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Lighthouse - November, 2016.

Chairman’s Message

T S Kaladharan

Paramount, during the last twenty-one years of our operations, has been the determination of CSS to cater for the ever growing demands from the shipping and logistics industry. We have been very particular in adopting the best practices so as to service our clients around the globe. Each and every decision we have taken, from time to time, has been focused on offering the best outcomes for our customers. It is therefore with great satisfaction that we find ourselves standing, here today, with our extensive presence in the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent. Our latest developments, in Qatar and Oman, are in line with our decision to provide exemplary service.

This commitment, and the ever growing demand for storage, has driven CSS to increase the capacity of our facilities in the Jebel Ali Free Zone. As a result we have equipped ourselves with an additional 40,000 sq.ft, warehouse facility and 100,000 sq. ft. open yard storage, ready for our customers’ occupation. This is an opportune time to announce the availability of this huge facility as we are on the doorstep of our annual Sales Strategy Meet. Whilst the management and team-heads plan and design concepts and ideas, to take up new challenges and face the existing demands of the industry, CSS commends this new Jebel Ali Free Zone addition as our latest offering towards boosting the commerce and industry of the Middle East economy.

The world of logistics is moving at such a fast pace, that companies are compelled to form specialised task forces. Such a move will effectively combine the knowledge and skill based workforces in order to cope with this invigorating environment. Although we appreciate the demands concerning the urgency of products and services, we know it’s the results that are paramount. This is invariably the primary focus of our discussions; which is why our Sales Strategy Meet always proves to be a valuable opportunity to present what we have achieved, as well as what we have in store as our future strategy.

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