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Lighthouse - November, 2015.

Chairman’s Message

“Innovation” is a word I often think about because it has changed its meaning, over many years. In the 16th century, to call someone an innovator was to accuse them of heresy because they were not conforming.  Nowadays innovation focuses ones attention on opportunities and motivation.

Sometimes potentially brilliant ideas are overlooked because others accept routine as always being an essential part of a process which one mustn’t change. When looked at from a different perspective we may recognise something which is unique to us – a quality that can be developed into a winning strategy.

As usual the CSS Strategy Meet takes place in November and it is not by chance that it is being held in the UAE. Whilst the Middle East market is currently somewhat dull, CSS is performing well. We will be keeping innovation forefront in our minds so that we may build on this momentum within the GCC. We will achieve successful outcomes by exploring not only what opportunities exist now but also those which are likely to emerge in the future.

I believe that our future is exciting and we may smile as we innovate. This philosophy was recently put into practice through a staff engagement programme. CSS Delhi hosted an event which, as well as being interactive, included performance awards.

I am confident that our sales teams will be able to build on customer feedbacks, information and friendships. With our planned operations due to commence early next year, in Doha and Muscat, I hope you are enthused by a positive upward outlook.

I welcome everyone joining with me, confidently sailing forward into New Year 2016, emboldened to innovate for more success.

Moving Skids and Pipe Racks in Oman

The Projects team at CSS Group successfully completed a major movement of Skids and Pipe racks from Sohar port to OXY Block 2 site, Oman. The movement which required close coordination was handled professionally by the CSS projects team with careful planning and meticulous handling. The 1300 CBM volume of cargo were moved in 10 X 40 feet flat racks (OOG) and 10 X 40 feet STD in low bed trucks with proper permissions in place.

The entire units were carefully loaded under expert supervision at the Sohar port and moved with police escorts to the destination site. The movement which took 8 days (from clearance till delivery) was successfully completed inviting highest client appreciation. High professionalism was displayed by each and every team member involved in the project and proved once again CSS Group’s commitment towards achieving highest quality of service rendition.

Moving Helicopters

Relocations division of CSS Group moved Helicopters from Abu Dhabi to Canada 

CSS Homeward Bound completed yet another challenging movement in style recently. This movement involved transportation of Helicopters to Canada. CSS operations teams were involved for the smooth handling of this valuable cargo. CSS Homeward Bound in collaboration with CSS Abu Dhabi team has smoothly handled an Export Project of BK 117 Helicopters from Abu Dhabi to Canada, with the overwhelming support extended by the staff of TWA.

The shipment has been split in to two, Air Freight & Sea Freight based on the priorities. CSS in association with Emirates Airlines has executed the Air Freight job in perfection which exceeded the expectations of the client satisfaction. CSS has handled the the activities involved with the movement like packing, documentation, export clearance, loading, freight, clearance & delivery at destination etc with utmost professionalism and with proper time management. The Air Freight was a part charter where as the sea freight was handled in two 40 foot high-cube containers. “The entire movement was managed professionally which brought us maximum job satisfaction, and I am happy that we could bring in cheer in the end”, commented Syed Ahmed Zeeshan, General Manager, CSS Homeward Bound.

The entire packing, lashing, crating, loading of the helicopter & accessories for the Air Freight and Sea Freight shipments has been handled by the Industrial Packing & Lashing division of CSS Homeward Bound in the most professional way which was even appreciated by the airline. The Freight and the further execution of the job were handled by the team at CSS Abu Dhabi.

Inspiring for The Best Results

CSS Delhi motivational programme for their employees

A unique employee engagement programme was witnessed at Console Shipping Services Delhi office with enthusiastic staff members participating with cheer and excitement.  Motivating employees to perform to their maximum potential is the responsibility of an organization’s leaders. It is important that your employees know they are viewed as valuable members of the organization. In order to make their team, feel special and appreciated, CSS Delhi senior management organized a team building activity.

The event also saw the staff members being recognized for their contribution and hard work. Awards were distributed amongst them for their exemplary service performances and displaying leadership qualities. The CSS management believes that such recognitions help employees to enhance their level of commitment and performance towards their core activity, thereby motivate the other members of the organization. This time CSS Delhi has awarded their team members for their continuous support and accomplishments based on their performance and personality. Activity was made transparent which based on voting system that eventually could make everyone to be the part of the programme and share their views and vote for the most eligible candidate amongst them. The final decision was declared by a panel of Senior Management Staff at the Delhi office under the guidance of Rajesh Arora, Vice President, North India. The decision was purely taken as per the voting done on the day.

