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Lighthouse - March, 2016.

Pharma Giants and Cold Chain Logistics Experts to Meet in Dubai

Leading pharma companies and cold chain distribution experts to meet in Dubai at Middle East Pharma Cold Chain 2016 to address the key issues surrounding the healthcare cold chain distribution in MENA

According to IMARC Group, the healthcare cold chain logistic services market is expected to hit nearly US$13.4 billion by 2020 and emerging markets such as the Middle East and North Africa are gearing up for rapid expansion and growth in the industry.

Temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals such as vaccines, hormones and insulin rely on the integrity of the cold chain in order to render these products effective and safe for the patient and end-users. While great strides have been made in terms of infrastructure, technology and governance; with each advancement come unique challenges making the pharmaceutical cold chain landscape perennially evolving. The importance of cold chain in healthcare is such that both public and private sectors are collaborating to ensure that all aspects of the cold chain are kept intact and maintain integrity while striving for innovation. In the Middle East, government regulatory authorities have stepped up with new policies and requirements for pharma shipping, distribution and storage. Pharmaceutical companies have invested heavily in research and development, while distribution and logistics companies, along with airlines are continuing to build expansive infrastructure to support the integrity of the entire cold chain.

With this in mind, it is with great excitement that Maarefah announces the 2016 Middle East Pharma Cold Chain Congress. The region’s foremost event covering temperature-controlled pharmaceutical supply chains and temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals returns to Dubai on March 28 – 31 for unparalleled days of networking, learning, discussions and solutions and will gather more than 100 stakeholders for an unrivalled program designed to address the industry’s most critical issues and challenges in MENA.

To register or for more information, visit www.pharmacoldchainme.com

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