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Lighthouse - March, 2018.


The saying, ‘Time and tide waits for no one’ has been in use since at least the 1200s. So when an opportunity arises to pause and reflect, on what has gone before, it is an event that should be grasped enthusiastically. It gives us a chance to recognise our successes and also to learn from our mistakes. Taking time, in this way, is one of the basic requisites for leading a rewarding life. Our world is changing so quickly almost in the ‘blink of an eye’. Gradual beginnings, with the right direction, may soon gain a momentum all of their own. This is similar to our growth within CSS.

Our progress was gradual and organic because we utilised the opportunities that came our way. We were steadfast in applying the principles of building on confidence and trust by recognising the value of our customers and, most importantly, our staff. Making headway was not always easy. It called for determination, dedication and a belief in ourselves which has enabled us to grown in size and strength, so we may stand proudly where we are today.
It was Benjamin Disraeli who said’ “Change is inevitable. Change is Constant”. I firmly believe that if you stand still and tread water, others will very quickly overtake you. So it is with some excitement that I greet the event of CSS introducing two new Chief Operating Officers to our company. I heartily congratulate them and I enthusiastically look forward to this change bringing innovative contributions and progressive interactions with us all.

Whatever has been achieved, so far, has only been possible because of the amazing spirit shown by our staff and the enormous support they have given to our management. May this spirit continue and cascade on to new initiatives as well as permeating throughout all levels of CSS.

As a company the reputation earned by CSS, over the years, was due to the hard work of our staff and the confidence of the management which were equally reciprocated. By building on this ethos we will be assured of growth and success which emulates our past history of amazing achievements.

Never forget, from little acorns big oaks grow and CSS is still destined to grow even bigger.

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