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Lighthouse - June, 2011.

Colombo Calling

The booming Abu Dhabi market is prone to more LCL imports compared to LCL exports where Abu Dhabi Terminal has exported only 38,000 MT against 56,000 MT of imports as per their statistics report of 2010. CSS Abu Dhabi established NVOCC department as a separate division from General Sales on April 2010 and within a span of one year were able to grab 70% of LCL export market share by using different marketing strategies and better services offered in a LCL import prone market.

As a team with valuable experience and professionalism they added to the LCL business by adding a console box from Abu Dhabi to Colombo.

Why Colombo?

As one of the largest cities and been one of the biggest commercial hub in South Asia, Colombo is very well known commercially for textiles, chemicals, glass, scrap & furniture trading. 2000 years back Colombo port was one of the largest trade lane in east west sea trade route which is well known for its geographical position and now Colombo is the home city for major cooperate institutions and also one of the major entertainment venues.

As per the Colombo Port statistics report 2010, they have handled 3.7 million TEU’s inbound which is 10.6% growth compared to 2008 & 2009 which includes the transshipments as well, which drove our focus into Colombo direct console by which we can cover most of the South Asian destination.

Special Features & advantages of direct console:

Abu Dhabi based companies have a major issue of passing documents in Dubai Trade as they require Abu Dhabi customers to have an account with them. Due to these issues, Abu Dhabi based clients prefer not to utilize LCL export service and by using direct console from Abu Dhabi there will be no more hassles in passing export declarations in future.

Colombo state warehouses are state-of-the-art and modern warehouses, which utilize modern technology, and professional team of warehouse staff, which ensures the security, and professional handling of the cargo.

Through promoting new hassle free services, CSS Abu Dhabi is looking forward for a better stability in Abu Dhabi market and providing full customer satisfaction as per their requirements.

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