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Lighthouse - March, 2018.


All of us live on planet earth. On observation and extrapolation, I have noticed many similarities between the planet we live on and the body we carry. Let us today see the similarities to try and decipher many challenges we face as a race and find possible solutions to it. Or to put it more correctly, rather than finding solutions, we can understand that things which we define as problems, are not problems in itself so no solutions are required.

Earth is 70% water, 30% land
Human body is 70% water, 30% mass (representing land)
– Most of us know this.

The earth and its ecosystem have mainly 5 elements:

Water (the water within)
Fire (the various fires within at the different chakras)
Air (the air within)
Earth (the mass of earth which makes the body)
Ether (the blue sky colour or the colour of the human soul)

The human body is also divided into 4 zones:

a. The head – which is the Brahman (learned and realised) or the originator of all action/reaction
b. The heart , lungs and stomach region – which is the Vaishya (businessmen) or the day to day executors of all action/reaction
c. The arms – which is the Kshatriya (warriors) – which help protect the body
d. The legs – which are the Shudras (workers) on which the entire system stands which carry the weight and do all the hard work.
(As per ancient Indian social system, people were divided into four classes, based on the duties they perform)
Now, with this basic premise, we can also go deeper and see that the different continents or countries should represent the various body parts.
So let’s extrapolate and see the characteristics of various countries and see where they fit or what body part they might be

a. The USA – which is the unsaid leader of all countries – through its approach, demeanour and actions, makes me think that it is the HEAD.

We also feel that the USA interferes a lot with the other countries – example in Vietnam, Afghanistan etc but doesn’t that is what the brain does? If there is a pain in an ankle or finger or intestine, the brain sends its army of WBC’s and RBC’s to fight the infection and heal it. Just like the US does. Just thinking!

b) Many Indians say that whatever you do, it always feels unclean and chaotic here. So I think somewhere that India is the stomach or intestine. It is chaotic but most essential to digest and run the world.

c) I think Africa are the legs of the world. Europe represents the heart & lungs region. I am sure some country is also the liver, some the pancreas, think about it.

Also, most organs below the naval and above the naval have different environments. Below the naval deal with carbon dioxide mainly. Above deal with oxygen. It makes me think that Canada, Europe, America, Australia belong to the zone above the naval. Asia, Africa, Gulf below the naval. And then what country or geographical point is the navel?
So when we start thinking like this, the first debate of who is superior ends because all body parts are important and interdependent on each other. The head must know that it cannot have any position unless it has legs to carry it.
Also, since the moon and other planetary movements affect the oceans and their currents and also seismic activity, it is safe to say that this validates the whole concept of astrology where the planets and moon should also affect the individual human also.
By reverse inference , I would also keenly want to know what is the blood of the planet earth, what represents a human hiccup, what is the spine of the planet etc, readers are welcome to think and share views.

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