Being only a short time since the dawn of the New Year prompts thinking about, and analysing, the eventful days we have had during the past year. Having all of you alongside certainly ensured that it was a great journey throughout 2017. The uncertainty of the overall global economy meant we had many ups and downs, throughout the year, but we managed to sail auspiciously ahead. We made some commendable achievements, notably with our expansion of operations in the Middle East and Indian Sub-continent.
I am grateful for the support and cooperation we have had from all our agents, associates and well-wishers. Most importantly I applaud our staff at CSS who have contributed so magnificently throughout the past year. Regardless of the global economic setbacks and its financial instability, we have been successful in riding high across complex situations.
The theme of the recently concluded Strategy Meet ‘Time to Evolve’ highlighted relevant emerging opportunities. Focusing on these will enable us to adapt ourselves to the changing economic and financial environment. This will better equip our strategies, enabling them to penetrate the hard shells of global competition.
Moving forward, into this New Year, I am confident that the course we have been sailing during the past year has set us fair to successfully meet new challenges. Assuredly together, we will see CSS gaining even more commendable achievements in 2018.
Accordingly it gladdens me to be able to wish you all good fortune for 2018 – Happy New Year.



T S Kaladharan, Chairman CSS Group was honoured with Indywood Maritine Excellence award under the Entrepreneurship category for his dedicated and visionary approach towards the Shipping and Logistics Industry. E S Sudarshan, Vice President, CSS South India received the award on behalf of Kala. The prestigious Indywood Maritime Excellence Awards 2017 concluded successfully at Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad on 2nd December 2017. The award was organised to recognize and facilitate efforts made by maritime organisations and personalities towards the development of their sector. Mohammed Ibrahim Al Qahtani was the chief guest for the event.
“It was a pleasure to be part of the Third Edition of the Indywood Excellence Award & Investor meet- Maritime Awards. The event was attended by dignitaries from across the world. Needless to say that this was a great opportunity to interact and learn from eminent people and understand their success stories.” Mentioned Sudarshan.
Recognizing the contributions of an individual over the whole of a career, rather than or in addition to single contributions, Indywood Maritime Excellence Awards were bestowed to eminent personalities from within the industry under categories such as – Lifetime Achievement awards, Professional and Entrepreneurship.
The distinguished award presenter for the Award Ceremony was Dr. Praveen Singh, Chairman of Geetvam Corporation Limited.
A panel discussion on ‘How to integrate maritime industry with technology’ was also conducted during the ceremony. The panel includes – discussed the ways and innovations which are being carried out in the maritime industry to bring it closer to the layman’s world. The session was moderated by Dr. Totakura Bangar Raju, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies.
Indywood Maritime Excellence Awards 2017 was organized as a part of Project Indywood, a US$10 Billion Project to be initiated by a consortium of 2000 Indian corporate and Multi-Millionaires.



November 15th, 2017: The CSS Group’s annual Strategy Meet 2017 was held at the Hotel Lakend in Rajasthan, Udaipur, India from the 15th to the 16th of November, 2017.
Each year sees members of the CSS Group’s various management teams from across all branches come together for two days, to crunch and discuss the year’s performance, and scrutinize the next steps for yet another successful year.
Each delegate attending was able to further discuss and question, bringing to light various viewpoints for each division presented. With the opening of the CSS Group’s offices across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam), and the introduction of the Hospitality & Hotel Logistics division to its ever-growing portfolio, the CSS Group is set on the right path to more success in the coming years.
The Group’s new aggressive strategy to navigate its teams across the world perfectly blended in with its yearly motto ‘Time to Evolve’, especially with its introduction of CSS KSA and CSS Hospitality & Hotel Logistics. The Group’s ability to adapt and – for lack of a better word – evolve with regards to competition, processes, technology and relationships is what it prides itself for.
Strategy Meet 2017 Socials (after hours):
In other news, in order for the Strategy Meet 2017 to commence a half hour later, at 9:30 a.m., CSS Logistics COO Rakesh Menon, CSS Group Vice President for Freight Forwarding Ajay Krishnan, CSS Bahrain & Doha General Manager Narayan, and CSS Group Vice President Projects & Operations Sreenath, each vowed to do ten push-ups. Whether they succeeded or not, is another matter entirely.
The CSS Group thanks its host – Hotel Lakend – for its staff and employees being incredibly helpful in making the CSS Group’s Strategy Meet 2017 a success.
Team building exercises -organized by the CSS Marketing division – before and after the conference did not fail to entertain delegates.
The CSS Group will always work hard, and play harder.


