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Lighthouse - March, 2013.

Intermodal South America 2013


With 19 years of history, the Intermodal South America is the 2nd largest exhibition for the logistics, cargo transport and international trade in the Americas which brings together the best-in-class vendors from around the world in the four major transport modals (air, sea, road and rail). It is one of the highest profile events for the shipping industry and is recognized as a must-attend event for cargo shippers that are looking for new and innovative solutions for their logistics, cargo transport and international trade strategies.

In three high-impact days of networking and relationship-building, industry-leading service providers can develop strategic partnerships with global vendors and generate new business opportunities through direct access to Brazil’s cargo shippers when they are actively looking for solutions. In addition, cargo shippers can build relationships with key players who can assist in reducing overall shipping costs, increase their to-market delivery times and improve their company’s profit margins.

Intermodal South America is a cost-effective channel for key players to reinforce their communications and brand strategies that are a key part of the customer acquisition efforts. In addition, the brand positioning opportunities within Intermodal South America offer an important platform for leadership positioning to the industry’s top companies, who can play an important role in maintaining price premiums in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Intermodal South America has the distinction of bringing together companies from all segments: road, rail, sea and air. Plus, the event has the participation of logistics operators who develop intermodal transport solutions and the entire chain of service providers of IT, automation and consulting, with a significant participation of ports and port terminals that play a role in the sector value chain.

The issues discussed, the solutions and the business deals closed during the Intermodal South America have a significant impact on the efficiency and productivity of the sector. It is an event already embedded in the international calendar of trade shows and seen by the market as a key partner for the development of the country.

About Intermodal South America 2013

The strength of Intermodal South America 2013 can be seen in the expansion of the area of the fair, which was necessary with the increase in exhibitors and consequently the number of launches, news and new exhibitors. This year the exhibition will accommodate over 36,000 sq.m. of exhibition space, 23% more compared to last year.

In 2013, visitors will have the opportunity to see more than 600 national and international exhibitors, 54 of which are exhibiting for the first time.

CSS participation at Intermodal South America 2013

Siby Kurian, Senior General Manager Sales & Marketing CSS Group, represented CSS Group for Intermodal 2012 and said; “By having a presence at Intermodal for past number of years we have not only witnessed the growth of the exhibition but have also realised the importance of CSS Group’s participation at such vital exhibitions. Intermodal allows CSS Group to network, nurture and create business relationships with associates from all continents. We look forward to an even bigger Intermodal 2013, and wish all participants, exhibitors and organisers a productive and successful exhibition.”

This year the CSS delegation will be headed by Siby Kurian, Senior General Manager Sales & Marketing along with Ajay Krishnan, Senior General Manager Ocean Freight and, Arjun Bose, Director CSS Abu Dhabi.

Event details:
Intermodal South America- 2013
Venue: Transamerica Expo Center, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Date: Apr 2nd, 2013 – Apr 4th, 2013

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