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Lighthouse - June, 2011.

Relief Mission

Disaster recovery and Business continuity

As part of the business continuity process CSS has launched its Disaster recovery sub site at Twin Info Solutions, its business continuity back office in Kerala, India. Disaster recovery is the process, policy, procedure and early planning of the company to protect its business critical data or technology infrastructure from loss or from any outside threat. As information technology systems are growing with mega bytes or terabytes of data, a fast growing organization like CSS needs to take strategic steps for protecting its essential data in a highly secured area.

This was the compelling factor for creating a replica of its production environment. CSS was following the off-site backup technique for quite a long time till they created its own backup site in 2010. The company allocated 10% of its annual IT budget for disaster recovery planning and measurements.

In the event of an unexpected stalemate, the IT infrastructure will start working within no time from its back office location and take control of the situation, preventing the loss of data of all CSS offices. The backup sites can be categorized into three. They are cold sites, hot sites and warm sites. CSS has setup a hot site which is a replica of the original site of the organization, with fully automated systems. The capacity of the hot site may vary from that of the original. This type of backup site is very expensive to maintain as well. CSS is also planning to go for disaster recovery sites for its entire IT related business process support systems such as portal solution to customers, communication servers, file servers, etc.

Indian Club – Western Union UAE Open Badminton Tournament 2011

The prestigious “India Club-Western Union UAE Open Badminton Tournament 2011” began on Tuesday, 24th May 2011 at India Club, Dubai with the finals scheduled for Friday, 17th June 2011.  Cash Prizes, Trophies, etc. amounting to over Dhs. 50,000/- will be the highlight of the tournament.

This year, the tournament is open to players from outside the UAE also, irrespective of their visa status.

All of the matches will be played in line with rules & regulations of the World Badminton Confederation.

As part of CSS Group’s and India Club’s drive towards Corporate Social Responsibility, matches have been scheduled under a separate pool for the Special Needs Children / Individuals. The categories will be based on the number of entries received.  Invitations have been sent to various Special Needs Institutes in Dubai and no entry fees will be charged.  All participants will be given a certificate of participation and a memento.

Besides the cash prizes and trophies, the winners of Men Singles, Ladies Singles, Boys Singles under 18 years and Girls Singles under 18 years will also take away Jet Airways return air tickets from Dubai to Jet Airways destinations within India.  The winners and runners up in all the categories will also receive gift hampers from Swiss Arabian Perfumes Trading and Carrera Sunglasses.

As co-sponsor, CSS Group and India Club would like to thank the Badminton Committee comprising of Prakashan A. K, Kishore Setpal, Anil Mohan and Sunita Maheshwari for all their support and efforts in conducting the tournament.

The matches will commence daily from 7.00 p.m. and on Fridays from 10.00 am onwards.   As many as 15 matches will be played on a daily basis and over 50 matches on Fridays.

This tournament started in the early 1980’s.  With every passing year, the tournament has been getting better & better.  Players from Qatar / Bahrain / India / Pakistan / Philippines / Oman / Thailand / China / Indonesia / Sri Lanka / Denmark & UK have taken part in the tournament.

Last year (2010), a record number of 501 entries were registered and a record number of 460 matches were played in various categories.

CSS Group is proud to be associated with the India Club Dubai and the UAE Open Badminton tournament and we wish all of the participants best of luck.


As part of the employee engagement activities on 30th April, CSS organized a Go Karting Tournament at Dubai Autodrome, which is located in Motor City, Dubai, UAE. The employees were given the freedom to bring their friends, family members or customers for participating in this event. The race started at 10:00 PM and 18 participants competed for the best lap time. Winner, Mr. Sai Prakash from Emirates Sky Cargo who started the race on a low note got his best lap time in the 4th lap even though Mr. Suku Sudhakaran AGM, CSS Abu Dhabi and Mr. Ken Dinnadge, VP Business Development gave a tough battle to the winner. Ms. Sulaiya, Executive, Thai Embassy won the title in the ladies section. “Thanks to CSS for inviting us to this event it was fun filled sporting event and an opportunity to interact with the employees and their families” one of the participants commented.

The Dubai Center for Special Needs – Dubai Charity Centre

The inaugural clothing drive at CSS occurred in March 2011. It was a great achievement as employees from different offices in the United Arab Emirates contributed on a large scale and we were able to collect the clothes, which weighed approximately 225 kgs. CSS senior management has always supported these activities to cultivate the culture in employees to be socially responsible. The collection of clothes has been donated to The Dubai Center for Special Needs-Dubai Charity Centre for onward distribution to those who are less fortunate. On May 31st, 2011 with the support of CSS Homeward Bound (Personal Effects Management of CSS) the clothing was transported to The Dubai Center for Special Needs-Dubai Charity Centre and handed over to Elizabeth Operations Supervisor & Delhna Cama Public Relations Coordinator.

