Supply Chain Logistics 530w, 120w, 630w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />Efficient supply chain management is essential for all businesses to satisfy customer requirements and meet the challenging business environment in a cost effective way. In a supply chain, the products need to be transported, stored and distributed for it to reach the end customers on time. These can only be achieved with properly planned and coordinated supply chain logistics. Therefore selecting the right logistics service provider for managing your supply chain logistics is of paramount importance for your business. It will not only increase business efficiency at a lesser cost but also enable businesses to concentrate on their core activities.

The processes involved in managing the supply chain logistics is complex. A competent logistic service provider should be able to provide the optimum solution to the various challenges that may come up during each stage. Their expertise can make a huge difference in enabling a business to meet its customer requirements on time and cost effectively. Each process is coordinated for end-to-end smooth flow of goods.

Services offered by a logistics provider for managing the supply chain include

  • Providing optimized logistics solutions that matches business requirements
  • Integrating technology to provide greater visibility and control of supply chain
  • Providing synchronised movement of physical cargo from source to consumption
  • Computerised inventory and warehousing management
  • Computerised tracking and tracing of shipment
  • Documentation and customs clearance for international goods

Employing the services of an experienced logistics service provider in managing supply chain logistics can help in reducing costs arising from procuring, transportation, warehousing and distribution of goods to the end source.

Consolidated Shipping Services Group is a global leader when it comes to providing optimum logistics solutions for meeting supply chain requirements. Based in Dubai, CSS has almost two decades of experience offering its customers the ideal supply chain logistics solutions and value added services that best matches your business requirements cost effectively.

With a supply chain management facility in Jebel Ali in the UAE, a team of experienced professionals, global network of agents and our associations with reputable carriers, we at CSS can offer our customers efficient logistics solutions and superior customer service to manage their supply chain logistics.

If you are looking for a company that will enable you to manage your supply chain logistics efficiently and give your business the competitive edge it requires, then CSS is the right choice for you. Contact us today to get more information on how Consolidated Shipping Services Group can manage your supply chain logistics.