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Lighthouse - July, 2017.

Why All Cars Below 25 Lakhs Need To Be Banned In India

First, this is an impossible task. Let’s say a member of parliament (MP) proposes this in a meeting, his own colleagues will shut him up. Let’s say for some reason, his colleagues (Other MP’s agree), then the parliament may not pass the bill in both the houses. Several back door reasons will play. Who will consume commodities, metals, labour, capital – auto industry in India is one of the highest consumers of these inputs. Indian manufacturing will lose its sheen. All companies will lobby against the same. Most of all, the public will oppose it strongly. India being a strong functional democracy will find it impossible to pass this.

So let’s say this is a fictional article because it can’t be converted to reality.

Now, I am not the “banning” types. I just say it for getting the basics of life back like clean air, space, safety etc., and more so for aesthetics back in urban areas. This is also not classist because most of us including myself will have to weight options if cars cost above 25 lakhs.

Let me give some facts:

1. In 1995 , there were mainly 2 categories of cars – 1 sedan – Maruti esteem and 1 hatch – Maruti 800

Esteem was priced at 6 lakhs and 800 was priced at 2 lakhs

In these 22 years since 1995 – everything in India is up 20 times at least. The inflation index says that the median rise in price is 16 times

So by this simple reverse math, the 6 lakhs esteem cost 1.2 crores today and the 2 lakhs Maruthi 800 cost 40 lakhs today. So it’s not that cars were available at 5000 etc in 1995. The point is that a car is a car. It should be priced at a premium and only those who can afford it should buy it.

2.  Now if you disregard the economics above, let me show you around. Look at the road around you and see. Maximum cars are below 25 lakhs and look at them. It’s a shame on the aesthetics if they matter. We have 39 hatch back cars now named funnily but just look at them. It’s a box of metal masquerading as a car. Vomit. Think of that favourite hatchback or sedan. Think rationally. India is a country of immense beauty. So you have a sense of beauty. Now think with this sense. Vomit.

3. Most of these cars are sold with jingles and advertisements where it’s shown screeching, twisting, turning etc., and that is exactly how the owners of these cars drive them. Whatever happened to safety? These cars have very basic safety features but who cares for the drivers safety because the drivers themselves (due to their unprofessional driving) are the real threat on the road. The safety needed is not for passengers but others on the road. Airbags should be placed outside the car and not in it.

Now think of a scenario where all cars below 25 lakhs are banned and imagine the road. You will remember your city as it looked in the 90’s. Clean, expansive and beautiful. Open space, few cars, people walking, what fun!

But we need a solution as well, correct? Taxi network, and again all expensive long sedan taxis. All costing more than 25 lakhs. Not the lame duck ones with a touch screen mobile on its windscreen. Driving like nincompoops.

Now any person who can buy a car worth 5-25 lac can surely afford a taxi anywhere and pay 1000 bucks so what ? Also all drive ring licenses should be with strict tests like in Dubai. And voila, long, swanky, sexy looking sedans on the road dropping people. And I firmly believe that most people just wander around just because they have a car. Once they don’t, unnecessary wandering will stop for sure. What’s the need? Sit where you are duffer.

I think it’s not increasing hospital beds, its reducing patients, if there are no hospitals, i think lesser people will fall ill. If there are lesser restaurants, lesser the people will eat out. It’s the supply that is creating the demand. Not that we want it. But someone thinks you need it. I strongly feel that if there is no jail, crime will be lesser. Because it is there, some people go for it. This is all in the subconscious world of human beings. You act out of presence of supply.

Side effects of the 25 lac & below car ban will be:

  1. Unemployment
  2. Lack of demand for metals and plastics
  3. Stock prices of many companies will crash
  4. It may look unpopular
  5. It may look like favouritism to the wealthy
  6. Cribbing by the masses

But in 6 months, everything will settle down. Solutions will come up. Just imagine that clean, wide road. Also the municipality will not be blamed for bad roads because most won’t be driving on them. Less clutter on Facebook, whatsapp etc. No sarcasm. I won’t honestly do it if I could. Imagine a life without names like Dragon R ( why not Dragon S), Bravio, Shitwft, Lasoon Go, Hi ten, Hi twenty, kitna Hi karega, Polio etc wink – I think you know what I am saying.

Signing off and rushing back in my Gonda Cheaty

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