Amith Horra Marketing Manager, CSS and Deepu S Dev Marketing Coordinator represented CSS Group for the CSR initiative.  “We are pleased to be associated with The Dubai Center for Special Needs and we look forward to engaging in other activities to continually build upon our CSR initiatives at CSS. I would like to thank everyone involved in the clothing drive because without your support this would not be possible,” added Amith Horra.

The Dubai Center for Special Needs is an established, non-profitable institution that provides the highest standards of service in specialized education and therapy, for children with various disabilities.  It is a caring environment, largely dependent on the generosity of the local communities and corporations.  Its aim is to provide each and every one of its students the key to a positive life, thereby “Lighting the path to a brighter future”. They provide academic assistance and after that concentrate on prevocational training taking them to various organizations within Dubai for work experience and finally help them to gain employment within the community and to take their rightful place in this world which is their moral right.

Twinkle twinkle little star…

The little faces were all lit up when they got new bags and umbrellas on the very first day of this school year at the Government Lower Primary School at Valiyaparambu, Thrikkunnappuzha. The bags and umbrellas were donated by T.S. Kaladharan, Chairman of CSS Group and Devas Group of companies. The distribution of the same was done on the 01st of June, which was the inaugural day of the academic season in Kerala by Vinod Kumar, the Grama Panchayat President of Thrikkunnappuzha. Hareendran C, Manager for Devas Farm House, Mohanan

Kavassery Desam Get Together

Kavassery Desam is one of the socio-cultural organizations in UAE. It is unique in its nature due the representation of all the Kavasserians from Palakkad district in Kerala. The family consists of over 300 members who are promoting cultural and social welfare activities across the UAE. As part of the 12th anniversary celebration they organized a get together for the members at the Royal Palace Hotel Apartments. The evening showcased several activities where the member’s family as well their children performed in various cultural aspects. As per Mr. Rakesh Menon, Senior Manager, CSS Logistics, “It was a proud moment for CSS Logistics as sponsors because we were able to be part of this auspicious occasion and network with the member’s.”

Green Logistics


Logistics is the integrated management of all the activities required to move products through the supply chain. For a typical product this supply chain extends from a raw material source through the production and distribution system to the point of consumption and the associated reverse logistics. The logistical activities comprise of freight transport, storage, inventory management, materials handling and all the related information processing. The main objective of logistics is to co-ordinate these activities in a way that meets customer requirements at minimum cost. In the past this cost has been defined in purely monetary terms. As concern for the environment rises, companies must take more account of the external costs of logistics associated mainly with climate change, air pollution, noise, vibration and accidents. It is important that we examine ways of reducing these externalities and achieve a more sustainable balance between economic, environmental and social objectives.

The ‘Green Logistics’ refers to plan, control, management and implementation of the logistics system through the advanced logistics technology and environmental management, aiming to reduce the pollutant emission. According to the logistics link, the evaluation criterions of enterprise green logistics are Green Transportation, Green Storage, Green Packing, Reverse Logistics and Green Technology.

What we call ‘Green Logistics’ represents the convergence of several strands of research that began different times over the past 40 years. In these years it has developed as a an academic discipline, extending its original focus on the outbound movement of finished products – Physical distribution to companies entire transport, storage and handling systems – Integrated Logistics and then to interaction with business upstream and downstream- Supply Chain Management. Other major contextual trends includes the growth of environmental awareness, regulations, and development of national and international standards for environmental reporting and management that many companies now adopt as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility programmes. Partly as result of these trends, the volume of statistics available to ‘Green Logistics’ researchers has greatly expanded.

In measuring the environmental effects of logistics it is important to distinguish the first order and second order impacts. The first order environmental effects are those which are directly associated with the freight transport, warehousing and material handling operations. Second order impacts results indirectly from these logistics and take various forms. For instance, the increase in air freight and other traffic is resulting from global sourcing is first order effect, where as the increase in infrastructure, such as roads, buildings in sensitive areas, is a second order effect.

A large body of survey evidence has accumulated to show that companies around the world are keen to promote their green credentials through the management of logistics. It is difficult to gauge, however this reflects a true desire to help the environment by enhancing public relations.

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