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Lighthouse - January, 2015.

CSS Projects, Oil & Energy Undertakes Transport of Hatch Cover

The team at CSS Projects, Oil & Energy, recently undertook a hatch cover movement from Jebel Ali port to the dry docks Dubai. The weight of the cargo was 24 tons with dimensions 13.25 x 8.20 x 1.10 m. The width of the cargo in this case was the main criterion to be looked into. The entire operation had to be scheduled meticulously as it had to connect a vessel coming in for repairs at the Dubai dry docks. The team received the unit from vessel directly and had to move the unit on wide body low bed trailer with special permissions  and during specific timings provided by RTA (1 AM – 3 AM) with police escorts. The efficiency of the Dubai police system was once again displayed when they tactically handled the traffic critical control points for the safe passage of this unit throughout the movement ensuring least difficulty to the other road users. “High professionalism has to be displayed in handling critical jobs in Projects. The proven expertise and commitment could be the major factors why people rely on CSS Projects team when it comes to complicated assignments”, commented Raj George Sr. VP, Projects Oil & Energy, when he was asked about this particular move by Lighthouse.

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