24th November, 2017: The 45+ strong NVOCC division – led by Director Chandra Kala – went on a day-long team retreat to Dibba, Oman.
The NVOCC division in Dubai, UAE was invited to a day-long team retreat, to participate in a Dhow Cruise lush with team-building exercises, snorkeling, swimming, banana boat rides, fishing and just a day to personally get to know their fellow colleagues.
The scenic tour included visits by the Hajar Mountains, famous Stone Houses and Limestone caves. The team had an amazing time discovering more about their colleagues in an out-of-office space, thus strengthening their bond further. Team bonding brings people together by encouraging collaboration and teamwork. Fun activities that help people see each other in a different light allow them to connect in a different setting.
In addition to team-building exercises and activities, team-building vacations give employees a chance to relax and get to know each other outside of the typical workplace environment. We find – as with any organization of our size – that a team works better once they know one another on a more personal level. Giving employees a well-deserved break can increase motivation and performance once they return to the workplace.

We would like to thank our volunteers who helped organize such an event, hoping there will be more to come to match its caliber.


Your loved one returns home every day at 7 pm. Today it is already 11 pm. Not returned. The phone is not reachable. No message. What are you probably thinking? Is he in trouble? Is he in an accident? Is he dead? The first thing that occupies you is: Fear and you think about “BAD”
A noble man had great thoughts. He practised good deeds all his life. One day he made a grave mistake. And everyone forgot what good he did. The mistake hounded him. It attracted all the attention. It overshadowed all his good actions. Bad for him but again: BAD won.

Recently, the license of a hospital in Delhi was cancelled due to negligence (accusation not verdict). The hospital has so far treated over 50,000 patients successfully. It never got any award, reward, tax break, appreciation from the authorities. But 1 incident and boom: License cancelled. The hospital is in hospital now and is recuperating to get back its license but here too the “BAD” over-powered.
Many of us watched the successful movie “Sholay”. It had Jai, Veeru, Sambha, Kalia, Basanti, Dhanno, Mausi, Thakur etc. All played by stalwarts and tall characters in themselves. But whom do you remember: The goon called Gabbar played by newbie Amjad Khan.
Vijay Mallya is a successful Indian businessman. In fact he created the world’s 2nd largest liquor company United Spirits and world’s 2nd largest selling beer company United Breweries. Both were divested to get partners such as Diageo (world’s largest liquor company making labels like Johnny Walker) and Heineken in the respective businesses. The UB group is also the largest investor in sports businesses in India. They own top teams in IPL called RCB, Mohan Bagan in Football, Force India F1 team (1st for India), and India’s top Derby. These businesses were invested into way before their time under the sun. Also, a world class airline was created called Kingfisher which failed. Everyone forgot everything else and only thing they know is he is a fraud etc. (accusation not verdict)
In fact, it was his “Bad” side of perceived women & wine & lavish lifestyle that attracted the brand value to his businesses. I remember people fornicating in their mind after having flown Kingfisher. I know today that people sip the beer Kingfisher thinking they are getting a pie of that bad. And now that single bad failure is overpowering all the lesser bads that people loved.
So it is to be noted that “Bad” or “Negative” or things which we consider averse are very powerful and attract all the attention.
In fact, it takes a lot of gut and character not to fall for the “Sins” or “Bad” things in life.
But the main problem is that we have made “Bad” a bad word. It is our own limited thinking and the problem of being stuck in our own ego and morality that we fail to understand life in its entirety. The darkness in the universe is omnipresent and we need stars like the sun to show light for some time. When we begin to realise this and expand our own thoughts, breaking away and beyond morality & judgement, we see that a whole new dimension opens up. In fact it is the duty of every human being to see the other side of the pendulum too.
Think about it: Human Beings are more powerful than God or Devil. How?
God cannot become the Devil.
Devil cannot become God.
But only human beings can become both, when they want.
Speaking of bad, let me also discuss the nature and food of “Bad”
Bad is very cunning. It has assured its own longevity be making itself of a certain nature. Its nature, if you observe carefully, is that it thrives on its opposition. Opposing Bad is Food for Bad. The more you oppose it, fight it, and go against it: it gets its food and thrives more. It has created this anti-climax kind of personality for itself.
My sense is that the only way to kill it is to IGNORE it.

