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Lighthouse - July, 2020.


As we face the unprecedented events in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the scale and scope of these happenings are what the world has never witnessed before.

The small South Indian state of Kerala has been lauded around the world for its quick, effective, decisive yet compassionate response to the Covid-19 crisis. Being the state which reported the first case of Covid-19 in India, Kerala topped the chart of positive coronavirus infections at the onset. But the leadership took swift action and the state managed to “flatten the curve” paving the way for the other states and even first world countries to emulate its course of action. Now, as it battles the second wave with increasing rate of infections, Kerala remains determined to battle the pandemic and protect its people.

COVID-19 will fuel the next wave of innovation

This global pandemic will shape businesses for decades to come. With the entire world in lockdown mode, the global economy is being put to a severe litmus test. The reality of recession looms like black clouds and it seems but inevitable. This is a time of great changes and also a unique opportunity.

Difficult times produce great people. Our resilience in a period like this can win us the credibility that will last us a lifetime and more.

Growth in the time of stress

Black swan events like recessions and pandemics have changed the trajectory of governments, economies and businesses — altering the course of history. The Black Death in the 1300s brought the end to the feudal system in Europe and brought in the modern employment contract. The recession that resulted after the 100-year war between England and France improved agricultural productivity. Fast-forward to recent history, the SARS breakout of 2002-2004 caused the meteoric rise of the small e-commerce company, Ali Baba. Air BnB and Uber became popular in the West with the recession of 2008, pushing people to share their resources.

With Covid-19, we are already seeing the early signs of change. Remote working and telecommuting have become the norm. Supply chains of the future will be resilient ecosystems constructed using cutting edge technologies such as 5G, robotics, IoT and blockchain to help connect multiple buyers with multiple vendors reliably across a network of supply chains.

We are here to run a marathon and not a sprint.

As a company, we will move forward ever and backwards never

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