Chairman’s Message

T S Kaladharan

‘You can’t always get what you want’ is the opening line from one of my personal favourite songs by The Rolling Stones. One of the tracks on their 1969 album, it is the second line which provides the encouraging answer. ‘But if you try sometimes you might find….You get what you need’. Does this sentiment strike a chord with you? Does it make you assess your approach to challenges? It is true to say that sometimes we need to accept life’s realities to understand more deeply what drives us. Our aspirations need to be forefront in our minds so as to give us the driving spirit which enables us to grow in life. We all need to try to stand any chance of succeeding.

Not only in our personal lives, but also in a business environment, we all need aspirations to motivate and focus our efforts. It is therefore pleasing to learn that our marketing department has confirmed that the aspirations of the Lighthouse team have been recognised. An amazing response from Lighthouse readers provides confirmation of the interest generated by news items and features showcased in our magazine. A good corporate magazine reflects and echoes the views and interests of its staff. We may all help Lighthouse build on its success by letting them know our views. Included in this edition is a survey form for those who haven’t completed the online survey. Your comments and suggestions will be particularly welcomed. Lighthouse belongs to all of us so I would like to extend, on behalf of Lighthouse, their gratitude for your patronage. Like all of us, I look forward to continuing to read informed, stimulating, and interesting news and features in Lighthouse.