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Lighthouse - November, 2009.

Project Management

The constant research and development from the IT department of CSS has brought in constant updates in its in-house software FINS. The latest of which is the new project management module under its freight forwarding application with countless capabilities such as contact management, packing list, quotation management, resource allocation and management, bookings managements, projects job management and project related finance details.

The purpose of this module is to provide sufficient information related to a project to the customers which in-turn could help amalgamate many individual operational modules under one roof. Project managers and Financial managers will get sufficient insight about the project operations and the distributed jobs done under each project. Further more, this module has the capability to manage project initiation till closing of a project.

Main Features

  1. Integrated project management module
  2. Project initiation and planning management activities can be recorded
  3. Project contact management or stakeholder management
  4. Project packing list management and item management
  5. Quotation management
  6. Project scope management
  7. Project resource management
  8. Project cost management

Main reports

  1. Total number of project jobs
  2. Total number of completed project jobs
  3. Total number of incomplete project jobs
  4. Total number of yet to start project jobs
  5. Total number of jobs in each project jobs and its type wise classification.
  6. Industry specific project details on the above 1,2,3,4 options
  7. Project cost details (Expense)
  8. Project sale details (Income)
  9. Each phase cost details and operation details
  10. Each resource cost details and operation details
  11. Personnel involved in the project execution
  12. Various project quality assurance reports
  13. Total Weight, Volume, Packings of each project jobs
  14. Total containers involved in the project job
  15. Various shipping lines involved in the project jobs
  16. Project/Phase budget and actual comparison report

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