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Lighthouse - May, 2015.

Chairman’s Message

The 20th anniversary celebrations of CSS Group were an auspicious tribute to everyone who contributed to our success. The achievements of CSS have been accomplished through the cooperation of our agents, associates and most importantly our own staff. The boundless feeling of togetherness, that we all embraced during the celebrations, will undoubtedly carry us forward to greater accomplishments and larger rewards.

Looking back over the years, probably the biggest successes lies in the happiness we all enjoy throughout our career.  Borrowing a great thought of Frederick Herzberg, the late American psychologist, who was a powerful motivator becoming one of the most influential names in business management, “In our lives it isn’t  money; it’s the opportunity to learn, grow in responsibilities, contribute to others, and be recognized for achievements which is important”. I believe that, at CSS, we will stick to our core values and principles, providing ample space for our CSS family and friends to earn the larger rewards of life.

The anniversary celebrations provided an opportunity to appreciate and understand the trust and confidence we have engendered in the hearts of our partners and associates. The honourable guests, who accepted our celebratory invitations, resulted from our dutiful deeds and dealings across the business community.  This is a tribute that we value as it provides fundamental motivation for our core values and principles.

As we venture into new projects and diversify, using our established talents, the rewards that they will bring will be spurred on by our ethos; which keeps CSS vibrant. It has been confidence in our own staff members and in our beliefs that has brought us to where we are today. Now with our experience and dynamic enthusiastic hearts, we will sail onwards with an inspired sense of purpose.

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