Let me give examples:
Your objective is that your child should not have chocolate so that he has healthy teeth.
Now you set out and there are 2 ways:
IGNORE this pursuit of yours to defeat chocolate. See, it will die its own death if you do “Nothing” sometimes, doing nothing is doing everything.
The other way is:
You tell your child that this is chocolate and that it is not good for teeth and don’t have it ever.
You just did three things:
Showed him the product called chocolate and created awareness.
The awareness leads to curiosity about the chocolate
Said “don’t eat it” and created a challenge in your child’s mind – let me see what bad will happen if I eat it.
Now somehow he ate it.
Again, you can IGNORE. He might not try it again possibly. But if you scold him. And then sleep. Or go out of the house. Or he goes out of the house. HAHAHA – the chocolate is back between his lips.
So my friends , I know it’s easier said than done but make your effort and let the power of BAD be with you always 🙂

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


The Projects team at CSS Group successfully completed yet another movement recently.
One Unit of Transformer weighing 308 tonnes was moved to the projects site and the installation was done. The transformer measuring 11.78 M x 4.8 M x 4.45 M was loaded on to a heavy lift vessel for its voyage from Derince to Jebel Ali. The scope of work of CSS included lifting, loading and transport from the origin to the destination and installation onto the foundation.
The experienced CSS projects team conducted the survey of the route and the destination prior to the commencement of the move. Each point of the entire project was carefully assessed to ensure a fool proof and smooth journey of the cargo. The cargo movement was executed with a 14 axle trailer from Jebel Ali to the project site in Ras Al Khor. Jacking and skidding method was put to use for the installation process. “The entire process of the project execution was exciting. Thanks to the experience we gained from the previous transformer movements and installations, which really helped us to successfully complete the job on time” Commented Sajith Vijayan, Manager, Operations, Projects Oil & Energy, CSS Dubai.
Prior permissions were taken and escorts were arranged for the entire movement. “Our team displayed highest level of professionalism throughout the job. We value the smile on the face of our clients more than anything else, hence zero compromise is tolerated at any level. That could be the only reason for our success as a major project mover in the Middle East”, commented Raj George, Senior Vice President, Projects Oil & Energy, CSS Group, after the successful project completion.



Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 18 December 2017: DP World employees around the world have taken part in a week of volunteering activities, delivering over 60 projects in partnership with 47 organisations to benefit 5000 people.
The company’s Global Volunteer Week programme gives employees the opportunity to take time out of work to support their local communities. This year they supported a variety of initiatives in 19 countries, which included delivering career workshops in the Dominican Republic, sorting food packages for Foodbanks in Australia, arranging blood donations across India in Mundra, Cochin, Chennai and Nhava Sheva, visiting the elderly in Yantai, China and organising free medical examinations in Senegal.
Now in its fourth year, the initiative was run from 3-9 December and was developed around the UN’s International Volunteer Day. Since 2014, DP World is committed to growing its volunteering efforts in local communities and this year reached a new record of almost 4,700 volunteer hours during work time.

