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Lighthouse - July, 2015.

Chairman’s Message

The past few months have proven to be invigorating with numerous activities inside and outside our company. This has bucked the trend caused by a general business slowdown, in the entire logistics business, owing to the unrest in the Middle East. At CSS we have had the opportunity to strategise new ventures and plans for the future. The new facility created by the SAIF Zone, Sharjah and the forthcoming project in the Sultanate of Oman provide exciting prospects. Especially within CSS it is our belief, to engender and appreciate trust and confidence in our work force, which gives rise to welcome initiatives.

Recently, I had the opportunity to hear one of my senior managers saying that the biggest asset of our company is, “We have people in our work force that can think and not just follow orders”. Very true, I totally agree with this comment.

I believe that for any organisation to become successful it has to attract, motivate and hold on to staff that can co-create value with customers and constantly improve operations.

In my message four years ago, ‘Lighthouse’ July/August 2011, I highlighted the success story of a talented enthusiastic young team at CSS Mumbai. I wrote:-

Anyone who wishes to have impact and succeed, in this environment, requires maximum flair, unconventional creativity, extra energy and enthusiasm.

These words ring even more true today. The trust and confidence which resounds, throughout CSS, encourages everyone to take bolder steps. No matter the size of the steps it is the boldness in moving forward that counts the most. This is what brings about added value and new initiatives for the mutual benefit of our customers and CSS.

As Vincent Van Gough said, “Great things are achieved by a series of small things brought together”. This is why I am confident that our latest strategised ventures will prove successful.

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