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Lighthouse - March, 2020.

Chairman’s Message

The year started with a bang and on such a positive note. Certain developments in the business realms and the world, in general, have shaken us to our very cores. The Australian bush fires ravaged the landscape of the island continent and opened our eyes to the brutal realities of climate change. Sustainability has always underscored every activity at CSS. We have laid great emphasis on environmentally sound practices from when we set sail 25 years ago. Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together said the famous American entrepreneur and retailer, James Cash Penney. I foresee brighter days for the industry and our company as the year 2020 unfolds. We need to strive hard to achieve through synergistic working and innovation. I understand that CSS, as it stands today, is the result of many hands that have worked hard to build it from foundation up. We want to be part of a team that leaves a legacy and is remembered in the annals of this great organization that we have raised. As part of the team that is continuously breaking standards of excellence, we need to push ourselves outside our comfort zones. Growth never happens when we keep doing what we have done in the past; it comes with failures as we try to make progress. If you aim to achieve five great things this year and achieve only two, you are still outperforming all the people who never bothered to try to do anything at all. Next time you plan for your work ahead, evaluate your practice to include a “stretch goal.” Try to push yourself to perform 50% better than your existing goals. You will be surprised at reaching targets you thought were impossible! This is called a “growth mindset,” this sets the ones who achieve success from the ones who do not. When you have a growth mindset, you learn from anything by putting effort into it. If you fail, you approach the problem from another perspective until you arrive at a solution. No man is an island, so start supporting other people’s success. Celebrate with them, and when it’s your time to shine, they will exult in your moment with you. As a closing note, I want to leave you with this thought, “Expectation is the mother of manifestation.” So keep your hopes high and let your spirits soar as we surge towards a highly successful leg of the journey we embarked on in the year 1995.

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