DP World Group Chairman and CEO Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem, said: “Our leaders designated 2017 as the Year of Giving in the UAE and we’ve continued that sentiment across our operations around the world. Our long-term commitment to partner with the communities where we operate is designed to make a positive impact and is something we’ve been doing for many years. Our commitment to sustainability is central to our business and by playing a major role in contributing to societies, our people are helping others. Their enthusiasm and willingness to participate in local activities is admirable.”
DP Word Global Sustainability Director Kathryn Wightman-Beaven, said: “Our Global Volunteer Week has been gaining momentum over the years and the number of volunteering hours this year are more than double what they were when we first launched the initiative in 2014. We’re proud of our employees who contribute every day to our goal of building vibrant and resilient societies through investing in issues of social importance. We are committed to helping improve the lives of people in the communities in which we operate and look forward to developing this programme further to deliver even bigger impact in the coming years.”
As part of Global Volunteer Week in the UAE and in support of the Year of Giving, the company ran eight projects with 89 employee volunteers, while supporting 319 people in the community. Employees planted Ghaf trees with local sustainability enterprise Goumbook, relocated mangroves with the Emirates Marine Environmental Group, supported people at local charity Senses and women at the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children, while conducting a blood drive with the Dubai Health Authority. They also delivered DP World’s Global Education Programme at Raffles International School and taught students about the UN’s Global Sustainable Development Goals at the Hartland International School in Dubai.
Global Volunteer Week is one part of DP World’s global programme to bring sustainability into every aspect of its work, brought together under its “Our World, Our Future” sustainability programme. The company is involved in a range of activities to help improve people’s lives, strengthen communities, and protect the environment with initiatives such as the Carbon Ambassadors Programme in the UAE, focusing on engaging and educating young people on environmental issues.


21st December, 2017: The CSS Group’s office in JAFZA, Jebel Ali, UAE held a week full of short games every morning, getting our valuable resources an alternative start to their day. The CSS Group is big on getting their employees and members of staff involved in interacting more with each other, thus improving team work within the organization.
The week started off with Untangling Christmas Lights in under two minutes on the 17th of December, 2017 – winner being Sami Liju from CSS HQ.

The CSS Group proceeded to play a Christmas-themed Jenga, with the winner being Anjali Krishnan from CSLC 1, on the 18th of December, 2017. Rules of Engagements – from anywhere between confessions, singing Christmas songs until the next person’s turn and more! Guess the Object was played on the 19th of December, 2017 with players being blindfolded. The winner of this game being Fazeena Mohammed from CSS HQ.

An epic game of Holiday Greetings Pictionary – with four teams of 3 – was held the next day, winners being Jackie Leano, Archa Bitto and Fathima Sidhique from CSLC 1. The week-long game ender on the 21st of December, had ‘Pick Christmas Ornaments with Chopsticks’, winner being our very own Sabu from the CSS Group Support Staff in CSLC 1.
The CSS Group’s Marketing division hosting these games, as well as the amazing Happy Holidays Committee, was incredibly proud of the turn-out and hopes next year will be as equally exciting!

More on the 21st of December, 2017:
The CSS Group held their Annual Christmas High Tea with members of the CFS team later that day. Cakes and decorations adorned the CFS warehouse at JAFZA, Jebel Ali with the Chairman, T.S. Kaladharan giving a brief speech, followed by distribution of amazing Holiday Greeting’s edibles.



