The CSS India Staff Meet was held on 31st July 2022 at ‘The Umrao’, a much sought-after luxury hotel in the National Capital Region (NCR) of New Delhi. The CSS Group Chairman Mr. T S Kaladharan and the CSS Management threw a scintillating cocktail party and DJ night to rebuild the connections that were restricted due to the pandemic-induced constraints over the past two years.
The party was well attended by CSS team members from every CSS office across the Indian subcontinent. Mr. Fida Asghar represented the Dubai office, while Mr. Rahat came with a strong contingent of 14 employees from the CSS Mumbai branch. From the South, Mr. Vishwanath represented the Coimbatore and Tirupur offices, while Mr. Jitendra & Mr. Sathiya Narayanan came from the Chennai wing. There was also Mr. Sudeep and Mr. Jinu from our Kochi Office, while Mr. Naveen represented the Bangalore branch. Mr. Anirban was representing the Kolkata office from the eastern part of the country. Since the meeting was held in Delhi, the entire team attended the party from our Delhi and Ludhiana offices.

An Exhilarating Night of Celebrations, Joy, and Laughter

The party was organized at ‘The Umrao’, one of the most sought-after venues, CSS always ensures that our team gets nothing but the best, the poolside party kicked off with the DJ’s foot-tapping numbers that set the mood for the night. The dancing session was followed by a sumptuous dinner and spirits that brought mirth and revelry to the event. The CSS India staff made most of the night as they enjoyed every moment of the party.
Fida entertained the audience with witty and rib-tickling jokes, roaring with laughter throughout the night. Mr. Rahat had everyone spellbound with his remarkable dialogues filled with witticisms and anecdotes. The party’s highlight was the melodious voice of Mr. Pramod Dubey from the Ludhiana office, who revealed timeless hits and Bollywood songs to the audience.

Welcoming the New Additions to Team CSS

We also took the opportunity to introduce our new joiners to the CSS team. We also remembered our revered colleague Mr. Rinku, whom we have lost due to Covid. His wife, now part of the CSS Team, was introduced to our guests.

Awards and Felicitations

Our Honourable Chairman, Mr. T.S Kaladharan, also felicitated the company’s outstanding employees by giving mementos to them. He also felicitated the respective vertical heads, Mr. Rahat, Mr. Rajeev, Mr. Jinu, Mr. Sudeep, and Mr. Vishwanath, with signature gifts.
The Chairman also gave rewards to Mr. Sanjay Dutt and Mr. Ajay Kumar from the Delhi office. They were the two outstanding dancers who set the floor on fire with their unique steps and moves.
Mr T S Kaladharan and Mr. Fida praised and felicitated Ms. Nishu Jain from the event management company The Impresario for meticulously planning and conducting the whole event without any glitches.

Connections are the Key to the CSS Success Story

At CSS, our Chairman, TS Kaladharan, has always been at the forefront of nurturing connections between team members. Even though CSS operates with teams across multiple geographical boundaries, it is important for the teams to be connected no matter where they are. Mr. Kaladharan has always encouraged building a rapport between team members. He believes that along with recognition and rewards, these connections go beyond the celebrations. The company will gain intangible rewards that reap benefits that even affect the company’s bottom lines.
Here’s to more celebrations and new connections!