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Lighthouse - September, 2019.



CSS Homeward Bound was recently approached by a pet owner in Dubai, (Client doesn’t wish to disclose the name) for a relocation. The requirement was for an adorable cat named Garfield, and the move was to Hong Kong. CSS Homeward Bound was more than enthusiastic in providing professional assistance for Garfield’s travel. Garfield stayed in a foster home for a few weeks as his mom had to be in India first before heading to Hongkong. CSS HWB arranged to transport and took him from the foster home the night of his scheduled flight.

For pet owners, pet relocation to a new country can cause many headaches; moving, quarantining, and registering your pet in your new home country are all stress-inducing. When moving your pet abroad, you need to make an informed decision as to whether your pet is up for the trip. This is where a professional moving company like CSS Homeward bound, has the real role to play.

They studied about Garfield’s likes and dislikes from its owner. The recent medical history of the cat, illnesses if any, food habits etc, also play a very important role prior to move. Most pet owners treat their pets as a member of the family. So, when they hand over the pet to the relocation company, they are handing over a part of their sentiment. The moving company also has to have an outlook broader than normal to see and treat this family member with respect and much care. Homeward Bound team executed this sentimental move with the utmost passion, that they received thankful feedbacks from the client.

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