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Lighthouse - May, 2016.

Chairman’s Message

T S Kaladharan

Nowadays many companies spend a considerable amount of money, on motivational activities, for their employees. But does anyone take stock of the results, which follow, after such programmes? How much has anyone really benefitted? These are not my questions but ones that

I recently heard from one of my friends who leads a large work force, of around 500 people, in India. If you ponder on this, to what extent do you feel that what he said is correct? Is the concept of motivational projects losing appeal?

I believe that it all depends on how a company encourages its staff to talk with each other. This applies not only at work but also in our family and social lives.  Emails and texting have replaced many opportunities to talk. Even during lunch-breaks many are hunched over their mobiles, interacting with social media, in preference to talking. It is obvious to me that you cannot realistically build on the benefits of motivational ventures if we do not talk with each other. Of course, just like other means of communication, I am mindful that actions speak louder than words.

Nevertheless the greatest motivation lies in the, sometimes magical, results arising from talking to each other. Within CSS I have always desired an environment where we are all encouraged to talk with each other, regardless of our position within the company, because great ideas may spring from the smallest seed. To achieve the best motivational results one needs to balance the art of talking with the skill of listening. An observer recently made a comment about Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth saying that her greatest skill, when talking with others, was to always listen intently.  Taking on board such a combination I am confident that we will be motivated in an effectively beneficial way.

Enjoy Reading!!!

Strategic Buying & Beyond in an International Marketplace

CSS Group participates at the 3rd IPSC Conference 2016

The 3rd International Procurement and Supply Chain conference was held in Atlantis the Palm, Dubai on the 16th April 2016. Consolidated Shipping Services Group participated in the event in both Panel discussion as well as sponsorship arena. The 3rd International Procurement & Supply Chain Conference, 2016 is an annual gathering of eminent logistics and supply chain experts who think globally but act locally. Built on the theme “Strategic Buying & Beyond in an International Marketplace,” the conference focussed on Excellence in Supply Chain means moving beyond costs and creating better products with minimum damage to the environment. It also discussed on an integrated strategy to procurement and supply chain.

CSS Group Vice President for Freight Forwarding & Key information Department, Ajay Krishnan was one of the panel members for the discussion topic “Why Benchmarking is important to Supply Chain”. The topic discussed on subjects like companies need to make use of the latest technologies and the skills of empowered professionals to push profits in a resurgent Middle East economy. To improve their supply chain performance, companies are adopting new best practices. A memento was awarded to Ajay for being the panellist. “This was an opportunity to share thoughts, indulge in a constructive debate on why benchmarking is essential to supply chain with other experienced minds from our fraternity. The session and the event as a whole allowed us to showcase the initiatives we have, as the CSS Group, in improving the supply chain process for our customers,” commented Ajay.

The conference was organised by The Blue Ocean Academy, which is considered as the region’s largest knowledge empowerment enterprise. The one-day conference brought together heads of Supply Chain and Procurement and important policy-makers from the Middle East region who have played a crucial role in transforming UAE into the leading supply Chain hub that it is today who will analyse contemporary trends and pave the foundation for future innovation.

CSS Group showcased its services and facilities in the exhibition which was simultaneously held with the conference. CSS was honoured with a memento for being a silver sponsor for the event, which was received by Ajay on behalf of the staff & management of the company.

World Cargo Alliance – Abu Dhabi

Console shipping services India at WCA Conference

WCA has seen record attendance figures at its first ever WCA Conference Week in the Middle East region. The seven-day event, which took place from 10-16 March 2016 in Abu Dhabi in the UAE, was attended by 2,585 members, representing 1,358 companies from over 100 countries.
Console Shipping Services India Pvt. Ltd. (CSS India) attended the conference and was represented by Jairam K R, Director, CSS India. WCA is the world’s largest and most powerful network of independent freight forwarders, with over 6,056 member offices in 186 countries worldwide.
“WCA provides ample space to interact with the agents globally and discuss new concepts and concerns of the Logistics industry. Being the first time in the Middle East, WCA attracted delegates both from the east and the west equally. CSS India has great benefits in being at the WCA conference and we enjoy networking here”, commented Jairam K R.
Dan March, WCA’s new Chief Executive Officer, said of the restructured schedule, bringing together the 18th Annual and 8th Worldwide Conference: “The new format of a combined plenary session, one-on-one meetings and gala awards dinner has been a great success. Not only does this allow us to reduce the conference duration by a day – saving all delegates time and money – but it also provides even more interaction and business opportunities for attendees of both conferences.”
Important member benefit announcements were made during the plenary session, including the formal launch of Consol2Xchange, the network’s new consolidation exchange platform where members can search, negotiate, sell and purchase consols online.
Additionally, WIN – a platform that, traditionally, cost members to connect with agents, brokers and carriers – is now exclusively free for members through to the end of this year.
WCA also announced a new initiative to help members become proactive leaders armed for a future in e-commerce logistics.  David Yokeum, who will head up WCA’s newly, formed Supervisory Board as Chairman, said: “By 2020 it is projected that freight forwarding will be 20 per cent e-commerce driven. Therefore, we feel compelled to become heavily involved and are working hard to develop e-commerce tools for our members.”