24th December, 2017: The CSS Group’s HQ in JAFZA, Dubai, UAE bustled with excitement as food, drinks and year-end decorations adorned the CSLC 1 Conference Room.
Nearly 100 CSS staff members attended the themed Season’s Greetings Potluck spread, where each guest contributes a different and unique dish of food, often homemade, to be shared. The plethora of items on the menu ranged from Spatchcock Chicken, to Chicken 65, to Baskin Robbins ice cream for dessert.
The CSS Director of NVOCC – ChandraKala – commenced celebrations with a toast to all attending, looking forward to the future of the organization, and expressing appreciation for the CSS Christmas Committee and the CSS Marketing division’s support.
On behalf of the entire CSS Group, we wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!


LinkedIn? There’s no denying that it is here to stay as the professional business networking platform. For many it’s the key to professional success and for some, an essential element for their job search. However for others, especially companies, LinkedIn can be a bit of a puzzle. The tools presented often aren’t used to their fullest, especially by companies but also individuals. Maybe it’s because it’s not as fun as Instagram, not as entertaining as Twitter, not as addictive as Facebook.

If you’re someone who has yet to grasp the potential or even dip your toes into the LinkedIn pool, don’t fret. Even professional marketers can struggle to find content relevant to a LinkedIn audience. If the audience is understood then the potential reach for LinkedIn is massive with 500 million users spread across the globe in 200 countries.
Over the years LinkedIn has evolved from a simple “Facebook for business” to a platform for spreading industry knowledge and expertise, also as a key tool for recruiters, and those in the midst of a hunt for new employment.
Therein lies the challenge for achieving desirable post results; what is it that appeals to your professional audience? Luckily, through the experience of others there has been some things learned that can be taken as general guidance.

Does your company have a page? No, why not? With a company page your employees will be able to connect their personal profiles to your company profile. It’s also a clear avenue of spreading the word of your brand. You can gain brand followers that you might not have expected to reach and through your employee profiles when other LinkedIn users view their professional experience section and activity.

LinkedIn is obviously geared towards business related content. But that doesn’t mean your company’s activity needs to be a bore. Create posts and campaigns that engage an audience. Define your brand’s personality, and I don’t mean a vision or a mission statement. I’m talking about… make your brand a “person”, give it the characteristics that you’d want it to have if it is a living and breathing entity.
Perhaps the most simple but effective posts for follower engagement is to give an “insider’s view”. Show what’s on the inside of your business and give a peek at the teams and what they do; show them
at work.

Engage in group postings, Pulse posts, or simple status updates that allow you to share your knowledge. On a personal level you don’t need to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company to share knowledge or have input. Nor does your company need to be a large multinational to have engaging content that can be useful for others seeking the knowledge your business can share through a company page.

For posts to have a far reach and strong engagement, and this is true of all social networks, the timing of clicking the “Post” button is of prime importance. LinkedIn isn’t the same as Facebook so not only is the content of a different nature but so are the peak times of usage. LinkedIn users are (ideally) busy professionals who aren’t idling away hours scrolling through their newsfeed. For LinkedIn, users tend to be most active in the hours just before work, during lunch, and just after the work day finishes.
On another note, with the exception being a tweet storm, posts should be spaced out to allow followers to see and digest the content. Too many posts in rapid succession can hurt engagement rates.

Brand messaging on LinkedIn needs to reflect the professionalism of the social network. Clickbait won’t help you on LinkedIn. Be honest about your content. In fact it’ll probably hurt your communication efforts more than anything if people find your headline to be misleading
However, that doesn’t mean it’s clear to post content that’s 99% industry jargon. Moderation is key here. Communicate and display your brand personality but don’t force readers to put effort into reading your posts like it’s their job. Keep it short and adequate for easily consumable content for busy professionals on the go.