The programme was well appreciated by the entire CSS Group offices and the Chairman, T S Kaladharan who said that the most valuable service from any person could be the next job he attends and we need to keep our employees motivated enough to equip them to deliver their best from the next job, while talking about the programme. A big congrats to CSS Delhi for organizing such wonderful programmes which surely will be followed by other offices as well, the soonest.

The list of awards distributed on the day and the recipients as below:

  • Mr. Punctuality : Mr. Sumit Kumar (Import documentation Department)
  • Old timer Award or Length of service Award : Mr. Vijay Pradhan (Field Guy)
  • Bring out the best (everyday leadership) : Mr. Rajeev Kumar (AGM – Imports)
  • Most supportive person : Mr Sudeep V Pillai (Accounts Department)
  • Steadiness under pressure : Mr. Prince Jawa (Imports – customer service)
  • Star performer : Mr Rajesh Arora (Vice President)
  • Rising star : Shared by  Mr. Prasun Roy (AGM – Exports) &
  • Mr. Prabhakar Kumar (Manager sales – Imports)
  • Most Humble / Kind personality : Ms. Ekta Sawhney (Asst. Manager – Key Accounts – Imports)
  • Marvelous Multitasker: Mr. Shankar Das (Field operations)
  • Best communication skills : Mr. Atul Jaiswal (Manager, Overseas co-ordination)

CFS Facility at Sohar

The new CFS facility of Arkan Sohar is operated by CSS Group

The first of its kind CONTAINER FREIGHT STATION in the Sohar Free Zone, ARKAN SOHAR FZC is positioned to provide convenient and seamless deconsolidation of LCL cargo coming in via the Sohar Gateway. Proximity to the port, the customs bonded CFS, ensures productivity and the fastest possible turnaround of cargo.

With the ability to provide 3PL services as well, including short term storage / value added services ARKAN SOHAR is much more than a deconsolidation destination. This CFS service provides 1500 sq.meters of dedicated storage space, customs inspection facility, and ancillary logistics like IVMS enabled transportation, port to door cargo visibility and knowledgeable support systems ensuring the fastest turnaround for LCL cargo in the market.

Key Features

  • 1500 sq.mtrs of warehousing with DG dedicated storage space
  • Strategically located in the Sohar Free Zone
  • Dedicated Customs inspection facility at the CFS
  • IVMS enabled transport.
  • Customs Clearance Capabilities

In this new venture, CSS who manages the operations bring with them, their International network of partners, and their vast experience in the industry, and the same level of professionalism and dedication that is expected out of them.

About Sohar port and freezone

SOHAR Port and Freezone is a deep-sea port and adjacent free zone in the Middle East, located in Sohar, Oman, around 200 kilometers northwest of the capital Muscat. With current investments exceeding $15 billion, it is one of the world’s largest port and free zone developments. It lies at the centre of global trade routes between Europe and Asia.

SOHAR is currently home to logistics, petrochemicals and metal clusters that feed downstream industries with iron and steel, plastics and rubber, ceramics and chemicals. The port is equipped with deep-water jetties capable of handling the world’s largest ships.

The Port was originally established in 2002 and the Freezone was added in 2010. SOHAR Port and Freezone is managed by Sohar Industrial Port Company (SIPC), a 50:50 joint venture between the Port of Rotterdam and the Sultanate of Oman

Promising Days Ahead

Both Arkan Sohar Logistics & CSS Group Managements are confident about the new venture

Ali Al Muttawa
Managing Director
Arkan Sohar Logistics

Arkan Sohar Logistics – one of the growing logistics company in Oman, being operated from the port city of Sohar, the only port which serves the shipping needs of Northern Oman. The company offers a Neutral / Highly productive and Effective solution to the market – covering all 3PL / Deconsolidation and Storage requirements. The partnership with the CSS CFS Group services will only enhance the quality of the operation, keeping the CSS Group’s successful footprint in this segment and in this region in mind.”

Sreenath V
Sr. General Manager
CSS Group

The closure of Mina Qaboos, Muscat for General cargo and container movement has resulted in greater developments of the Sohar port & the Free zone. Our vast experience in handling CFS activities combined with our neutrality as an NVOCC operator will surely help in providing the customers with an easy and quick service to their requirements. With easy & short accessibility to the Sohar port & Terminals, ARKAN SOHAR state of the art fully racked  private CFS  will not only result in quick turnaround of containers but also will ensure a smooth & easy process to customers.

