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Lighthouse - September, 2016.

Summer Move

Make your relocation a pleasant experience with CSS Homeward Bound

Summer is the most popular time of year to move and that means many millennials are packing their bags.

In fact, 44 percent of those young people say they plan to pull up stakes within the next year, according to rent increase.

Relocating for a job was the top reason people move. Typically, they go where the work is. People will jump on the opportunity to improve their skill sets and up their paycheck, so it’s very common they will change jobs half a dozen times for a career, as per experts.But moving from one location to another can be a huge hassle, not to mention a hit to your wallet.

Here are some tips to make your move a little easier financially and physically:

Start by mapping out your expenses in advance about 15 percent of consumers said they went into debt as a result of moving costs, according to Our research hiring unprofessional packing companies people spend more on repairs and end up buying new items.

The average cost of an unprofessional movers is AED 1000 and professional movers average AED 1500 to 2000, according to the UAE Moving & Storage market (that’s based on the average market research), Although for people with less stuff, the cost would be lower.

For do-it-yourselfers, contact CSS Homeward Bound and we will assist you and give you all the equipment to do it yourself. Homeward Bound will provide you calculator to determine what size moving truck you need, in addition to packing supplies. Although the cost varies by location, renting a 15-foot moving truck will set you back about AED 500 a day plus. Securing a truck that is too large will waste money on gas and rental fees, not to mention that the bigger it is, the harder it can be to navigate in areas like JLT, JBR, Marina Etc.

The boxes also add up quickly, particularly if they are specialty ones. Average-size packing boxes, hanging-garment boxes. Instead, try pulling a large garbage bag over multiple items hanging in your closet and tie a string around the tops of the hangers to keep them together. U-Haul, for example, also offers a box exchange where customers can pick up free used boxes before their move from CSS HWB, with extra assistance.

If you are relocating for work and your employer doesn’t cover the moving costs, Homeward Bound may be able to help you. Helping you to relocate your things in the minimum cost, also HWB gives you options to pay through Credit card machines.

You can also generally purchase insurance through yourself or you can ask CSS HWB to assist you with the same, HWB is registered with the best insurance companies around the world. Then, organize everything. Start by sorting your possessions into take, store, toss and donate. Then eliminate the things you won’t need in your new spot. It’ll save you time, money and a headache unpacking.

Before you start packing, photograph your belongings to help remember where things go. If you like the way you decorated or hung pictures that will make it simpler to replicate in your new home. The same goes for electronics. Taking a picture of how the cords are arranged will make it easier to put back together.

As you pack, label all of the boxes with the rooms they go in. If you know that you’ll need to get to some items right away, like bedding or the coffee maker, label those boxes as important and put them where they are easily accessible so they can be unpacked first.

Finally, pack an essentials bag for your moving day with water, your basic toiletries, and of course prescription medications.

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