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January, 2015

The Meticulous Way of Handling Lashing & Crating at CSS

The lashing & crating division of CSS Group, has successfully completed the lashing job of 3 coated steel pipes on a 40 feet flat rack recently. The specialty of the job was that the coating was of high sensitive material and upon the request of the client it was ensured that the apt lashing options and materials were used to ensure safe passage of the cargo. The cargo being out of gauge, the team had to secure and lash the cargo at Hamriya Free Zone and issue lashing certificate for the same as well. The job was meticulously planned and executed in matter of hours.

The crating job which was completed at Dubai Investment Park (DIP) was for air freight shipment. The commodity was Structural Steel items; CSS Homeward Bound was involved in bundling the cargo and then pack them in air worthy crates which was prepared by the team in-house. The pieces of crates were prepared at CSS warehouse and assembled the job at site. “Lashing & Crating jobs usually demands lot of skill and patience. It takes long time to create a team like CSS Lashing & Crating, and give maximum satisfaction to the client,” said Suku Sudhakaran, General Manager in Charge of Lashing & Crating division.

CSS Group is one among the leading companies providing industrial crating & lashing logistics solutions. Industrial Packing Department at CSS has been providing complete packing services within the United Arab Emirates. Along with industrial packaging solutions for general cargo, they specialize in crating fragile items (glass, mechanical items etc.), sensitive cargo (laboratory equipment, calibration equipments etc.) and heavy cargo (generators, turbines etc.).- to serve your complex shipping requirements they design and build crates specifically for your item, any type of crates of any size and shapes to meet your discriminating need, because each project is unique. With CSS, you can be assured that your crating, packing & lashing needs are being handled in the most efficient and professional manner.


  • Wooden crating / packing of Industrial project cargo
  • All types of lashing & securing
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Heat wrapping
  • Vacuum packing
  • Provide lifting solutions
  • Land transportation of packed cargo.
  • Loading securing / cargo lashing (On special equipment like flat rack and open top containers as well as onboard vessels)
  • Heat treatment / fumigation with ISPM 15 stamp and certification
  • Arrangement of third party surveyors for supervision of operations and certifications as well.
  • Project reports upon completion of jobs.
  • Cargo stuffing and de-stuffing into containers / vessels at any location using our mobile unit
  • HSE policy in place.
  • Use of only the best quality materials available in the market, with certificates (germanischer lloyds) to prove the quality

January, 2015

CSS Projects, Oil & Energy Undertakes Transport of Hatch Cover

The team at CSS Projects, Oil & Energy, recently undertook a hatch cover movement from Jebel Ali port to the dry docks Dubai. The weight of the cargo was 24 tons with dimensions 13.25 x 8.20 x 1.10 m. The width of the cargo in this case was the main criterion to be looked into. The entire operation had to be scheduled meticulously as it had to connect a vessel coming in for repairs at the Dubai dry docks. The team received the unit from vessel directly and had to move the unit on wide body low bed trailer with special permissions  and during specific timings provided by RTA (1 AM – 3 AM) with police escorts. The efficiency of the Dubai police system was once again displayed when they tactically handled the traffic critical control points for the safe passage of this unit throughout the movement ensuring least difficulty to the other road users. “High professionalism has to be displayed in handling critical jobs in Projects. The proven expertise and commitment could be the major factors why people rely on CSS Projects team when it comes to complicated assignments”, commented Raj George Sr. VP, Projects Oil & Energy, when he was asked about this particular move by Lighthouse.

September, 2014

308 Tonne Transformer Movement

The team at CSS Projects, Oil & Energy, recently undertook a transformer movement from Derince, Turkey to the Ras Al Khor substation in Dubai. The volume of the cargo was 1000 CBM, and included a 308 tonne power transformer and accessories. Given that the weight of the transformer was greater than the crane gear a special 650 tonne crawler crane had to be arranged at both origin and destination ports to arrange the loading and unloading of the transformer.  As the shipment was time sensitive, the team at CSS had to ensure that there were no delays at any stage of the shipment until the final destination. Once it reached the port of destination, the transformer was discharged onto a 14 axle hydraulic trailer at Jebel Ali port and was then moved to the electric substation for final installation by jacking & skidding method. “This movement is a great example of how the team here at CSS Projects, Oil & Energy is able to handle movements that require multiple special handling methods, especially in the case of time sensitive shipments. The experience the team consists of gives them the confidence to immediately address the situation on hand and provide the client with the most effective solution in the given time frame,” added Raj George Sr. VP, Projects Oil & Energy.

January, 2014

Another Success for CSS Projects, Oil & Energy

The CSS Projects, Oil & Energy division recently completed a delivery of loose cables, which was over 16 km’s in length. The task at hand was to find a solution that would enable the client to transport and install the cable under the sea, in a smooth and effective manner.

The 22KV subsea composite cable, had a volume of 450 freight tonnes, and was picked up from Tonsberg, Norway and delivered in Abu Dhabi for a government project in the Umm Al Dalkh field. “The success of this movement was in a solution oriented approach, from the inception of the idea to final execution the team involved played an extremely crucial role to ensure the needs of the client were met,” added Ahmad Fuad, Sr. Business Development Manager, CSS Projects, Oil & Energy and Mr. Fred Konings, M.D. from Europe Cargo.