New Office for CSS at Chennai

Console Shipping Services, Chennai has moved on to a new location recently. The change in office location was primarily to provide better access for their clients. Being at the new place, Chennai team intends to cater to their clients in a better way and to ensure speedy and prompt service deliverance. CSS Group wishes Chennai team good luck at the new location.


Handling with Care

Dangerous Goods Handling License for CSS Airfreight Division, dubai

CSS Group Airfreight division has acquired the DG license, which enables the company to handle dangerous goods movement as per the provisions mentioned in the license. The airfreight division can handle Classes 1 to 9 items of DG goods as prescribed worthy for air transport by the competent authority. There are a number of restrictions which have been placed on dangerous goods which are permitted to be transported by air. All such restrictions shall be complied with by all concerned involved in the transport of dangerous goods by air.

Dangerous Goods may be carried safely by air transport provided certain principles are adopted. Therefore, these principles have been used in the ICAO Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air and the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, to facilitate transport while giving a level of safety such that dangerous goods can be carried without posing the aircraft and its occupants, health and or the environment at risk. This is also intended to improve the aviation industry standards and bring it up to the required level of compliance with dangerous goods regulations and to ensure safe and secure air transport of dangerous goods by air at all times.

The Competent Authority dangerous goods certified operators must ensure that its employees or employees of its appointed ground handling agent processing and handling dangerous goods shipment(s) for transport by air are trained commensurate with their responsibilities as specified in these Regulations.  The training shall be undertaken by one of the GCAA approved training providers, IATA Institute of Training and Development or ICAO.

Consolidated Shipping Services LLC ensures that their DG handling staffs are trained by a competent authority and hold valid certificate issued by the Authority. Recurrent training must be provided within 24 months of previous training to ensure knowledge is updated. CSS Group has taken all measures to ensure safe and professional handling of Dangerous goods of their clients and provide maximum satisfaction in the least expensive manner.

Mahabali Crystal Award

The enthusiastic team at the CSLC 1, Jebel Ali, won this year’s Mahabali Crystal Award for the best Pookkalam (Kerala Traditional Flower Carpet) created in connection with the Onam celebrations.

Every year, in connection with Onam celebrations, at CSS Group, a competition is being held amongst all offices for identifying the best creator of Pookkalam on the main day of Onam, ie; Thiruvonam. Each office engages their best creative team to make amazingly beautiful designs only with flower. The photographs later on will be sent to a judging panel. Here are some snaps from the competition arena.


Congratulations to the CSLC 1 TEAM!!!! You all did a fantastic job, and this could have only been done through your team work and creativity.

Quote from the Judges.

This team has done a great job in the pookalam design, and were in the top 3 for all the categories. 


Congratulations to both the teams!!!! You all did an amazing job, and this could have only been done through your team work and creativity.

Quote from the Judges. 

Both Abu Dhabi and Sharjah did an amazing job so they both should be considered second place, they lost points on the pookalam design but overall presentation and theme was very well presented


Congratulations team!!!! You all did a good job, and this could have only been done through your team work and creativity.

Quote from the Judges.

One of the best pookalam designs in the competition and the overall presentation was good and simple.

CSS Group Welcomes OnBoard

Rajesh Menon

CSS Group welcomes Mr. Rajesh Menon who has joined the company in the capacity of General Manager, Supply Chain. Being a management graduate, Rajesh carries with him more than 23 years of experience in Dubai. His induction into the senior management level is a clear indication to enhance the supply chain activities of the group company and to improve the existing good will amongst the multinational giants in the Middle East. “We believe that there is great potential for developmental activities in the logistics industry in the Middle East. UAE supply chain and logistics industry alone is expected to touch USD 25 billion. With the current down turn in oil sector the governments thrust and focus in coming years is going to be more in promoting Dubai as a Logistics hub to take advantage of its strategic location and infrastructure that UAE offers with trade access to over 2 billion people. I am confident that with the support of our team members and the Management, we can accelerate our business in areas like supply chain, freight forwarding and logistics within the next few years”, commented Rajesh.


CSS Group is pleased to welcome onboard Ms. Sasikala (SK) who has joined our Marketing Department as Senior Executive, Corporate communications. Sasikala will be working from the corporate office in Dubai and will be handling all business related communications related to the CSS Group Middle East operations. A graduate in designing from the Raffles Institute, Singapore, Sasi has undertaken and successfully completed some of the major events of CSS Group prior to joining as an employee. Her induction is sure to bring in some value addition to the creative side of the Marketing department and thereby accelerate the brand value of the Group Company. We wish all success and a rewarding career for her.

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