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Lighthouse - November, 2017.


An article, which I read recently, stimulated some creative thoughts. It was all about ‘delegating well to become a great leader’. It prompted me to recall a saying by former US President Ronald Regan, “Surround yourself with the best people you can find, delegate authority, and don’t interfere as long as the policy you’ve decided upon is being carried out”. This is an environment, I believe, we have been successful in achieving within CSS. Accordingly it’s an opportune time to discuss this topic, as November invariably proves to be a testing time for our Sales Force Team. As we find ourselves standing, once again, at the threshold of another strategy meet I welcome the opportunity to talk with team leaders. The interaction between leadership and delegation is a challenging issue. Consequently a review, by team leaders of their past year, may produce some interesting highlights for us all to discuss. How has success been measured? What has delegation achieved for your team? How do you accept responsibility for your team’s figures?

In leadership forums, around the globe, the roles of leadership and delegation are widely discussed. In the ever demanding business atmosphere, in which CSS operates, things are no different. Just like others, we need confident and bold leaders in order to seize every opportunity that comes our way. Leadership potential is realised when one is able to build on the collective talents of one’s team. Delegation encourages team responsibility and allows for a more enthusiastic environment because team members may be recognised for their contribution.

Looking back, I happily acknowledge that CSS has seen some great team leaders who have made invaluable contributions. I have no doubt that; as our company continues to focus on growth & development, appropriate delegation will play a key role in raising our company to even more glorious heights.


Good fortune is always treated as an ingredient for success in business, but it is only one ingredient. Managing business needs unique capabilities, especially when it comes to shipping and logistics.

CSS has rolled out its red carpet in Kolkata recently. It seems to be a bold decision from T S Kaladharan, the visionary Chairman of CSS Group to recommence the Kolkata operations. That is what Sudharshan, Vice President, South India feel. Sudharshan overlooks the Kolkata operations as well for CSS Group. In a brief session he explained more about Kolkata to Lighthouse. Kolkata as a metro and the capital city caters largely to the state of West Bengal – by virtue of that the market size is huge. It is mandatory to obtain two licenses to operate out of Kolkata – Trade licenses and Port licenses which is Kolkata operations specific.
Kolkata operates from Riverine Port. CSS India from its operational base in Kolkata can cater to the need of the entire West Bengal region, Orissa, Tripura and Assam. They can also extend their servicing to the neighbouring countries of Nepal and Bhutan as well.

 Lighthouse was curious about the advantages of Kolkata being the only port in the Upper eastern region of the Sub-continent. Pijush Saha, who leads the team Kolkata in the capacity of Branch manager, nodded in the affirmative and said, Kolkata, being the only port in the Eastern region of the nation can extend CSS business lines with the Northern and Central parts of India. The fact remain that few coastal vessels complete the voyage of the cargo within the duration of two days. One of the major problems with Kolkata port is that it suffers from Tidal Bores entering the port frequently and it bends at several places which in turn are not allowing the large vessels to enter the port.

What will be the larger issues for CSS in the days to come, enquired Lighthouse? “Presently the Kolkata team is small but are aggressive professionals. We are growing rapidly but cautious about every step we take forward. Competition is watching us with bewilderment, as we are working with customer closely to make it their admiration. Customizing is CSS strength across the group hence we are implementing all good practices into force in Kolkata market. We are available 24X7 to our customers with our mobiles switched on. We don’t want enquiries and concerns go unattended, the usual CSS formula” Concluded Pijush.
Lighthouse wishes the team Kolkata Good Luck!!!


Diwali is one of the biggest festivals in India and observed by Indians world over. Diwali means rows of lighted lamps. It is a festival of lights and every Hindu celebrates it with joy. During this festival, people light up their houses and shops. Diwali is celebrated to honour Sri Rama, the seventh avatar (incarnation of the Lord Vishnu). It is believed that on this day Rama returned to his people after 14 years of exile during which he fought and won a battle against the demons and the demon king, Ravana.

People do worship Lord Ganesh for good welfare and prosperity and Goddess Lakshmi for wealth and wisdom. Diya and lighting, home decoration, shopping, fireworks, puja (prayers), gifts, feast and distributing sweets are all part of the celebration.

CSS India offices celebrated Diwali with special poojas and sweets distribution.




The CSS Group’s annual Strategy Meet 2017 will be held at the Hotel Lakend in Rajasthan, Udaipur, India on the 15th to the 16th of November, 2017.

Each year sees members of the CSS Group’s various management teams from across all branches come together for two days, to crunch and discuss the year’s performance, and scrutinize the next steps for yet another successful year.
As is custom, the Group decides on a yearly motto to navigate its teams across the world towards a common goal. With the Group planning its new aggressive strategy, ‘Time to Evolve’ seems more than adept at spearheading our vision. The Group’s ability to adapt and – for lack of a better word – evolve with regards to competition, processes, technology and relationships is what it prides itself for.