From Derince to Dubai

Transformer movement and installation by CSS Projects team

The Projects team at CSS Group successfully completed a major movement recently.

Six Transformer units each of 7 x 2.8 x 3 M and weighing 60 tons each were moved from Derince Port, Turkey to Dubai. The movement was from Door to Door including the installation procedures. As is the practice, extensive study and survey was conducted as part of this movement regarding the Origin, Destination and the Travel route. Each point of the entire project was carefully assessed to ensure a fool proof and smooth journey of the cargo. At the destination, transformers were installed using the Jacking and Skidding method under the supervision of technical experts.

Prior permissions were taken and escorts were arranged for the entire route. “CSS Projects team has got a proven expertise in transformer movement, as we have done some major movements in the past as well. When it comes to installation, highly experienced technical team comes into the picture. Our past experience and successful results attracts clients to us when such demands pitch in”, commented Raj George, Senior Vice President, Projects Oil & Energy, CSS Group, after the successful project completion.

With New Responsibility

CSS Group Management is pleased to announce that Sreenath V, Siby C Kurian & Ajay Krishnan has been promoted as Vice Presidents. In the new role they will continue to oversee the activities of their respective departments. With their vast experience and commitment towards the company, the management expect to see remarkable progress in all sectors related to the departments and wish them all success.

Sreenath V
Vice President- Operations & Projects

With hands on experience in Operations and Projects management, Sreenath had spearheaded his team in successfully completing CSS commitments in the past. Leading a large workforce in the operational division and keeping them motivated are some of the many achievements of his career.

Siby C Kurian
Vice President- Sales & Marketing

Excellent PR and Marketing skills within the industry has made Siby one of the known faces amongst the shipping and logistics fraternity. Total commitment towards his responsibility and his team has always brought in laurels for the company, throughout his career.

Ajay Krishnan
Vice President- Freight Forwarding & Key Information dept.

A thorough professional in the field of Shipping and Logistics and a vast knowledge about the liner activities from his past career, Ajay looks after the Freight Forwarding and Key Information Department of CSS. With a little under two decades of experience in the industry, Ajay’s new position is sure to bring in changes within the department.

Break Bulk Europe 2016- Antwerp

CSS Group delegation to visit Break bulk Europe from 23 to 26 May 2016

Breakbulk Europe is the largest exhibition & educational forum in the world addressing the needs of traditional breakbulk and project cargo logistics professionals.  Breakbulk also serves as an excellent networking platform for shipping and logistics professionals and has also played host to the formation of agreements and identification of new agents for participating companies.

CSS Group delegation will attend the exhibition and seminars to explore new opportunities from the European Breakbulk cargo and logistics market. Breakbulk Europe’s targeted programming will ensure that you develop skills and strategy to help you do your job more effectively.

New this year, will be several micro-seminars that will take place in the exhibit hall during the exhibition. And we’ll hold a series of conference sessions, featuring VIP shippers and others, over the course of the two-day exhibition.

Breakbulk Europe Exhibition provides networking opportunity and connects with over 350 exhibitors and sponsors that provide specialized services. Exhibitors and sponsors include specialized ocean carriers, freight forwarders, ports/ terminals, logistics providers, ground transportation, heavy air, export packers, equipment companies and more.

Highlights of the event:

•     Over 7,200 participants attended Breakbulk Europe 2015

•     Meet with over 350 international exhibitors and sponsors

•     Hear from industry experts during the conference sessions

•     Learn new skills in the educational workshops

Seshan Janik Joins CSS Group

CSS Group is extremely pleased to announce that Seshan Janik has joined the group company as the Vice President- NVOCC division. Seshan is based at the Dubai office and carries with him 25 years of combined industry experience in various positions and departments of Shipping and Logistics. His last assignment was with Freight Systems Group. At CSS, Seshan will be responsible in strengthening the world wide NVOCC network of CSS Group and to explore new channels of development. Seshan is an accomplished leader, with a track record of working with high-profile companies. He brings a great mix of leadership, inspiration, operational experience, technical breadth, and passion for customer care.

As part of our commitment to ensure world class and non-compromised service levels, CSS has always maintained the cream of team at all levels of its operation. By assigning this new position to Seshan, CSS entrusts a great responsibility to this thorough professional.

A post graduate in Management, Seshan has won several awards and accolades all through his career. We wish him all success and look forward to have your guidance and cooperation for this gentleman as you have done in the past for the CSS Group.