Your organization is full of brand ambassadors. Who are they? Your employees. By adding your company
to their profile they will be recipients of the company messaging, so encourage employees to show where they work in their profile details.
Also employees already have a connection to the company and have been shown to be more likely to like and share company published content. This can be a great boost to your company’s post reach and it also holds the possibility of assisting recruitment efforts by increasing the appeal of your company to job seekers. The further reach you have the more likely your posts will reach the eyes of decision makers and those who have the power to determine what a company will and will not buy.
However, there are some challenges to this. Employee engagement is the least controllable element of a strategic LinkedIn plan. Some employees might not be on LInkedIn and some uninterested. I know I’ve heard a few times, “LinkedIn is boring.” Even once I was told this by a person interviewing for a Social Media Manager position (Tip: Don’t do that). This is an obstacle that I’ve had the experience of dealing with, but eventually some of the individuals who didn’t hold the slightest interest for LinkedIn are now heavily engaged with the network. What it took was some education on what LinkedIn is, how it works, and what can be in it for the user (some good old WIFM) by having and using a profile.
On the other hand some employees have a different opinion of LinkedIn and extract value from the individual business leaders they follow and the posts from companies (like yours) that help them perform better for the benefit of your business. These are the types of individuals who can
help educate those who are resistant
to LinkedIn and maybe just don’t quite understand it can be for everybody and not just CEO’s and Directors.
On a final note, remember that LinkedIn has a very different tone than other social networks. Both individuals and companies need to learn how to differentiate LinkedIn from other social media platforms. Relevant content can boost engagement and increase for established companies, or even create an audience for newer businesses. Tailor your content to the platform and the audience you want
to reach.
(Contribution : FPS International)


Global Project Logistics Network announces the Heavy Lift Maritime and Transport Seminar.
After the huge success in the past they are now offering again their renowned “Heavy Lift Maritime and Transport Seminar” on May 29, 2018 at the Dorint Park Hotel in Bremen, just ahead of Breakbulk Europe in Bremen.

Below are a few highlights in short:

This technical seminar includes calculations, equipment and safety instructions. The main aim is to provide project forwarders that are already on the job with additional technical know-how on heavy lifting in the offshore sector.

The full day seminar is conducted by our Dutch expert who has more than 22 years of experience in handling project cargo. A certificate and a detailed manual will be also handed out to all participants.

Covered are the following topics: Heavy Lift Shipping, Lashing and Securing Sea Freight, Roll-on / Roll-off Operations, Offshore Lifting, Load out/ Load in, Lifting Equipment, etc.


Euro 550

per person (subject to a
minimum of 20 attendees).

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about Heavy Lift Shipping and expand your technical abilities for your project cargo business!
Please confirm now your participation by return email to undersigned as space is limited and given away on a first-come, first-served basis.

(As announced and informed by GPLN)


