cssA finance professional with 15 years of regional and international experience, my expertise lies primarily in Financial and Performance Project Management, Treasury Management, Corporate Taxation, Corporate Structuring, Business Consulting, Restructuring & ERP across a broad spectrum of industries including Construction, Manufacturing, Trading, Real estate, Service. I joined CSS recently to harness the skill sets acquired over the period to support its vision and mission.

Global Financial Facilitator

Finance is always a support function, and we are primarily responsible for facilitating all the organization’s financial operations. To explain our roles a bit further, our vertical will provide financial leadership across the organization to facilitate rapid growth in liquidity constrained environments, focusing on strategic & tactical planning and corporate governance. Our role would also extend to risk analysis and mitigation strategies, systems, structures & procedures implementation, cash flow & working capital management, margin improvement & cost containment, credit negotiations with client & financial institutions with special emphasis on relationship & team building.

As a vertical, we would be focusing on maintaining the right financial mix to support the CSS growth trajectory with weightage given to generating long term value to the stakeholders. Our focus would be to maintain transparency of financial initiatives undertaken and monitor and control the organization’s health.

CSS Finance Vision

The mission is to provide leadership, operational oversight, and system coordination of financial products and services. We intend to add value with accurate, insightful, and timely information, analysis, and solutions that promote informed decision-making. The vision of our vertical is to be known as a “model for organizational efficiency and effectiveness” that leverages:

4 Integration of risk considerations to enhance decision-making processes and operations;

4 Benchmarking to improve accountability, transparency, and performance; and

4 Professional expertise to deliver service and results on behalf of our stakeholders.

Risk & Mitigation Measures

The macroeconomic situation has worsened with the ongoing pandemic, resulting in a higher risk that the business carries in credit, liquidity, and operations. The Finance team intends to bring a more structured approach to strategic management by documenting and implementing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to deal with financial and operational risk. 

Risk analysis would be undertaken for each of the business’s key segments on a periodical basis with balance and checks to ensure that the risk is mitigated. External stakeholders in the form of bankers and financial institutions will be involved to achieve higher operational leverage. Margins continue to remain under pressure, which we believe could be assuaged partially by Value GAP analysis.

Forging New Partnerships & Commitment to the CSS Vision

Inspiring and motivating people to do their best to achieve the organization’s goals remains the very fabric of CSS culture. We believe innovation, being the CSS vision’s crux, can only be achieved by right and empowered resources. 

To augment the said vision, we would try to inculcate the CSS values by getting our hands dirty, respecting the chain of commands, deliver the promised results, and appreciating the people contributing to the organizational success. 

Our vertical aims to achieve the following goals:  

  1. Steward: Protect the vital assets of the company, ensure compliance with financial regulations, close the books correctly, and communicate value and risk issues to investors and boards.
  2. Operator: Operate an efficient and effective finance organization providing various services to the business such as financial planning and analysis, treasury, tax, and other finance operations.
  3. Strategist: Influence the company’s future direction by providing financial leadership and aligning business and finance strategy to grow the business.

I believe in leading the team by example rather than managing the activities. It creates a picture of what is possible as leading by example and makes it easier for others to follow suit.