Popularly known as the “City of lakes” – is a famous tourist destination and known for its history, culture and scenic surroundings.

Udaipur is also popular for its massive historic forts and palaces, museums, architecturally-sound temples, and traditional fairs and festivals.


Following the successful venture of the CSS Group into Saudi Arabia, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Britto Satheesh as Director, CSS Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Britto will lead the CSS Group’s business in KSA, driving the business development and support teams on all aspects of growing, enhancing the CSS Group brand in the Saudi Arabian market. We are convinced that he will add another layer of success to our quality efforts, while aligning processes at the CSS KSA enterprise with the rest of the CSS Group.

Britto brings with him experience in the aeronautical engineering, project and process management, and research and quantitative analysis sectors, graduating from the University of Nottingham, UK.

Welcome on board, Britto!

About Consolidated Shipping Services, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Consolidated Shipping Services Group takes pleasure in commencing operations from three major cities in Saudi Arabia namely Riyadh, Dammam & Jeddah. The CSS Group’s Saudi Arabia branch – with its tailored infrastructure and skilled personnel – caters to end-to-end shipping and logistics requirements in the region. World class services are offered through all segments of operation, with swift turnaround times. Contact the CSS KSA office via email on info@csssaudi.com.

About the Consolidated Shipping Services Group

Consolidated Shipping Services Group is one of the fastest growing NVOCC in the region. The CSS Group today is one of the leading integrated freight forwarding solutions provider with close to 25 years of experience. The company – through its corporate diversity and willingness to keep learning and relearning – has earned its collective experience within the industry. With a team consisting of over 750 experienced and dedicated professionals across 20 offices, CSS is able to meet a client’s freight forwarding requirements – be it by sea, land or air.
The CSS Group adapts itself to the latest trends in the industry, offering efficient and feasible solutions to its clients’ and associates. For more information, visit www.cssgroupsite.com.


CSS Ludhiana completes its Third month of operations with opening great inroads in the market area where they operate.

CSS Ludhiana is located in such a manner that they can easily cover the industrial belt of Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Chandigarh, Zirakpur, Rajpura, Ambala, Mandi, Amritsar & Hosiharpur. These industrial belts are majorly known for Garments, Hosiery Items, Fabrics, Hand Tools, Bi cycle & parts, Tyres and last but not the least Pharmaceutical products.

“We have received a warm welcome from the entire shipping and logistics fraternity. The initial trends and really promising and the management support stands like the pillar for our future growth. We will soon be expanding our operational spectrum and adding more members to cover larger areas,” mentioned Meena Sharma, Regional Manager while talking to Lighthouse.

Recently CSS Ludhiana’s Custom Broking license has been registered with Ludhiana Custom, and with this now they are fully equipped to provide all logistics related services under one window.

Stiff market conditions and controls from the government machinery, are seen as some slight challenges for the overall growth graph. Apart from Garment industry CSS Ludhiana market is going steady after Demonetization & GST and with new stiff cut in “Duty Drawback” scheme from Government of India Ludhiana Garment industries are facing tough time like other parts of India. DRI has also put ban on 20 Garments exporter for bogus export fraud, but that is not a niche market for CSS Ludhiana.

“Most of the control measures pose a difficulty in the beginning. But in long run trust worthy business houses will reap benefits from such measures. That is what we have seen in the past in India. Hence CSS Ludhiana is very much confident” commented Rajesh Arora, Vice President North India.

The newly commenced Green field Ludhiana domestic airport is fully functional now and it is fully connected with all major airports in India.

It is too early to say about the challenges of business but for sure Ludhiana is an old and big market and most of the major players are operating from Ludhiana but Console shipping services India Pvt. Ltd Ludhiana are positive and sure that in very short span of time CSS Ludhiana will achieve the desired growth target.


The Group’s Hospitality & Hotel Logistics division provides tailor-made logistics services to local and international luxury industries. CSS’s Hospitality & Hotel Logistics specializes in the management and implementation of Hotel Logistics solutions.
Armed with an aggressive wealth of experience in delivering, transportation, warehousing and installation solutions for International Luxury Hotels, the division offers turnkey solutions for large-scale construction projects and efficient, comprehensive maintenance and supply concepts logistics solutions for developers, hotel operators, FF&E and OS&E suppliers, and international agents for procurement.

The CSS Group’s extensive Supply Chain Management facilities include storage provisions throughout the Middle-East, state-of-the-art lifting and loading equipment and a fleet of vehicles for land transportation. Cargo is secure and monitored round the clock.
“A comprehensive and innovative approach is required when it comes to this unique division of Hospitality & Hotel logistics. We have system procedures to ensure fool proof execution, from shipping to warehousing to installation – as per a client’s planned room layout – conforming to all standards required for the job,” mentioned Rosh Manoli, Deputy General Manager, Sales & Marketing CSS Dubai.