If you are being completely honest, how many of you will confess that you have frequently failed to keep a New Year’s resolution? The fact is more than 80% of them are never kept. It’s therefore no wonder that the value of making resolutions is easily brought into question. However as each New Year comes round it’s an interesting and easy topic to keep our attention, asking friends what their New Year’s resolutions will be. Whilst it’s said that, ‘Procrastination is the thief of time’; we still keep promising ourselves that we will do better next time. But by making New Year’s resolutions, the greater majority of us are just setting ourselves up for disappointment. So why bother?
There is no doubt that resolutions only succeed when we are resolute. Research shows that we are simply not wired to be suddenly resolute. Becoming so is a brought about by a process, through which we need to go. It needs to take place for any resolution to have any real chance of succeeding. Basically there are four stages to reaching a point where it is reasonable to make a new resolution. So if you are mindful to bother about resolving to do something, here are some markers to help you. Importantly you need to determine what stage you are in.
Stage One is where you are thinking about making a change but, in your heart of hearts, you know you really don’t want to do it. Perhaps, for example, you are being pressured into making a commitment by a well-meaning friend. This approach will not be enough to ensure you succeed.
Stage Two is where you are not only thinking about making a change but you are also considering the practicalities of doing it. You wonder how you will find time to go to the gym. How much is it going to cost? Will it make me too tired to do other things? How will I benefit? At this stage you are actively considering the situation. This is important because without having weighed-up the ‘pros and cons’ of a resolution you will be unprepared. As a consequence the first unexpected hurdle you face may well cause you to quit.
Stage Three is where you are out of denial about the benefits of any decision. You really do appreciate the benefits and you now recognise the need for change. At this stage, which is realistically a contemplation period, you have to be prepared for even your friends being for or against you. Some will egg you on and others will tell you that you are about to waste your time. You must be confident that your list of benefits outstrips any list of drawbacks. With this knowledge, a belief in yourself and your ability to succeed should assuage fear of failure.
Stage Four is the place you need to be at when New Year’s Eve arrives. Many of us feel pressured to commit to changes when we are not really ready. Being at Stage Four, when your friends want to know what your resolution is going to be, will enable you to make a really meaningful and achievable resolution pledge. Stage Four is the visualisation period where you are able to see and appreciate where you will be when you have successfully carried out your resolution. Having your end goal in focus, on your horizon, will provide a worthwhile incentive.
Following these four stages will underscore why you should bother – you know you can and will succeed. Once you have started along your new resolution pathway it is also a good ideal to have a plan to assess progress. This should include knowing your specific goals and having a way to appraise results. A fundamental principal of psychology is, ‘If you can measure it, you can change it’. By examining on a regular basis, where you are now, you can judge if you have hit a plateau, are slipping back or moving forward and adjust your efforts accordingly. It is also important to be patient because progress is seldom linear. Some see rapid gains only to slip back later whereas others improve gradually. Remember making sustainable changes really does take time. Even successful people have set-backs. Their difference, which sets them apart from those who fail, is they see everything as a step along the path to success.
So if you really do want to bother making a New Year’s resolution, make sure you are at Stage Four and remember:- It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you are determined enough to get back up. So if you have a temporary slip-up with your resolution, get up and carry on to achieve your goal. Winners always do!


1st January 2018 will witness the implementation of Value Added Tax (VAT) law in UAE which was a topic of discussion within the companies and individuals since last one year. The implementation of VAT will provide a new source of income to the UAE Government which they will be contributing to improve the services to public. The VAT shall be made applicable on all the import and / or supply of goods and / or services at every stage of production, distribution, at a rate equal to or less than 5%.
As per the VAT law, published by the government, the VAT will not be charged on the following categories:

1. Exports of Goods and Services to outside GCC;
2. International Transportation, and related supplies;
3. Supplies of certain sea, air and land means of transportation (such as aircrafts and ships);
4. Newly constructed residential properties, that are supplied for the first time within 3 years of their construction;


No VAT shall be imposed on the Private and Public School education (excluding higher education) and related goods and services provided by such educational institutions, higher education provided by any institution owned by Government and / or 50% funded by government; after school activities supplied by the teachers and school trips where is the actual purpose is educational and within the curriculum. All the above mentioned categories are exempted from VAT.
However, the education provided by private higher educational institutions, School uniforms, related stationeries, electronic equipments like tablets, laptops etc; school trips of recreation and not within the curriculum shall impose VAT at the rate of 5%.

Though basic healthcare and related services including but not limited to Dental Services, Vaccinations etc will not attract VAT, the medical insurance products like Medicines, Medical equipments will not be exempted. Hence the VAT shall be payable on annual premiums.

Although VAT will be added to the price of petrol, the supply of local passenger transport, such as taxis, buses and the metro will be zero-rated, and consumers will not be affected. International transport, whether by air, sea or road, will also be free of VAT, though with the cost of the supply of these services set to increase in many circumstances, this will no doubt be passed on to the consumer in the way of price increases.

The VAT shall also be made applicable to the telecom service providers in UAE. Starting from January 2018, most of the telecom services shall be subject to 5% VAT in compliance with the Federal laws and regulations.
With the introduction of VAT from January 2018 and the imposition of Excise tax from October, 2017, the Country is considering to impose new taxes in the future in order to increase its revenue and thereby making them less dependent on the revenue from the production and export of Crude Oil, which played a huge role in increasing the Government revenue.