Rahat Talreja

Vice President – CSS India Operations

…Tring Tring…

Steve, the freight forwarder: Hi it’s Steve

Exporter: Morning Steve, I have urgent cargo to airfreight from Heathrow to

JFK New York

Steve: What’s the tonnage?

Exporter: About 1 ton.

Steve: That’ll be 2 Pounds and 10 cents on British airways.

Exporter: Got that, Steve; sending the cargo today to your warehouse. Has it shipped on the 1st flight?

Steve: Don’t worry about it. We have daily flights to New York from

Heathrow, the cargo won’t wait.

Are you shocked? Not at all. It’s 2022, not 1940. This is a very, very normal conversation in 2022.

So now, let’s see the next conversation, sometime in 2045.

…Tring Tring…

Suzy, the space forwarder on Space Station Mars.

Exporter on Earth: Suzy, it’s Sven from Earth.

Suzy: Sven, how can I help you.

Sven: I got cargo to ship to Mars for my cosmic hotel this week. If you ever need a room, let me know. I got a Mars view room.

Suzy: Thanks, Sven. I have options on Virgin, Space X, Axiom , ESA,


Sven: I also have an accompanying technician with the cargo. Tell me the price

Suzy: 60 Million Space Francs

Sven: I’ll have it wired today. You’d like a 50% advance on the Mars account?

Suzy: Sure. Thank you, Sven.

Are you shocked? Yes, but no. We know it’s coming. This is going to be an everyday conversation in the next 20 years.

So as exporters, importers, entrepreneurs, and logistics executives, we ought to know the kind of cargo that will be transported to and fro Earth to Space Stations across the solar system. And the opportunities available for future business ventures and investment.

Protective Suits

Space First Aid Kits

Space batteries for vehicles

Space horn to send signals to other astronauts


Space base construction technology, glues, mortars

Meteorite protection technology

Solar Batteries

Spacecraft Navigation and communication services, repair and insurance

Components and Accessories for Space rockets

Space weapons

Space debris

Space Production: Zero gravitational manufacturing

Space backpacks

Creams and Products for ultraviolet radiation protection, force fields protection.

Components and Accessories for spacecraft, rockets, and space stations

New durable materials for building structures in space like graphene and fullerene

Space energy charging points

Space weather forecasting and remote sensing

Space internet and communication systems

Space tourism: Cosmic Hotels, Hostels, Cosmic Holidays, and Travel

stations, trips to planets, moons, asteroids

Space Taxi

Space sanatoriums

Space Summer schools

Space Healthcare and Therapy for muscle wasting due to lack of gravity

Space Food

Space Law