The CSS Group’s decades of experience and diversified services, ranging from Ocean freight management to heavy equipment logistics to relocation and removals, has strengthened its resolve in becoming a global leader in the shipping and logistics industry.

“The CSS Hospitality & Hotel Logistics team provides customized solutions, keeps up with real time communication and displays global standards.” continued Rosh.
The CSS Hospitality & Hotel Logistics team is fully equipped to meet any demand from the industry, be it pre-opening or project execution phases


The United Arab Emirates has now framed a Federal law No. 7 of 2017 on Tax Procedures to introduce the tax in all the emirates of UAE. This new Tax Law shall explain the rules for regulating the collection of Taxes, defines the role of the Federal Tax Authority, penalties etc.

The Tax Law mainly categorise the tax into two, namely VAT (Value Added Tax) which will be introduced on January 1st, 2018 by Federal Decree Law No. (8) of 2017 and Excise Tax, which shall be introduced in October, 2017 by Federal-Decree Law No. (7) of 2017. The VAT is actually a consumption tax which is usually imposed on a product at each stage of production before the final sale. In simple words, it is imposed on the Customers. In UAE, the VAT will be calculated as a percentage, ie., at the rate of 5%, of the retail sale price of a product. Whereas the excise tax which shall be in force from the upcoming months, is imposed on the manufacturer and not the customer. The Excise Tax Law shall impact all the excise goods consumed inside the Country including all the free zones and Ports. This tax is set to discourage the consumption of products that negatively impact the environment and more importantly, people’s health, while the revenues it generates will go towards supporting advanced services for all members of society.

Since the draft UAE Tax Law is not yet published, it is generally mentioned that all business that provide taxable goods or services with annual revenue of more than AED 375,000 will be required to register for VAT.
As per the New Tax Law, it is to be noted that the accounting records of the companies/business not only have to be prepared and maintained in accordance with the provisions of the tax Law, but any submissions to the Federal Tax Authority shall be in Arabic. Since the recently introduced Federal Law No (2) of 2015 on Commercial Companies already requires the companies to keep the books of accounts and financial records and to prepare the annual financial statement, the companies may not find it difficult to maintain the same under the New Tax Law. But it is to be noted that the application of any penalties in terms of the Commercial Company Law, will be without prejudice to any penalties imposed under Tax law. Upon registration for the Tax, the companies (hereinafter the tax payer) shall receive a unique registration number and the tax payer shall use/quote this registration number on all payments and correspondences with the FTA. The FTA’s power to conduct Audit, includes the Audit on the tax Payer’s premises, and they would also check if the Tax payer has complied with the tax law.

The FTA has also given authority to issue Tax Assessments and administrative penalties on the following circumstances:

  • Where a taxable person do not register for the Tax
  • Where the taxable person fails to submit the return within the timeframe specified.
  • Where the taxable person fails to make any payments due
  • Where the taxable person submits incorrect returns or payments.

Apart from the situations mentioned above, the administrative penalties shall also be made payable when the Tax payer fails to submit the records in Arabic.
The penalties for Tax evasion will be imposed from the range starting from AED 500 to three times the amount of any tax amount due per violation.

For the companies that evade the Tax registration, the penalty shall include prison sentence and a monetary penalty of upto 5 times the amount of evaded tax amount. The penalty for tax evasion shall also be imposed on the below companies:

  • Charge and collect taxes when not registered to do so under any tax law.
  • Deliberately fails to pay the tax due.
  • Destroy, steal or falsify financial records
  • Deliberately submits false documents to FTA
  • Deliberately understate any tax amount payable.

Since the regulations regarding the Tax Law has not been issued and once the same is published, it will give more clarity on the responsibility and obligations of a tax payer.

(Contributed by
Advocate Joy Tattil,
joy@calliduscmc.com )


The Consolidated Shipping Services Group held an annual Pookalam (in Malayalam language, ‘Poo’ stands for ‘flower’ and ‘Kalam’ stands for ‘artwork’) Competition honoring the Keralite Onam Harvest Festival – throughout all its offices – for the coveted Mahabali Crystal Award on the 10th of September, 2017.
On the competition’s fifth anniversary, the CSS Head Office in Dubai won the award, followed by CSLC1 and CSS Logistics holding second and third runner-up positions, respectively. Each office engaged their best creative teams for this traditional celebration, where the front entrance has circular motifs of flower bed (Onapookalam) arrangements.
This year’s rules stated that designs had to incorporate the number ‘5’ for the fifth anniversary, as well as each team submitting their photographs for assessment by anonymous guest judges. Congratulations to all our participating teams!

