Hussain, Team Manager, Sales (Jebel Ali 1) received the highest number of votes by Senior Management and she received a gift voucher of AED 500 to the store of her choice.

Over the years, the CSS Management had organized the Strategy Meet in various countries across continents. From the sandy beaches of Goa, India, to the picturesque Arabian sea and gulf countries on a cruise liner, to the serene and tranquil environment of Sri Lanka, and the architectural paradise of Dubai, this year their travel takes them to Kerala, also known as God’s own country. CSS Strategy meet will be held at Devas Farm House, Thrikkunnappuzha, Alleppey Dist. Kerala from the 15th till 17th of November 2013.

Its varied demographics, culture and traditions have made Kerala one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. National Geographic’s Traveler magazine names Kerala as one of the “ten paradises of the world” and “50 must see destinations of a lifetime”. Travel and Leisure names Kerala as “One of the 100 great trips for the 21st century” In 2012, it overtook Taj Mahal to be the number one travel destination in Google’s search trends for India. Kerala’s beaches, backwaters, mountain ranges and wildlife sanctuaries are the major attractions for both domestic and international tourists.

Building On A Strong Foundation


FPS Group announces that their annual AGM will be held at the Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo Hotel in Sri Lanka, between October 21st-24th, 2013. The FPS Group AGM sets the stage for members around the globe to take part in discussions and network with their fellow freight forwarders from across the globe. The AGM allows for members to have the opportunity to discuss and develop the networks direction and development and also gain a deep insight into the group’s future developments.  It will consist of one-to-one meetings, group meetings, networking sessions, gala dinners and social gatherings for all of its members.

Gihan Nanayakkara, FPS Chairman, Advisory Board gives a hint of the delights that await all those who attend this year’s AGM with the theme of “Building on a Strong Foundation,” which his company is hosting in Colombo, Sri Lanka, “My country, Sri Lanka, is often described as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, and for good reason. I count myself extremely lucky to live and work in such a beautiful place, with its history dating back to the birth of time. I and my team look forward very much to the honour of hosting this year’s AGM. We are proud of our beautiful country, and very much hope to share it with you.”

CSS Group will be represented during the FPS AGM 2013 with active participation from its network offices, in attendance will be: Dean Landers, General Manager CSS Kuwait, Narayan R T, General Manager CSS Bahrain, Jairam KR, Director CSS India, Rahat Talreja, Vice President CSS India and Siby C. Kurian, Senior General Manager, Sales & Marketing CSS Dubai.