Mobile: +971 56 5367640
Email: seshan@cssdubai.com
Tel: + 971 4 3248884 ext: 212

Intermodal 2016

CSS Participates in Intermodal Exhibition and conference

Intermodal South America, which is considered to be the largest platform that provides communications and idea exchange amongst the cargo and logistics fraternity concluded with colours recently. CSS Group takes pride to be a part of the exhibitions as a trade visitor this year also. CSS Group was represented by Siby C Kurian, Vice President for Sales & Marketing. “Every year Intermodal brings in new prospects of business for us at CSS Group and I believe that there is no other better manner we can reach the Latin American fraternity across the globe than Intermodal,” commented Siby about the exhibition.

Almost 50,000 professionals from the logistics, cargo and foreign trade industries gathered in Sao Paulo for the three-day event, the largest event of its kind in Latin America. Intermodal South America Transport Exhibition is the leading exhibition and conference event for international trade, logistic, transport and cargo handling.Considered by the industry executives as a strategic platform for generation of new businesses, Intermodal South America gathers during its three days the main players in international and national market, promoting businesses and partnerships, working as a platform for launchings, brand reinforcement, joint-ventures, sales and networking

Brazil can rely on companies from the logistics, cargo transport and international trade sectors to overcome the current crisis atmosphere. In an environment where this word was traded for others such as investment, business and proactivity, over the three days of Intermodal South America, the production chains of these sectors provided a demonstration that it is possible to quickly return to a virtuous circle of growth. From April 5th to 7th at the Transamerica Expo Centre, São Paulo, the event brought together 600 brands from 25 countries as exhibitors and a highly knowledgeable audience of attendees, primarily executives with high levels of decision-making power.

“This 22nd edition of Intermodal has enabled companies to be certain that an atmosphere of crisis can be overcome with more investment and boldness. The ability to recover shown by these sectors is notable and our mission is precisely to stimulate and boost the success of the companies that exhibit with us, gathering together interests and promoting discussions on essential themes for the development of the market in Brazil and Latin America”, said Jean-François Quentin, CEO of UBM Brazil, the event promoter.

Why Rocket Science is So Simple But Logistics is Not

We all keep saying : This is not rocket science!

Its more to describe something as simpler compared to a more complex rocket science which looks very intriguing from the outside.

Rahat Talreja
Vice President – CSS India

Today, I wish to decipher it and make it as simple as it is for you. Today you will realise that it is safe to tell a rocket scientist that it is not logistics (to make his own subject seem simpler to him)

First of all, the word Rocket Science itself is a misnomer. It is more appropriately Rocket Engineering or Rocket Technology.


Science is basically the study of the origins, nature and behaviour of the universe. science is therefore “study” of what is already there.Whereas Engineering is more about using scientific concepts and engineering principles to solve problems and develop new technology. Engineering is therefore “problem solving through solution development”

Now what exactly is Rocket Engineering?

Aerospace Engineering – which has 2 parts: aeronautical and astronautical

Aeronautical is used to describe all engineering which relates to flying within the stratosphere (lets say our local aircraft etc)

Any flying outside it is referred to Astronautical (rocket, spacecraft etc)

So all study & development related to Astronautical is Rocket Science as we know it.

So why do we think its complex?

Since all the flying is outside the stratosphere, complex weather conditions, temperatures, pressures, objects, gravity etc are involved. This is the main reason we think its tough. Because we never look up, we are mostly looking in our computers or the road or the nice building or the good looking people and things which are on ground near us, that’s it. In fact Rocket science is so simple that you will see many producers made movies on science fiction like:

Alien, PK, Krissh, Interstellar, Star Wars, Star Trek, Gravity, Independence Day, Apollo 13, Spaceballs, Avatar, Extra Teresstial, Jaithra Yathra, Bharathan Effect , Indru Netru Naalai etc.

But, have you ever seen a single movie on Logistics, about packing a console box, about warehousing , about a trailer looking for parking at an Indian port ?? never, because no producer understands it to attempt it.

Rocket science is so simple that only 1 company in the world is needed to run it : NASA

But logistics is so complex that many individuals, in every country around the world have gone their way and accumulated a team of people and we have thousands of logistics companies yet no one is able to say that we don’t need any more. So the research continues at every level.

Rocket science is so simple that they dont have any convention or meeting or get together or associations or maybe once a year if they do.

Logistics is so complex that we have 8-10 associations like CAI, AMTOI, FFAI, IATA, WCA, PCN etc, we have at least 10 meetings per month in every nook of the world, we have agent meetings with one to ones at least once every quarter, internal meetings every day, and sales meetings twice a day at least.