Significance of Pookalam
The floral rangoli, or the ‘Pookalam’, is an integral part of Onam celebrations. According to legend, King Mahabali who once ruled the region visits during these ten days of the Onam festival. These beautiful motifs made at the entrance of Malayalee houses give his soul joy, ensuring happiness and prosperity forever. It is also said that the ten rings or the steps of the Pookalam represent the ten deities of the Hindu pantheon.

How is Pookalam made?
Nowadays, various flowers are used to get the desired design and pattern. Commonly used flowers are Thumba, Thulasi, Kadali, Mukkutti, Chethi, Shankupushpam, Manthaaram, Jemanthi and Chembarathi.
Pookalam forms a vital part in the welcoming celebration of King Mahabali whose soul visits the state in the ten days during Onam. Designs made at the entrance set the essence of the festival thus ensuring long-term prosperity and happiness.
Onappookkalam symbolizes unity in diversity. The use of many different flower petals to make a pookalam is symbolic in the coming together of hearts in society. Flowers of various fragrance, color and quality gather in one pookalam, banishing all discrimination, and expressing gratitude and devotion to the Lord.

About the Consolidated Shipping Services Group
Consolidated Shipping Services Group is one of the fastest growing NVOCC in the region. The CSS Group today is one of the leading integrated freight forwarding solutions provider with close to 25 years of experience. The company – through its corporate diversity and willingness to keep learning and relearning – has earned its collective experience within the industry. With a team consisting of over 750 experienced and dedicated professionals across 20 offices, CSS is able to meet a client’s freight forwarding requirements – be it by sea, land or air.
The CSS Group adapts itself to the latest trends in the industry, offering efficient and feasible solutions to its clients’ and associates. For more information, visit www.cssgroupsite.com


I am sure all of you have sent and received several messages on Diwali.
A small rule on wishes. You can give only what you have. So when you wish health wealth happiness to someone, make sure you have enough of it yourself.

The world has reduced everything to a Happy something – which is the 1st level of experience of anything. There are deeper levels that exist. If you think of it:




And so on… we don’t even know how many layers are there but all will agree that they exist because we have felt them. So here below I present a small story on the festival of Diwali. When you read, you will listen, which you will think of, which you will feel and experience it on many layers.

Once there was a king who had 7 beautiful daughters.

One day, he asked all,

King: Who is it that feeds you?

The first 6 daughters said in praise of the king: It is you father, the greatest king, who feeds us.

Only the 7th daughter said: It is god who feeds us all.

The king got very angry. He married his 6 daughters to handsome rich princes but got the 7th one married to a poor and leprosy inflicted person.

The 7th daughter was very happy in her life however. She told her husband never to come back empty handed when he came back home from work every day.

So each day he would bring some fruit, vegetables, wood etc. back home.

One day he went to the jungle but couldn’t find anything to take back home, but found a dead snake, so he took that with him. When he showed to his wife, she asked him to throw the dead snake on their hut’s rooftop.

Meanwhile, the king of the state where she was married had a wife, who went out bathing one day to the riverside. At the riverside, she kept her expensive diamond necklace on the banks while she bathed.

Suddenly an eagle snooped down and took the necklace with it. She was heartbroken.

The eagle meanwhile realised it is of no use to him and saw the dead snake on the poor 7th daughters huts rooftop , so it snooped down and kept the necklace and took the dead snake which it could eat.

The king meanwhile announced that whoever finds the queens necklace would get a reward he desires.

The 7th daughter asked her husband to take the necklace to the king and whispered in his ear what to ask.

The king was very happy and asked the man: “What do you want?” He said nothing. The king forced him. He again said he wants nothing. The king ordered him: Ask you must, what is that that I as king can do.

He then told the king that his wife has a wish that on Diwali, no one light any diya in the whole town except for their hut. The king thought about it but for his word, said yes to it.

So on Diwali, the whole town was dark (being Amavasya, a no moon night) except for the poor man’s hut where the diya was lit.

So when Goddess Laxmi arrived, she saw that its dark everywhere and so went to the poor man’s hut and knocked on the door.

The 7th daughter, the poor man’s wife, asked: “Who is it ?”

“It’s me, Goddess Laxmi”

Wife: “Why do you need to knock, please come inside”

Goddess Laxmi walks in and is very happy and asked them: “What can I do for you, you are the only ones who lit a diya for me”

The wife said: “Now that you have come, never leave, stay with us”. And with that, she shut the door.

And Laxmi stayed there forever.

And so friends, with this small longish story, I wish you all a very happy Diwali. It is the feeling you invest into mythology that connects us from the material world to our souls. It tells us that with internal grit and determination and planning, even the gods can be captured by overcoming all our obstacles. It is not mere sweet eating and cracker bursting and bhajan singing, it is basically invoking the powers that lie within all of us. To invoke the powers, one needs concentration and for that one needs seclusion from external gimmicks.

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