CSS Projects, Oil & Energy also sourced the steel drum and the required equipment’s that allowed for the cable to be delivered as a cable drum, to assist in final installation.

November, 2013

CSS Projects, Oil & Energy Division Delivers Time Sensitive Cargo in Record Time

CSS Projects, Oil & Energy recently handled and successfully delivered 12 skids, each weighing more than 33 tonnes to their final destination in Yemen.  All of the 12 skids were loaded using 200 tonne cranes onto low bed trailers and were lined up in the loading area for onward road transportation.  The entire operation was undertaken and supervised by the CSS Projects team to ensure the project was undertaken seamlessly with no delays encountered as it was a highly time sensitive and critical cargo.“The fact that the entire cargo was delivered to its final destination in 9 days is evidence of the hardwork and commitment the team at CSS Projects puts in regardless of the type of cargo, or its final destination. I would like to extend congratulations to the entire team for a job well done,” said Raj George, Senior VP, Projects, Oil & Energy, CSS.

September, 2013

Projects @ A Glance


The Projects, Oil & Energy division of CSS Group recently moved 1200 CBM of air cooler units and accessories from a supplier’s yard in Malaysia to the port of Alexandria which is on the West Verge of the Nile Delta between the Mediterranean Sea and Mariut Lake in Alexandria, Egypt.

The entire job was undertaken smoothly and effectively in a very short period, with close coordination with both the agents and supplier. The task ahead of the team at CSS Projects, Oil & Energy was not easy as they had received the job at a very short notice from the clients, but the team took up the challenge and proved once again their dedication and commitment to the customers’ needs.

“Considering the notice period we received to deliver this job, it took the team a lot of dedication and hard work to ensure the delivery was timely and according to the clients expectations,” added Raj George, Senior Vice President, Projects, Oil & Energy, CSS Group.

September, 2013

Booming With Developments


Petronet LNG Ltd, the country’s largest importer of liquid gas, has received its maiden cargo at its recently constructed Kochi import terminal in Kerala on August 2013.  The vessel, “Wilenergy,” carrying around 1 lakh cubic metres of LNG in its liquid form (liquefied natural gas or LNG) arrived from RasGas in Qatar.

With this, the Rs 4,200-crore terminal would be ready for operations.

The Kochi terminal, however, will operate at just 8 per cent of its capacity in the first year of operation as pipelines taking gas to customers in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are not ready, they said, adding that the company plans to import 2 cargoes or shiploads of LNG at the terminal this year.

In year-2, the terminal is expected to operate at 75 percent capacity when the pipeline connecting Kochi to Mangalore and Bangalore are built. Also, state-owned GAIL is planning to connect this pipeline to Chennai.

Kochi terminal is currently being connected to two main customers — Bharat Petroleum’s Kochi refinery and the Fertilizers and Chemicals Travancore Limited (FACT), which are in the process of converting their facilities to run on natural gas.

At least 70 per cent of the total capacity, or 3.5 million tons a year, is required for the terminal to function at minimum optimum efficiency.

July, 2013

Projects @ Glance

CSS Group, Projects, Oil & Energy division successfully handled the transport and delivery of cable drums from Hamburg, Germany to Abu Dhabi. The volume of cargo that was handled was 245 cbm. The cargo was loaded onto 20 ft flat rack containers and lashed and secured with extra care for onward transit. “CSS Projects, Oil & Energy takes extra care to ensure the safe delivery of any cargo up to its final point of delivery. This particular project is evidence of the professionalism that the CSS Projects team brings to every job it undertakes,” added, Raj George, Senior Vice President, Projects, Oil & Energy, CSS Group.

March, 2013

Projects Oil & Energy Another Successful Movement

Projects Oil & Energy division of CSS recently completed yet another successful movement of Pressure vessels from Hamriya Port in Sharjah to Ras Laffan. The 3 units weighing 53 tons each was a part of the ongoing Barzan On shore Project. As an initial phase a complete route study was undertaken and required permissions and escort put in place prior to the start up.  3 X 6 axle low bed trailers were positioned for the loading and movement of the units to the site. What made this movement more interesting was the height of the units which were 4.9 meters each. This was resolved by well planned route study and the knowhow of the region by our team. The units were delivered on time and the Projects, Oil & Energy division had accomplished yet another successful movement.

January, 2013

CSS Projects, Oil & Energy Takes on a Heavy Load

Recently the CSS open yard in Jebel Ali, UAE received a substantial cargo volume of 3000 CBM which included SGC compressors and accessories which were received at Jebel Ali Port and moved to CSS’ yard for storage. They received three 120 tonnes SGC compressors on 10 axle hydraulic trailers, which were offloaded onto the ground using cranes. In addition they also received 15 other over-sized and heavy pieces for movement which was loaded onto heavy duty low bed trailers for offloading at the CSS open yard.

Sreenath V, Senior General Manager, Project’s Oil & Energy/Operations added, “The whole project was handled with extreme professionalism from start to finish, and allowed for CSS to showcase its continuous commitment to its clients to provide the highest quality of service.”

The entire operational team was present on site to ensure that the client’s needs were not only met, but their expectations exceeded.

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