Rocket science also never produces any heroes . By the way, which aerospace hero do you know and are chasing to hire ? But logistics is such a complex subject that heroes are made in every corner and are chased for their 100, 200 , 500 , 750 cbms with pots of cash by all.

Before a space mission, every Tom Dick and Harry or in Indian context, every Sonu, Monu and Tonu know that a “rocket” will be used and there are 5 astronauts going in it.

But in logistics, till the Friday cut off, even the head of the company doesn’t know if it will be a 20’ or 40’ or 40 HQ that has to be placed and how many cbm if at all a 40 HQ – 45, 55, 65 or 70 cbm will be stuffed in it.

When you look in the sky, even a child knows : Hey thats the moon, thats the sun and it will rise for sure everyday.

But on looking at a well dressed salesman in logistics, no one can say for sure if he will stuff your cargo, release your BL on time, pick your phone when cargo is shut out or not fleece the city if there is a case of cross stuffing.

A rocket or spacecraft does most of the work through computers which are fully automated, like an auto pilot in commercial aircraft.

But in logistics, carting, stuffing, stowing, lashing, choking, sealing, shipping, destuffing, unloading, storing, delivery order, outstanding payment collection, etc everything is done by breakfast eating, coffee sipping human beings.

When a spacecraft takes off, it leaves so much of gas behind it.

A logistics salesman’s sales pitch is THAT gas.

Rocket science is heavily funded by the government due to its non commercial and expensive expenditious nature.

Logistics companies have the same nature of being non commercial (since everyone wants minus freight and free other things like stuffing plan, sailing schedule, hand delivery of BL, make the certificate of origin for free, less DO fee, less storage, discount on THC etc) and also expensive due to rocket high rents, salaries, travel costs, high interest rates etc but no one will fund it.

Never heard of IT scrutiny notice, service tax notice, DRI notice, ED notice, Customs notice, CBI notice or Income tax raid on NASA.

The most important, there is no service tax on flying to space

But wef 1 June 2016, everything is subject to service tax in logistics

When you die and meet Neil Armstrong in heaven, tell him about it.

By the way, just like people who live have the fear of dying, people in heaven always have the fear of being born (their worst dream being to be born and make a living out of collecting cargo)

World of Knowledge Opened for the Little Ones

CSR @ CSS – New Library and Smart class for Govt. LP School from CSS Group Chairman

As part of the CSR initiative, CSS Group Chairman T S Kaladharan, sponsored a new library and smart class with a stock of books to the Lower Primary School at Thrikkunnappuzha. The library consists of a cross section of books from Children’s section to the reference section which is required for the teaching staff.

A smart class was also constructed and inaugurated which will facilitate the teaching lab activities in the future. The library and smart class was inaugurated in a grand function which was organised within the school premises on the 10th March 2016. The library was inaugurated by renowned journalist and cultural activist Chunakkara Janardhanan Nair.

The function was inaugurated by poet Inchakkadu Balachandran whose poems had greatly influenced the malayalee minds. At the function, as per the request from the audience, he recited his own poem. CSS Group was represented by the Head of Marketing and Corporate communications, Unnikrishnan G.

P Ramachandran from the PTA and the School Headmistress M. M Sreedevi who were on the dais thanked T S Kaladharan for his donation. The entire function was well attended by the students and their parents.

DP World looking at US $2bn Russian Investment

Dubai-based port operator DP World is eyeing three sites in Russia as part of a $2 billion joint venture it signed in January, as per their group chairman.

The three sites are in Vladivostok in the east of Russia, the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea. Sultan Bin Ahmed bin Sulayem did not provide more specific details during a press conference in Dubai.

In January, DP World signed a JV agreement with the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) to develop ports, transportation and logistics infrastructure in Russia.

At the time, Vladivostok was one of the regions to be targeted by the Joint Venture – Bin Sulayem had met Russian president Vladimir Putin there several months earlier to discuss possible investments.

The eastern port of Vladivostok is considered crucial to boosting trade with China, as the Far East superpower increasingly looks to transport products more cheaply by land to Russia and Europe, rather than by sea.

Bin Sulayem told journalists on Sunday that the JV would seek to invest the planned $2 billion among the three areas over the next 20-30 years.

He said no financial commitments had yet been made, but explained that the RDIF Joint Venture “would be the vehicle through which will be invest”.

DP World is in various stages of negotiations for investments in 15 other markets, but Bin Sulayem declined to reveal full details while talks are still on going.

Among the targeted markets are, Senegal, where DP World is hoping to ink an agreement to operate the port to anchor a new free zone being planned by the Senegalese government.

There are also plans to invest circa $1.9 billion in China – it has several investments there already – Georgia, Somalia, Madagascar and Albania.

Bin Sulayem added that the lifting of sanctions in Iran presented new opportunities, particularly as DP World looks to tap into nearby markets such as Kazakhstan to open up inland transport gateways to China.

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