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Lighthouse - February, 2021.


cssWith my 23-year tenure with CSS, my growth story has been in tandem with the company’s evolution from the initial days till what the company has grown to be today, a multinational company with offices across the GCC region, the Indian sub-continent, and beyond. From starting as a sales executive to being Sr. Vice President, it has been a phenomenal journey.

Ushering in Winds of Change

The year 2020 ushered in much change in our industry. New technology and market equations and rising customer expectations, and newer business models presented opportunities and risks.

Adopting and adapting to new technology is the rule of the day. The best way to conquer the highly competitive market is to focus on customer service.

New Technologies, New Market Equations, New Business Models 

The pandemic has brought several threat factors in its wake. It has increased competition and tightened margins. Our focus for the first half of 2021 will retain our existing traditional customers with hands-on customer service. 

The recent trade forecasts predict that freight and shipping volumes will rebound in 2021 as the world is slowly recovering from the economic recession caused by the pandemic. With the Middle East opening to markets that were closed for years, the next few years look promising with many opportunities. This is the hour to come up with “out-of-box” solutions that will invariably produce organic growth.

The new market equations and new business models with digitization will create a highly competitive market scenario. These new digital business models have the strength to seize the industry leadership, leaving the traditional forwarders far behind. We have always managed to stay ahead of CSS’s curve by adopting new business models and investing in digitization.

CSS Values and Culture

At CSS, I value the feeling that I belong to a “big family” and the infectious team spirit to reach the common goal. The open-door policy allows anyone from bottom to top to access the management team to share their suggestions or concerns.

I believe in leading by example. By inspiring and motivating a team with a clear vision and passion for work, we can steer the ship to the pinnacles of success. 

Coming together is the beginning, staying together is progress and working together is a success. This is the mantra I stand by when you combine the energy, knowledge, and skills of a motivated group of people, we can surely accomplish any goal.

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