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Lighthouse - May, 2019.


Famous quotes stand the test of time because they are proved to be true. In this context ‘Life begins where fear ends’ is an esteemed maxim by Gautama Buddha, later interpreted by many spiritual and philosophical leaders. In today’s corporate world, where progress is determined by targeted objectives, quotes like this have gained greater relevance because the burdens on one’s emotional and mental well-being are increased.

Fear is one of our primary emotions. It is something which is natural and instinctive. From an evolutionary perspective fear may save our lives but it can also stop us from living the way we desire. Reacting spontaneously, with a fear-or-flight response, when coming across a venomous snake is one thing. However, fear creeping into our psyche, almost by stealth, is another. Being fearful, when there is no obvious reason, means we become reluctant to step outside our own comfort zone. Examining our life situation and assessing our potential makes for a more focused individual. It invariably helps us gain courage to expand our horizons and look at life in a different perspective.

My greatest worry is that the new generation, who have lots of opportunities around them for professional growth; appear to be faltering owing to lack of self-motivation. Irrational fear is holding some back. Running after motivational gurus is counterproductive because meaningful motivation can only be invoked within oneself. Recognising the fear factor, that is waiting subtly in the background of our minds, enables us to rise above its influence. Putting our fear into a proper perspective means our life really does begin. We will then have the confidence to step outside our comfort zone and grasp new opportunities with enthusiasm.

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